The kilogram support student fined

In Gomel and the 19-hours young people gathered in the town square near the Central District Court to begin raising money for a fine part-time students Ruslan Ustsimenku. How many hours ago it imposed a fine judge of the Central District Marina Domnenkov to 770,000 rubles for allegedly using obscene language and resisting police during a silent action "Revolution through a social network." In fact, Ruslan was standing in line to buy the square itself and girlfriends ice cream.

Information about fundraising appeared in social networks, "VKontakte" and «Twitter» immediately after the announcement of the verdict.

In the park itself came fined Mr. Ustsimenka:

"Naturally, I'm glad, because that kind of money I have. Rada people respond, people solidarity. Most people support unfamiliar to me. Fine I regard as political persecution, as the completion of the empty coffers at the expense of the unemployed student. "

Regional leader of the movement "For Freedom" Pyotr Kuznetsov, who also came to the square, commented on the large fine young:

"Our country is this: one person went to the two-term president, and sitting for 17 years. The other man went for kvass or ice cream — and got 770,000 fine. We did not know where to go and where to obtain it. "

Local police, apparently also "sitting" on social networks. In and around the square were on duty and the police, and special forces. Were seen even senior police officers with walkie-talkies. Therefore fundraiser moved to Hunter's house at the beginning of Pushkin Street. Businessmen have brought here a cardboard urn in which there were many different denominations. They added their contributions present Gomel, and the weight has not gone by in the thousands, and a kilogram.


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