The mystery of underground civilizations


We can say that this mystery solved, because modern researchers have already made their conclusion — we are not the only people on the planet Earth. Evidence of these many years, as well as scientific discoveries 20 — 21 century, argue that the world, or rather, under the ground from antiquity to the present day there were mysterious civilization.

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Representatives of these civilizations, for some reason, do not come into contact with people, but it had an effect, and terrestrial humanity for a long time, there are stories and legends about the mysterious and strange people coming out of the caves sometimes. In addition, modern humans have less and less doubt about the existence of UFOs, which are often seen flying off from the ground or from the depths of the seas.

Studies conducted by NASA specialists together with French scientists have discovered an underground city, as well as an extensive network of underground tunnels and galleries stretching for dozens or even thousands of miles away in the Altai, Urals, Perm Region, Tian Shan, Sahara and South America. And those are not the ancient land of the city that were destroyed and eventually ruin their ground and covered with forests. This is the underground cities and buildings, erected a way unknown to us right in the underground rocks.

Polish researcher Ian Paenk states that laid the whole underground network of tunnels that lead to any country. These tunnels are created using high technology is not known to people, and are not just under the surface of the land, but under the bed of the seas and oceans. Tunnels are not just bolted, and as if burned in underground rock formations, and their walls are frozen melt rocks — smooth as glass and have extraordinary strength. Ian Paenk met with the miners, who in the sinking Shrek encountered such tunnels. According to the Polish scientist and many other researchers on these underground utilities rush of flying saucers from one end of the world to another. (Ufologists have a tremendous amount of evidence that UFOs fly out of the ground and from the depths of the seas). These tunnels are also found in Ecuador, South Australia, the U.S., New Zealand. In addition, in many parts of the world are found vertical, perfectly straight (like an arrow) wells with the same fused walls. These wells have different depths ranging from tens to several hundreds of meters.

Juan Moritz, an Argentine anthropologist, one of the first to explore the many kilometers of tunnels in South America. In June of 1965 in Ecuador, in the province of Morona Santiago, he discovered and mapped to nobody known system of underground tunnels with a total length of hundreds of kilometers. They extend deep underground and are a giant maze is clearly not of natural origin. It looks like this: in the thickness of the rock cut through a huge doorway of his deep into the rocks on a slope successive horizontal platform, this descent leads to a depth of 240 meters Here are the tunnels of rectangular cross section and varying width. They fold strictly at right angles. The walls are smooth, as if polished. The ceilings are perfectly aligned and as if varnished. Strictly periodically arranged ventilation shafts with a diameter of about 70 cm There are large areas the size of a theater hall. In one of these rooms has been found furniture, reminiscent of the table and seven chairs in the form of a throne. This furniture is made of an unknown material similar to plastic. In the same hall were found cast in gold figures of fossil reptiles, elephants, crocodiles. Here Juan Moritz discovered a huge amount of metal plates, on which are engraved the letters. On some plates reflected the astronomical concepts and ideas of space travel. All plates are exactly the same as if the "carve-to-measure" of sheet metal, made by means of high technology.

Without a doubt, the discovery made Xuanom Moritz, to some extent, lifts the veil on who was building tunnels, their level of knowledge and roughly — the era when it was happening.

In 1976, a joint Anglo-Ecuadorian expedition carried out a study of one of the underground tunnels in the Los Tayos, on the border between Peru and Ecuador. There, in one of the underground rooms, there was also a table surrounded by chairs with backs more than two meters in height, made of an unknown material. Another room was the library, and is a long hall with a narrow passage between. On its walls were shelves of ancient books — they were thick tomes about 400 pages each. Sheets of these books were made of pure gold, and were filled with an unknown type.

Since 1997, the expedition "Kosmopoisk" carefully examined the notorious Medveditsky ridge in the Volga region. Researchers have discovered and mapped an extensive network of tunnels stretching for dozens of miles. The tunnels have a circular cross section, sometimes oval with a diameter of 7 to 20 m, the length of withstanding a constant width and direction. Tunnels are at a depth of 6 to 30 meters from the surface. As you approach the hill on the ridge Medveditskaia diameter tunnels increased from 20 to 35 meters, and then to 80 m and is at a very elevated diameter cavities up to 120 m, turning under a mountain, in a huge hall. Hence, at different angles away three seven-meter tunnel. It seems that Medveditskaya ridge — a node intersection where tunnels converge from different regions. The researchers suggest that from here you can get not only the Caucasus and Crimea, but also in the northern regions of Russia, the New Earth and then to the North American continent.

Crimean cavers discovered a huge cavity under an array of Ai-Petri, picturesque overhanging Alupkoj and Simeizom. In addition, the detected tunnels connecting the Crimea and the Caucasus. Ufologists Caucasus region during one of the expeditions have determined that under the ridge Uvarov, opposite Mount Arus, there are tunnels, one of which leads towards the Crimean peninsula and the other through the city of Krasnodar, Eysk, Rostov-on-Don is drawn to the Volga region.

In the Caucasus, the gorge near Gelendzhik, has long been known for vertical shaft — straight as an arrow, with a diameter of about one and a half meters, a depth of 100 m 6olee feature is its smooth, like melted wall. Scientists who have studied the surface of the walls of the mine came to the conclusion that the rock produced at the same time the thermal and mechanical effects, which created an extremely strong layer thickness of 1-1.5 mm. With the help of modern technology to create such impossible. In addition, the mine recorded an intense background radiation. Perhaps that is one of the vertical shafts leading to a horizontal tunnel, going out of the area in the Volga region to Medveditskaia ridge.

Not surprisingly, P. Mironichenko in the book "The Legend of LSP" believes that our entire country, including the Crimea, the Altai, the Urals, Siberia and the Far East, riddled with tunnels. It remains only to find their location.

According to Evgeniy Vorobiev, academician RNAN: "We know that in the years after the war (in 1950) was issued a secret decree of the USSR Council of Ministers on the construction of a tunnel through the Tatar Strait to link the mainland with the railroad on. Sakhalin. Eventually secrecy was removed, and Doctor of Technical Sciences, LS Berman, who worked there at the time, told in 1991 in his memoirs Voronezh branch of "Memorial" that the builders did not build as much as restoring an existing tunnel that runs in ancient times, extremely competent, with the geology of the bottom of the Strait. mentions of strange discoveries in the tunnel — obscure mechanisms and animal fossils. All this then disappeared in the secret intelligence bases. It is possible that this leads through a tunnel. Sakhalin to Japan, and maybe even further.

Now we'll move to the area of Western Europe, in particular, to the border of Slovenia and Poland in the Tatra Mountains Beskid mountain range. Here stands a tall mountain Babia 1725 m From ancient times, the inhabitants surrounding areas keep the secret of the mountain. As one of the residents named Vincent, in the 60-ies of XX century, he and his father went to the Mount Babia. At an altitude of approximately 600 m, they pushed aside one of the protruding boulders, and they opened a large entrance to the tunnel. The tunnel in the form of an oval was straight, wide and so high that it could fit the whole train. Smooth and shiny surface of the walls and floor seemed covered with glass. Inside, it was dry. A long way on an inclined tunnel led them into a spacious hall, a form similar to a huge barrel. From it began several tunnels going in different directions. Some of them were triangular cross-section, the other round. Father Vincent said the tunnels from here you can go to different countries and even different continents. The tunnel to the left leads to Germany, then to England and on the American continent. Right tunnel stretches in Russia, the Caucasus, then to China and Japan, and then — in America, where it connects with the left. "

In 1963, under the city Derikuyyu in Turkey was found multilevel underground city, which runs below ground for tens of kilometers. Its many rooms and galleries are interconnected passages. Ancient architects are equipped with underground empire of a life support system, the perfection of which is striking today. Everything here is thought over to trifles: animal houses, warehouses for food, room for cooking and eating, for sleeping, for meetings … In this case, were not forgotten religious temples and schools. Precisely calculated locking device allows you to easily cover the granite entrance door to the dungeon. A ventilation system, provided the city with fresh air, continues to operate smoothly so far!

It found the objects of material culture of the Hittites, the kingdom which was formed in the 17th century BC and the 7th century BC it has sunk into obscurity. For some reason, people went to the cave scientists have yet to guess. Developed an underground civilization of the Hittites can survive undetected for terrestrial world for more than a thousand years.
In addition to Turkey, near the village of kaymakli, Ukraine in Tripoli and other places of the Earth, archaeologists are excavating ancient underground cities.

According to many scientists and researchers from different countries, it is clear that on Earth there is a single global system of underground utilities located at a depth of a few tens of meters to several kilometers from the earth's surface consisting of many kilometers of tunnels, junctions, small villages and large cities with advanced life support system. For example, the system allows the vents to keep the premises in a permanent, life-acceptable temperature.

In addition, according to scientists, this information (and in this article shows only a small part of them) say that the earth long before mankind existed, and most likely, there have been civilizations with a high level of technology. In addition, some researchers believe that the tunnels left by the ancient people, and are currently used for underground movements of UFOs and civilization of life, living on the Earth at the same time with us.

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