The Iranians have shown Russians downed South American drones

The commander of the aviation and gallakticheskimi forces of the Revolutionary Guards General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said that Russian experts at received access to the South American drones shot down by his subordinates in the airspace of Iran, reports TV channel "Al Arabiya".

According to him, the Russians asked for them to study the pieces of American art, and the Iranians have not given up. In addition, Moscow, Tehran showed its own UAVs, made with the introduction of American technology, produced from the downed machines.

Earlier, Iran officially announce the winding up over its own territory 2- UAVs, owned by the U.S. Navy. What specific machines were shot down, was not specified. Tehran has said only that the Americans have lost "the latest models of" owning the opportunity to spend hours in the air without refueling.

U.S., whose 5th Fleet is based near the Iranian border — adjacent to Bahrain — never officially commented on the information about the loss of drones.

At the same time, Washington has expressed concern about the fact that Iran is intensively promoting its creation program from unmanned aerial vehicles of military purpose.

Russian side has not yet responded to the information on how to access the shards of American UAVs.

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