The MiG-35 was out of the Indian Air Force tender

Russian MiG-35 fighter taking part in the Indian MMRCA tender for the supply of 126 medium-functional fighter, was eliminated from the competition. As reported by TNN, citing sources in the Indian Defense Ministry, the Defense Ministry tender finalists selected European fighter Typhoon and the French Rafale. Companies Eurofighter and Dassault, releasing the aircraft, received a request for an extension of the offer. Earlier, some Indian military meant that specific aircraft of these companies will be given preference.

Ministry Indian Defense has not officially announced the list of finalists for MMRCA. Meanwhile, one of the bidders, the Swedish company Saab has announced that its fighter — JAS 39 Gripen IN — was not included in the list a little. As reported by Defense News, company has already received a corresponding notice from the Ministry of Defence of India. Other members of the MMRCA — Lockheed Martin, Boeing and RSK "MiG" — it is not said about getting any notifications. These three companies submitted to the contest F-16 fighter IN Fighting Falcon, F/A-18 Super Hornet and the MiG-35.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Defence of India will officially announce the finalists of the first tender in May 2011, then proceed to commercial negotiations with companies. Favorite of the tender will be announced, after examining the proposals of the participating companies MMRCA. Indian Air Force aircraft have experienced — the participants MMRCA, the Ministry of Defence presented its assessment of each fighter's performance from 643 in April 2010. Since that time, the process of selecting favorites was practically suspended. First, in April 2011 it was reported that ministry Indian Defense may extend the date of the tender.

According to the results of the tender India wants to buy 126 fighter jets, the price of which will be dependent on the aircraft from 10.4 to 12 billion dollars. The new planes will have to change the 26 old MiG-21 Russian production. Under the agreement, India will get only 18 combat aircraft, and 108 others — will gather for a license in their own areas. Air India looking forward to make the first fighter into service by 2014.

The purchase of the latest technology IAF want to increment its own military capabilities. At the current time in service of the country are 32 squadrons of fighter aircraft by any 12-18. With all of this low threshold, discussed in the security strategy of India, is 39.5 squadrons.

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