The Islamists are prepared to Siberia hour X

Russian North thrilled report control center to combat extremism AMIA the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Yamal), Sergei Savin.

"In the near future in our region have deployed cell activity of international extremist organizations such as the" Caucasus Emirate "," Hizb ut-Tahrir "also Wahhabi religious groups. They specialize in the treatment of ideas of their own population and encourage students to take action in including terrorist acts "- Savin said during a speech on the advisory council for ethnic and religious relations with the district government.

Not to be unfounded, the officer gave examples. So, this summer in Dagestan was identified group "Recruits" Gubkin district of Yamal — young people are expected to join militants in the country. Two people were killed and two others might have been able to bring zagadanoe to the end — they are all still at large.

"One of the occupants Noyabr'sk — Tyumen med student academy for previously written a will, dropped out and vsekrete from relatives left in the North Caucasus. Under the influence of fellow students, he took Islam and became fanatically stick with it. Installing mobile subscriber numbers, which took advantage of the missing, we are persuaded his mother to act on offspring. Fortunately, it worked, and possible action, already being on the ground of Dagestan, has decided to renounce terrorism and returned to Noyabr'sk "- quoted Sergei Savin Yamal newspaper" Reddish North. "

Law enforcement said that the promotion of constructive Islam is particularly intense in universities and mosques in Yamal and the adjacent regions, also complained that members of the public are involved in the criminal fraternities redistribution of supplies in the Russian North.

Although this statement caused a stir in the region, in fact Savin did not say anything new. About the expansion of Islamic extremism in Siberia they say specialists have long, but the authorities prefer to stick to the "ostrich" policy.

Constructive adepts of Islam in the Urals can be divided into three groups. 1st — are migrants from the North Caucasus and Central Asia. 2nd group — The Tatars and Bashkirs, trapped under the impact of structural preachers. Finally, the third group — They are representatives of the peoples have historically not practice Islam, but he took it "modernized" form.

"Russian Muslims" comparable to few, but, as noted by Rice Suleimanova Islamic studies, they have put the terrorist underground more recruits than the Russian Tatars. The particular Islam in the last decade, due to its own "supranational liking", became a form of social protest.

Religious decoration of popular discontent has historically been characterized by Russian people. In the XVII — XVIII centuries such form was the Old Believers, and in the XIX century — the countless sects. In the XX century atheistic worldview faith will make the room, but at the final of the century came again "fashion to religion", with all its side effects. Constructive religious preachers promise solution earthly and spiritual problems through an appeal to the "real" beliefs.

Identical attitudes can rezdelyat and indigenous Siberian peoples who took Islam. In the middle of the past has become known more widely Said Buryat (Alexander Tikhomirov). The least "popular" a native of Yakutsk, Dmitry Danilov (Denisov) — militants killed in Dagestan in the summer of 2010. The last police officer and a member of the Federal Penitentiary Service, known in the Dagestani militants by the nickname "Yakut", believed that the adoption of Islam will release his people from drinking. Before the appeal to Islam itself Danilov piety was no different — while working in the "bodies" he was even convicted of selling drugs.

Distribution of constructive religiosity in Siberia would be impracticable, if the preachers were not perfectly streamlined organizational structure, while not always acting illegally.

The same Sergey Savin complained about the lack of trained followers of Islam usual, which could withstand the ideological offensive of extremist religious movements. The officer saw the MIA solution to the problem in the "search and verbovanii to work in the mosques of young, educated and strong spirit of the clergy."

But the problem lies also in the fact that as soon as it became more difficult to distinguish — where normal ends and Islam begins specific. In November Salekhard conference "Ways of inter-ethnic and inter-religious harmony in Yamal." It assumed the role of president of the information-analytical center "Religion and Society," sociologist Alexei Grishin. Abstracts of his report seriously shaken iridescent carefree mood of the participants of the conference.

"There is an uncontrolled growth of Mufti (already at the moment of their country over eighty). Creating new spiritual offices, not obeying naikrupneyshim Muslim organizations, allows the extremists to go to the official level and push aside the common Muslims from efficient cooperation with the state, to legalize money and keep them accounts in Russian banks. received official status, they demand that the government land for the mosque and support, "- said Grishin.

A special place in the process, according to the professional assigned to bribing Russian officials, especially those who are responsible for the interaction with religious organizations, and has licensing functions. Some government officials are very sensitive to the danger to make public prepyadstviya available in the field of religious, ethnic relations — in fact in this case, they may lose their own posts. Because it is easier to pretend that there is nothing frustrating than to take preventive measures against extremists.

In Siberia, the Muslims also do not have a control. In addition to the existing Russian time of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Siberia (Dooms) in 1990 and operates the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Asiatic Russia (DUMAR). Chapter DUMAR, a member of the Council of Muftis of the Russian Federation Nafigullah Ashirov became widely known expression of sympathy for the movement "Taliban" and "Hizb-ut-Tahrir." In 2009, the courts have recognized as extremist three books issued under the editorship of the Mufti of the Far East DUMAR Damir Ishmuhamedova.

The spread of religious radicalism in Siberia, surprisingly, more concerned zabugornyh observers than the Russian government. An employee of the French Institute of Geopolitics Xavier de Torrivellec not long ago published in the magazine Le Monde article, which did not rule out further "religious war on Siberian oil fields." The Frenchman also speculated — why Riyadh is intense missionary activity in Russia, supporting their religious henchman. "Saudi Arabia may look favorably on the weakening of the world's second largest exporter of oil," — said Xavier de Torrivellec.

Yamal publicist Andrei Balandin submitted that the Islamists are doing in the Russian regions of the human and economic base for some hours "X".

Why is the responsible government officials of the Russian Federation do not listen to what they say about what experts worried? Maybe because by "X hour" they and their families will already be too far from this god forgotten country.

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