The Indian military in shock: Yogi seventy years not eating nor drinking, but lives


It is the eighth day hold in the hospital room

The Indian military doctors examine the body 82-year-old yogi who claims that nearly 70 years live without food and water. Hindu named Prahlad Jani is the eighth day, sitting in a private room hospital in Ahmedabad. At the same time he is these days do not eat or drink. According to the scientists' surprise, his body is no sign of exhaustion or dehydration.

Gianni himself said that he was all right. According to him, at the age of eight he had left the house, wandered and lived in a cave near a Hindu temple. At that time he was visited by the goddess of Bharat Mata. She felt sorry for the boy and endowed him with supernatural powers. The Yogi says that the food it serves as a "spiritual life force." In addition, he receives divine elixir through a hole in the sky.

According to Indian military doctors, they are not interested in the old man's approval. The main task — to test the abilities of the human body to tolerate extreme conditions. "The most amazing thing is that his kidneys excrete urine in small amounts, but it does not need to deal with, she just absorbed somewhere. The common man in such circumstances will die from poisoning a few days, "- said one of the doctors. He added that the Janney feels good, gets up, walks around the ward, talking to people.

It is planned that the experiment will last about a week. Scientists take the old man a number of analyzes, including the study of DNA structural features Jani. After that, a detailed report will be prepared. Doctors say that if supernatural powers Jani confirmed, it will be an incredible discovery. The study of yoga will enable the saving of human life, they say.

At the same time, many called tramp "village fraud."

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