The MiG-31 crashed near Perm

Battle-plane MiG-31 crashed today in the morning in the Perm region in the vicinity of the airport, "Savino huge." The fate of the 2-pilots while it is not clear, told reporters at the Ministry of Defense.
The incident occurred early in the morning, RIA "Announcements". The fighter took off from the military airport in Perm at 06:48 local time and disappeared from the screens of air traffic controllers in just 4 minutes after takeoff. It soon became clear that the plane crashed near the village of Bulgari. "He sat down on a plowed field, overturned and burned," — said in an interview with reporters source in the security agencies.

In the regional Emergencies Ministry confirmed that the fighter crashed 11 km from the airport "Huge Savino." "The message of the fall of the aircraft came to the duty shift the center of crisis management in the Perm region at 08:55 (6:55 MSK). MiG-31 fell immediately after take-off near the village of Bulgari", — said the representative office.

According to the official dealer of the Russian Defense Ministry Colonel Igor Konashenkova fighter doing routine flight. Place incidence was found by search and rescue helicopter Mi-8. On place PE targeted search and rescue team — 89 personnel and 15 vehicles.

Background and incident until the crash are unknown. Fate of 2-pilots aboard the MiG-31, it turns out. According to preliminary data, fighter one hundred percent destroyed, the crew died. "Victims and destruction on the site of the crash is not" — said Konashenkov. At the same time, the scene is informed that the plane fell to the garden houses.

This is not the first tragedy MiG-31 in the Perm region. In November last year, the fighter-interceptor crashed 60 kilometers north-east of the airfield huge Savino. Then the pilots managed to bail out, in the end the accident no one was hurt. Shortly before the fall of the crew of the interceptor said that the machine is in a tailspin. Soon after the disaster of the Defense Ministry, as is usual in similar cases, stopped flying the MiG-31 to ascertain the circumstances of the incident.

MiG-31 — Double supersonic interceptor developed in the USSR in the late 1970s — 1980s. First flight in the Soviet Air Force fighter 4th generation did in 1982. The highest rate of the fighter is 3 thousand km / h, range without ammunition — 3.3 thousand km. The highest altitude — 20.6 thousand meters. Armament consists of a 23-mm cannon and missiles of small, medium and large range. The combat load — 3 thousand kg.

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