The Islamization of the Kurdish movement against the Myagenko Islam Gulen and Erdogan: an interview with Yuri Nabiyeva

The rod of Turkish politics today — the doctrine Fetullaha Gülen. A powerful aspect of this theory is that it can be used to a life of 1 person, and geopolitics. Thanks to this versatility, gyulenizm still called "Myagenko Islam." With this Myagenko Islam Erdogan is trying to do away with the heavy legacy of secular Turkey — Kurdish issue. , REGNUM said Kurdish scholar Yuri Nabiev, chief editor of the portal "Kurdistan.Ru."

REGNUM: The spiritual core of Erdogan's policy ideas are Fetullaha Gülen. Applies whether their Erdogan to the most unhealthy place in Turkey — Kurdish question?

You are completely right. Many Kurds believe that the main task of gyulenizma — assimilation of Kurds in Turkey. The fact that the basis of Gülen's thought is the inheritance of Turkish Kurds, Sufi Sheikh Saeed al-Kurdi (Nursi), which was an apolitical person and pacifist. In the 20's — early 30-ies of the last century to ride in Turkey Kurdish uprising. Nursi called on Kurdish rebels and Turkish soldier not to kill each other. It stated that the Kurds and the Turks — brothers, salt Turkish land, had a good relationship with Ataturk. Skillfully using those facts of life Nursi, like Erdogan says Kurds: give up their political demands, as majestic Nursi in Kurdish politics not climb.

REGNUM: The Gülen Movement Nurdzhular operates through its international network of schools of the Turkish language. Lured to these schools for young Kurds, and if so, how?

These schools are located in Iraqi Kurdistan. Their goal — to inspire young Kurds that they are, first, the Ottomans, and only later are Kurds. In these schools currently studying the descendants of Barzani and Talabani, the Kurdish future elite. Young Kurds from families of patriots Gulen schools teach Turkish language, and before class, standing at attention and sing Turkish anthem.

When working with the Kurds, Gülen schools also use the religious factor. Forefathers Talabani and Barzani — Sufi sheikhs. Gülen also calls itself the sheik who received ordination from Nursi, Sheikh Naqshbandi Order. Gulen's status as the Naqshbandi Shaykh until the end so far not been disputed. The level of teaching in these schools — very highest. I think this explains the fact that studies of the next generation of Kurdish in the Turkish elite schools that patronizes lichnoAbdulla Gul.

REGNUM: The Curious and the Kurds in Turkey do not own answer to "Myagenko" Islam? It seems that no …

You are wrong. The once anti-Islamic rhetoric which is popular among the Kurds leaves, comes the pro-Islamic rhetoric. It started even now, at the beginning of the Kurdish liberation movement. Began to fight for the rights of the Kurds Kurdish Muslim favorites: Sheikh Saeed, Ali Reza, Simcoe, Mullah Mustafa Barzani. Islamization of the Kurdish movement and contribute to the social processes among Kurds. The Kurds, in particular young people, behold the that the real power at the moment — not for the leftist slogans like "Marx! Engels! Ocalan", followed by Islam. In the world at the moment is a Muslim renaissance, and the Kurds, he also touched upon. There is a crisis in the Yezidi environment. Very many Kurds — Yazidis are moving away from religion and convert to Islam Protz. In addition, today's Kurdish middle class — a more active political force — composed of Muslim Kurds. Through these processes, in Turkey arise mosque where Mullah — Kurdish patriot, and all the services are in the Kurdish language. Their rallies and speeches Kurdish patriots Muslims hold as a collective prayer in the streets of Turkish cities. One such performance in 2012 was attended by thousands of people.

REGNUM: The How staring at it the religious authorities of Turkey?

Religious Authority of Turkey (Dianat) is a Muslim Kurds in the tensions. His role in this tension plays a difference in the madhhab. Most of the Turkish Muslim — Hanafi, and Kurds — Shafi. According to Sharia, fatwas issued by one madhhab to another school of thought are optional. It turns out that Dianat run by Mufti-Hanafi, according to Sharia has no right to interfere in the affairs of Kurds-Shafi'i that the Kurds would not do it. Dianat cares.

REGNUM: The Kurdish Islamic This protest "to the masses." As this protest are Kurds from Turkey's political establishment? Elites often at odds with the masses.

If Kurd against its own people, it ceases to be a Kurd. In Turkey, the Kurdish political bullet at the moment is its own Islamic project. Many Kurdish parties, including the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), have abandoned the anti-religious rhetoric. It is not all the same Turkish Kurdish voters read newspapers. There are many voters who heed the official Turkish media. And these media, stressing the "left" temper nedavneshney PKK Kurdish patriots called "atheists". Behold the Kurdish parties in Turkey that fact and change strategy. They use a pro-Islamic rhetoric, emphasize Islamic character of the Kurdish movement, speed up work with the Muslim clergy in Turkey.

The Islamic factor changes the balance of power at the consulate in the Kurdish Lofty State Assembly of Turkey (GNAT). In GNAT is deputy — Kurd Altan Tan, a member of the Peace and Democracy Party. Not so long since the Tang and several members of Kurdish Islamic Party of Kurdistan have made (PKI). PKI is a tight fit ideological symbiosis with the PKK, the Party for Peace and Democracy and other Kurdish forces. At the same batch of the PKK Kurdish Muslims takes national liberation component, and acceptable secular PKK, in turn, takes IPK ways of working in an Islamic environment. The ratio of the PKK to Islam is increasingly priklnnym. On this ground the PKK came warming relations with former members of the so-called "Kurdish" or "Sunni", "Hezbollah". This movement of Muslim Kurds did in the early 90's, on the model of the party of Hassan Nasrallah. Turkish generals have tried to use it to fight the "godless" troops PKK. In this feud spilled a lot of Kurdish blood. Now many members of the Kurdish "Hezbollah", seeing priklnnoe PKK attitude toward Islam, gradually run across in the Kurdish patriotic camp.

REGNUM: The turns out that Kurdish the trend is stronger trend "Myagenko of Islam." Why, then, elections in Turkey overcomes Justice and Development Party (AKP) party "Myagenko Islam"? An example of this — the last elections in the Turkish parliament.

It's not about who is stronger, and the one who consolidates efforts, pulls over voters and overpowered. While the adherents of "Myagenko Islam" more success. Now the election. At the moment, the Turkish parliament sits 70 deputies — the Kurds from the AKP, and only 36 — from the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party. Kurds — a more active part of the Turkish electorate, who captured their voices, he also won. The success of the AKP have gained through the experimental work progyulenovskih circles with Muslim Kurds of Turkey and the Kurdish migration to Europe. In the end, we should not forget that Turkey has its own Kurdish politics, media, business class of its own. In Turkey, now you can freely read in Kurdish. Almost everyone, it rewards the policy of "Myagenko of Islam." Yet there is one detail. As I've read, the President of Kurdistan Massoud Barzani — a descendant of sheikhs Naqshbandi Order. And one of the Naqshbandi myurids — Recep Tayyip Erdogan. During his own visit to Erbil nedavneshnego Erdogan spoke with Barzani as murid with the sheikh. This fact should not be exaggerated, and also can not be reset.

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