The origins of reddish terror in Russia

One of the most terrible and bloody pages of plainclothes war period in Russia was the so-called "Red Terror." Only direct loss from it are estimated at approximately 2.1 million people.

The atrocities began under the Provisional Government, the territory of the former empire evenly slipped into revolutionary chaos, there were cases of murder soldiers and sailors of their own officers, beating, there was a wave of arson and looting estates. But, in principle, then the violence has not yet been mass, even when the Bolsheviks seized power — itself a coup and the establishment of Soviet power in the country passed peacefully enough, so called. "Triumphant Russian authorities" in the country. When the failed campaign of Kerensky and Krasnov's Cossacks to Petrograd, the Cossacks and the revolutionary sailors, soldiers, after the clashes, peacefully interacted with each other, there was no animosity.

Defend the Provisional Government virtually no one was going, a large part of the population came to him flegmantichno or even laudatory, for him it was not a "legitimate" power, it did not have the "holy aura" of the autocracy. But the peaceful setting of the Bolsheviks in most areas of the Russian Federation did not like "financial International" in their plans, the expected imminent dismemberment of Russia, most of the Russian settlement. And for this purpose it was necessary to arrange a plainclothes war terror, chaos when a fire in the won, generalized violence, mass disease, hunger and malnutrition have killed as many as possible.

The origins of terror

The roots of the ideology of the Masonic lodges of different kinds of clubs, secret organizations are in the Gnostic teachings that have emerged around the same time with Christianity. Some of them said that "the Serpent" — a good start, the source zaniya population. It is here that lies the source of the various fanatical sects, Satanic, kaballistov, this lie was leaked and the Order of the Temple, which is so strengthened its position by accessing lurking disk imaging, which eventually became the rival of papal Rome. That's why the order was killed (there is the idea that not one hundred percent), Rome did not suffer a rival for power.

Gnosticism has played a significant role in the development of various currents of Protestantism, particularly after the Reformation were made nominations Rome — money capital and related nobility of Great Britain and Holland. Specifically, in the UK were made first Masonic lodge. We can recall the French Revolution — the first example of mass terror, it organized a masons and another furtive-wing Masonic organization, the Illuminati. The Jacobins then tried to enter the cult of the "Top of Mind", apparently, he sacrificed a thousand people. There is always the rank and file, "bricklayer", playing the role of extras, later sacrificed "Moloch of the revolution." So it was in revolutionary France, and so it became a Russian liberals, who accepted the role in the February Revolution.

It is interesting that the "birthday" of the Illuminati — May 1, magical, "Mei-Day," Walpurgis Night. Old pagan prazdnichek later demonized, turned into a "day of evil." Order put their own task to kill the monarchy, religion, the institution of family, marriage, break down all the classic morality. Feature of the organization was a vast verbovanie ladies — the most powerful weapon against the guys (only the latest example — Strauss-Kahn). After ban the organization in Germany, many of its members have left the U.S., but then it was revived in Bavaria, belonged to him and recognizable Parvus. In this order included such famous revolutionaries such as Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg, Clara Zetkin, Larin. At various Masonic organizations included: Bukharin, Chicherin, Zinoviev, Lunacharsky, Volodarskij, Sereda, Skvortsov-Stepanov, Radek, Rakovsky, Reisner and other leaders of the Bolshevik Party, it is only eminent and ordinary members were more. Ya Sverlov was a convinced occultist. It becomes clear why so forcefully took root concept — "sacrifices for the revolution." "At the Altar" for whom and to whom sacrifices? "Serpent"? This explains the significant number of victims of the "Red Terror", irrational terror, often ritualistic nature — including the murder of the Romanovs.

Terror was almost always man-made: it was used for "internationalists", made of different groups of scum, "foam" of the revolution — the criminals, the innate sadists. Introduced the principles of wholesale liquidation of prisoners, the wounded finishing moves, grabs and executions of hostages, fiercely suppressed sample farmers to resist forcible requisitioning. At the same time, real-exploiters that have long escaped and moved their capital abroad, in the mass of his tormented innocent people.

Officially reddish terror was legalized and declared September 2, 1918 by Yakov Sverdlov in the appeal Executive Committee and then confirmed by the decision of the CPC on September 5, 1918. Sverdlov attempt on Lenin used as a pretext to begin mass terror in the country. Although often the culprit terror announce Dzerzhinsky, at this time he was sent to the "holiday". While he was gone, Sverdlov with Peters spent his restructuring of the Cheka — they were immediately subject to Moscow and the local council, which ruled Sverdlov and planted there own "internationalists." Immediately to the Cheka had a "cleansing", true Dzerzhinsky shots were fired, and expanded the Cheka, attracting loyal to Trotsky and Sverdlov footage, often involving not Russian. So, the central apparatus of the Cheka almost 75% were Latvians.

Peters, Yakov, one of the founders and the first management of the Cheka, was shot in 1938.

Trotsky did and own a punitive body October 14, 1918 — The revolutionary military courts. These were not the courts in our awareness, and special military penal divisions created for the mass terror. Trotsky wrote: "If today we destroyed and hundreds of thousands of, then now is the time to make the company, the device, which is useful if you will be able to kill 10's of thousands. We have no time, no ability to find out the real, active adversaries. We have to take the path of destruction … ".

With special hatred "internationalists" destroy Christianity destroyed not only the upper hierarchy, but ordinary monks, nuns, priests. Suffered a terrible blow, and the Russian intelligentsia, although she was one of the most active revolutionary groups (bulk of them — right, "Black Hundreds" of the intelligentsia was strong enough), is pleased to Meet the February revolution, socialism. In addition, the "internationalists" decided to kill Cossacks — it was the most archaic part of the community (as well as the Old Believers), preserves the memory of the people's aristocratic system of the device of Russia, has filed a military traditions of the Russian people. In practice, this has been a warrior caste guardians of Russia, because it and wanted to kill the roots. Total "Cossacks which" is connected with the directive Organizational Bureau of the Central Committee of the RCP (b) on January 24, 1919, signed by J. Sverdovym. It is good that this vampire had not lived long — vorachivayas of Kharkov in March 1919, according to one version, the Spaniard fell ill (Spanish flu), on the other hand, was beaten to death railway workers at the Falcon, most importantly, podoh.

After his death antikazachyu directive was cancele
d, already at the VIII Congress of the Party protests began delegates sought to soften policy toward the peasantry, to control the repressive authorities criticized Trotsky, his administration of the army. But during that period failed to soften the terror, any solutions, marching against the policy of "behind the scenes" sabotaged. "Sverdlov" footage nurtured Sverdlov, fled on the "inherited" by Trotsky: Peters, Avanessov, Teodorovitch Voikov, Bela Kun, Unshlikht, Berry and many others.

Throughout the Russian Federation received a "celebrity" in the form of some maniacs, so Boki introduced the custom of drinking the blood of the victims of such cases have been recorded in Moscow, Turkestan, Kharkov, "famous" palachki — Rose Schwartz, doorways Lubarskaya Rebekah Meisel. By the end of 1919, even made a ritual murder victims: spetspomescheniya equipped with lighting, Bullet catcher, grooved to drain blood and running water; sentenced to smash the party, stripped naked, administered shots and shot in the head; executioners were divided into shifts, "work" was much, from time to time shot a few nights in a row — NIGHT MODE tried to shoot, that's such "altar of the revolution." Received huge popularity after the capture of the Crimea shootings, according to estimates of historians were destroyed between 80 and 120 thousand people.

Responsible for this are not Frunze, as some believe, he combined in his own military activities on the hardness of the war and surrendered to the charity, as he finished the war in the Urals and Central Asia. After the capture of the Crimea was called back, all power received a "special troika": Bela Kun, Rosalia Salkind, Michelson, of the Central Committee "Share" Yu oversaw Piatakov (Kiev).

In the end, the operation to reduce the depopulation of the Russian Federation and its genetic potential was carried out quite successfully. Glory to God in the middle of the Bolsheviks were other people — patriots who were still able to return the state, and eventually some of this scum got what they deserved …

Rosalia Samoilovna Zemlyachka (Zalkind), one of the organizers of the punitive period of civilian war held in the Crimea after the defeat of the army of snow-white in 1920-1921. I personally participated in the executions of the prisoners and the peaceful population.

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