The introduction of Russian armored vehicles on Kondyukov

Gone are the days when the armor was an iron box, finding the crew during public time conducting fight could be equated to activities in the criteria of the real hell. Fumes, dust, soot, red-hot armor — all this left its own mark on the state of the crew members armored vehicles.

Since then, some manufacturers of tanks and other armored vehicles began to reflect not only on the principle of modernization tools, engine efficiency and reliability armor, and over what can be called comfortable criteria for the crew. In addition to relatively comfortable seats in the armored vehicles began to appear even Kondyukov. Now Kondyukov presence in the tank does not cause any excitement and wonder, since this element seems a priori necessary for the crew. But the availability of high-quality Kondyukov typically only for tanks of the last generation that distinguishes the profitable side of the machines from their predecessors of a number of armored vehicles of the past.

In most cases, at the moment Kondyukov installation in the tank is made not only for the purpose of cooling or heating the air inside the war machine, and for other purposes. One such task is the protection of the tank crew from the bacteriological impact on the enemy side. Namely, the adversary can use different types of bacteriological weapons in time tank attack. In the end, if crew armored car is not protected, it may die within a few seconds after being hit by microbes in the airways and on exposed skin.

New types Kondyukov created without the use of Freon, which allows them to use the criteria of high temperatures. One of the companies, which has established a large-scale release of Kondyukov without the use of Freon in the tanks is JSC "Kondyuk"In the town of Gagarin. Work of this kind of devices based on the use of the thermoelectric effect, which was found still more than six centuries back Pelletier.

Thanks so Kondyukov can comfortably achieve the criterion for the crew in the performance of various kinds of operations in a variety of weather criteria — even African 50-degree heat.

Development of Russian designers in this area is of great interest among zabugornyh partners.

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