The land was on the sunny jet stream


Image of the Sun 00:43 GMT on June 1, 2013 © SDO | NASA

On the Sun gaping huge size coronal hole, which was a source of continuous magnetic storms on Earth. The disturbances began on the night of June 1, and lasted more than a day. Kp index that characterizes the degree of vibration of the magnetic field of the Earth is 6 out of 10.

Currently, magnetic storm is over, but the Earth remains in the flow of the solar wind is very strong. Colossal size hole where the magnetic field lines are open, saves geo-effective position.

British Columbia, Canada, June 1, 2013 © David McColm |

From this area in the space freely expire very powerful stream of high-energy particles. According to the monitoring, the speed of the solar wind on the Earth's orbit less than 750 km / s, whereas usually hovers around 350 km / s.

Oregon, United States, June 1, 2013 © Brad Goldpaint |

Under such pressure the Earth's atmosphere flutters like a curtain on the draft. The consequence of acquisitions in the polar cap was a series of polar auroras.

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