The introduction of diesel generators

Industrial innovation can solve many puzzles, which only yesterday seemed virtually unenforceable. Let's take a specific example: if a severe decrease in temperature can go boilers, and entire neighborhoods or villages sometimes remain without electricity. A little earlier so the problem could be solved by the time the resettlement of people in a specially designated buildings (hotels, lounges, etc.) Now this is solved the problem of substitution of equipment with more modern units. Such aggregates are, inter alia, diesel generators and that can generate electricity when good fuel costs. Such generators are realized by the company, which offers a technique for generating receive the applicable rates.

Look more closely at one of the models of diesel generators sold through a website This Mitsubishi TJ9MS. It is a reliable source of electricity, which can become an indispensable when an alarm occurs. The great advantage of the model is indicated by the fact that it has the means of interactivity. She has a special multi-function screen, which can be used by the plant operator to enter or obtain certain data. These data are shown in a special section that simply consider having the experience of plant maintenance.

The power of this is comparable to a small generator 6 kW, which leads to the conclusion that it could become another source of electricity for the house-mansion or a cottage. 6 m can be fully sufficient for the use of lighting and heating devices, and for home appliances.

The speed of rotation of the element in the diesel generator Mitsubishi TJ9MS is 1500 rev / min. With all of this fuel consumption is only about 3 liters at a critical load on the electric plant. The tank unit is designed for 39 liters. diesel fuel. The contents of the tank itself will be enough for long-term operation of the device for the generation of electron current. Total weight of the structure is a little more than half a ton, because the installation can be transported to the place of destination by means of ordinary Gazelle or pickup.

Installation of the company differ in reliability and performance. Any installation has a long warranty from the manufacturer.

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