The introduction of satellite monitoring

Modern technologies provide ample capacity to use satellite communications, including those for satellite tracking. For example, for monitoring transport. For what purpose use the same system monitoring transport? At first this system needs of different transport companies that have a fleet of vehicles, numbering from a few to several hundred cars. Satellite monitoring allows these organizations to produce control motivated the introduction of its own mc. This will help avoid additional costs that are not related to direct the activities of the company.

Satellite monitoring Transport is a tracking system for fleet using satellite navigation, a special mobile communication equipment, digital maps and computers. The mechanism of this system is quite simple: to set itself ton mobile module, which is needed to receive the satellite signal and to transmit and store the coordinate data. Transport monitoring can be carried out in 2-modes: online — kordinaty constantly transmitted to the main control room, offline — data from the storage module are read on arrival at the destination.

At the same remote transmission of coordinates used mobile operators.

With the help of this technology is the solution to many previously impossible task: you can check the actual path traversed by the road, all the stops, fuel consumption and the number of refills. After collecting the necessary disk imaging on routes and traffic can be a good preparation, economy of motion and time-saving schemes. Also, knowing the precise placement of the vehicle, the dispatcher is always able to specify a suitable route driver in an unfamiliar area. Apart from this, with the help of satellite tracking ts provides additional security, for example, the installation of the so-called "panic button" in case of theft or disaster. Also transport can be equipped with special sensors that will be able to keep control of fuel consumption, the level of the axle load, the fuel level in the tank, as the temperature in the refrigerator door opening sensors, cargo compartment or bonnet, the sensors and the presence of other passengers. Information supplied on their remote control, allowing you to further track down various disorders and promote a long and careful use of the vehicle.

For satellite data communication channels are used, such as SMS, GPRS, CSD. In order to avoid "blind zones" are used in satellite navigation new cards also bad software.

Systems monitoring ts can be used not only in the 1st Company, at the level of the town or even region. Known data that introduction satellite monitoring allows to reduce additional costs from 10 to 40 percent.

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