The Italian company SELEX Sistemi Integrati wins a contract and the delivery of radar systems KRONOS in Thailand

System will be available in Royal Thai Navy to equip the Royal Naval Aviation and the Coast Guard will be deployed to the south of Bangkok. It will be integrated into a network of air monitoring the Royal Thai Navy.

The system supplied by Tsar Thai Air Force, will be deployed in the eastern region of Thailand and is integrated into the Royal Thai Air Defense System.

KRONOS is a functional radar system that can expand the capabilities of missile defense and air defense systems. Including against modern threats such as creeping imperceptibly low-altitude cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles, used as an autonomous terrorist danger in times of peace as in time of massive attacks in wartime.

Thanks to radar capabilities provided by AESA antenna, system perfectly capable of exploring the surrounding space in search of goals, working as a search radar. After determining one or several threats from the air, it can most accurately, necessary for the fire control system, to accompany them in an automatic mode.

The latest generation AESA antenna, developed by SELEX Sistemi Integrati, absolutely can integrate and, if necessary, to transport one ton radar system, command and control of the cell filled with all the necessary equipment for the battery life. These features make the system capable of protecting critical infrastructure and basic facilities suitable for ground tactical operations where the highest levels of mobility.

At the current time are used for more than 23 systems KRONOS both land and marine versions, to serve as the defense of low and medium range set by SELEX Sistemi Integrati several national and international armed forces. Developed function radar, control and software, which are equipped with the system KRONOS, allow them to do some good operational roles — an opportunity that is unique in the market and is emerging as a more and more successful.

SELEX Sistemi Integrati Thailand is on the market since the early 70-ies of the last century, with its civilians air traffic control systems.

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