The origin of the American Indians and the Hyperborean theory

The objective of our topic — trace some views on the origin of the American Indians. This question troubled for some reason, many scientists do not even had to do with American Studies. To clarify the origin of the Indians, we should first seek the assistance of anthropology, ethnography, and mythology. Basically, the version of the origin of the Indians are built on the basis of these disciplines, and each of the theorists choose the one that is closer to him.

One of the most interesting theories represent the views of the anthropologist, linguist and symbolist Dr. Hermann Wirth. Who was Dr. Wirth? This man led a secret institute SS "Ahnenerbe" in the time of Nazi Germany, was engaged in research on racial origin of mankind. He is the author of several books: "The origin of mankind", "Sacred protopismennost humanity", "Chronicle of Ura-Linda", "Babylon the question," etc.

"Ahnenerbe" or "Ancestral Heritage", was a secret institution, which studies the origin of races, various occult sciences, organized the famous expedition to Tibet. The significance of this organization is the fact that the study "Ahnenerbe" Germans spent more money than the Americans on the Manhattan atomic project. Frisian origin scientist, Dr. Herman Wirth was removed from his post because of his views on the formation of races did not coincide with the views of the Fuhrer and, among other things, he was involved in the anti-Nazi conspiracy. The arrest of Dr. interrupted further research.

So, what were the views of Dr. Wirth on the origin of Indians? Comparing anthropological look Caucasians and Native Americans, Wirth concluded close relationship of these two races. If we consider the Indians a race and put a number of typical representatives of all four races, the closest in anthropological characteristics are Caucasian and amerikanoid.

Amerikanoidy, in turn, are divided into three sub-races: North, Central and South America. The last two sub-races have in their education, and some features of the shape, the description of which is not our goal. Dwell on the most common, that is, North American Indians, for example — the prairie Indians. Here is their brief general description: moderately long-headed, tall, straight shape of the eyes, an aquiline nose, the face is more profiled in the horizontal plane, color from reddish-brown to almost light. Pioneers met among the Dakota, Mandan, Zuni and other tribes of Indians, and quite amazing: blond, blue-eyed and almost whites. Researchers say that the so-called "albino" Indians met so many that they have no one as a surprise. So it was, for example, Cheyenne, Apache, Navajo. All this says Short, an American anthropologist, in his book "The ancient inhabitants of North America." The presence of "albino" Indians can hardly be explained naive theories about the consequences of isolation. The latest research does not confirm this view of the emergence of this phenomenon. Why, then, is not "turned white" for centuries lived in complete isolation in the jungles of Central African Pygmies? In general, except for the main color, in the form of amerikanoida and Caucasians have much in common.

Wirth suggested that if such a similar anthropological characteristics, that means should exist contact the territory in which the formation and interaction of these two races. Herman Wirth thought this territory Arktogeyu, North Continent, adjacent to the North Pole, where, in his opinion, was born white humanity. The main territory Arktogei subsequently sank to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, and its southern parts, as some modern scholars, are part of the Russian North.

Wirth wrote that one of the main signs of the white race was right necessarily the first blood, and in the future, the second derivative of it. In the early Paleolithic people began settling Arktogei. The first wave reached America and the Indians are its children. In purebred American Indians only the first group of blood and not even a single case of the third and fourth groups.

Herman Wirth felt that relocation was right on the American continent, we, knowing the latest discoveries of archeology, we can assume that the ancestors of the American Indians descended Caucasoid initially in southern Siberia, where purchased some Mongoloid features and from there began to move in the future in America. Therefore, before moving to America, Indians and Aryans in the past had a common ancestral and common ancestors. So briefly had a look at the origins of Dr. Wirth American race. His whole theory of the origin of all human races, we will not touch, because it has a rather complicated construction and its presentation is not our problem.

So was Herman Wirth rights? We have common roots with the Indians or not? It seems that in this theory is reasonable grain. Let's think, for a mutual rapprochement and influence predisposed primarily related peoples and races. Mutual influence is in spite of all the conflicts and wars.

If we consider the effect of the Indians on the white, you can only wonder how the "savages" could well affect their opponents. White took over the Indians have not only different crops, military tactics, but most importantly, clothing and items. Was there anything like that in the European colonies in Asia and Africa? Of course, there were people interested in native culture and clothing imitating the Arabs or the Chinese, but it was the one, while the white trappers Wild West it was often difficult to distinguish from the Indians. Hence, Indian aesthetics was largely close the white man. Similar examples are many.

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