The new Khmelnitsky Perinatal has its first baby

Just a few days after the opening of Khmelnytsky Regional Perinatal Center under the National Project "New Life — new quality of maternal and child health," rodzal took the first woman in labor. For the 27 — year resident of Khmelnitsky it was the first birth. 31.05.2013 at 00:02 in mothers KI, 27 years old, who was admitted to the perinatal center with extragenital pathology — congenital heart disease (mitral valve prolapse), and kidney disease, was born alive, full-term boy weighing 2750 g, length 52 cm . This is a good sign, according to the doctors, when a boy crosses the threshold of the first, even at the hands of his mother. As head of OPC Larissa Pritulyak, as at 06.06.2013, in the perinatal center received 12 genera, 5 of them — by Caesarean section. Now in the Department of Pathology of pregnancy and extra beds miscarriage pathology is being treated 30 pregnant women. Of these, 16 pregnant women with severe extragenital pathology with obstetric pathology — 12 pregnant women threatened preterm labor — 2 pregnant. The department co-host of the mother and child 6 births. The opening of the regional perinatal center in the framework of the "New Life" gave the happiness of motherhood first PODOLYaNKA.Neonila Janicki, a spokesman Khmelnytsky Regional Health Center.

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