The origins of the confrontation: Our homeland — West

Russia, Russian civilization has always been the only harmonizer world's population, which has stabilized its development and helped the evolutionary ascent of people.

This is confirmed by recent events in the world: a weakening of the role of in the world dramatically worsened the political atmosphere, broke out a huge number of conflicts. There was a tendency to merge them into a single "world on fire."

That was peace on the planet, our home has to be powerful, and this time "to start collecting stones" — to begin the process of reunification of Russian land to the Unified Russia.

The Russian people — the only hero, which may suspend "the beast from the bottomless pit," the evil that wants to destroy the world's population and planetoid. Even in his time M. sourness entirely true said: "It is clear that Europe is ruled by the people mad … that there is no crime for which they could be capable of, there is no such amount of blood that they would be afraid to shed … It is clear that we Union of Socialist Soviet people, interfere global group of robbers and murderers, and that they would very much like to kill a part of us, part of the guide into slavery. "

The genetic origins of confrontation

Russia and the West "elite" can not exist together on the planet, he can not live together ghoul and ordinary people.

To better know the enemy, you must know its origin. The majority of political scientists, journalists do not deal with this issue, they play on other people's rules, do not own the Game. West hosts the project set its own rules and impose them on the world. In the end, people do not even know what it did for the game and who are playing the stakes.

In the 20 — early 21 centuries brought a wealth of information that the present population of the earth is not the first on the planet, but we are in this article of this issue will not touch. Take only the history of our world's population — 40-45 thousand years. There are three main conjectures of a man — evolution, which does not hold water; Bible, the creation of man by God, and sverhevolyutsionnaya (expressed Petukhov YD). She, like the biblical, says the development of Human Universal Mind of the Universe, but unlike her more scientific, detailed.

It seems that there may be, but around the turn of 40-45 thousand years ago there were people on the planet snow-white race (Aryan, from textbooks to the second world war, when it came up with the term — Indo-Europeans). They were blessed with abstract thinking and subject-shaped (soul). The Russian people, part of a snow-white peoples race (Icelandic, Irish, Scots, a significant part of the Germans, the Danes, the inhabitants of northern France, Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Swedes, Norwegians and some others) — their descendants, with virtually no impurities.

But on the planet before the arrival of the snow-white races were other "people" — the Neanderthals and other arhatropov. They did not do an advanced society, culture, civilization, their thinking was shaped (soul). They were hunters, gatherers, for their hunt for themselves similar case was ordinary. Archaeologists find huge number of sites arhatropov where mixed with animal bones unlimited number of human bones. Arhatropy were not creators, genetics other — they have learned in the hundreds of thousands of years of use by fire, club, rock and everything. It was the Predators — the greedy, ruthless, often killing not for survival, but for the sake of pleasure, they can destroy a hundred times more than we could eat. Predator instinct was stronger than reason.

It was zverochelovek, and he faced the resettled people. By virtue of its own advantages in mind, our ancestors quickly occupied a dominant position. Although at the time it was a long process, planetka big, and there were not many people. Part arhatropov was destroyed, the other assimilated (where the priests did not support the kind of purity), some pushed to the periphery of the world — in the mountains, deserts, swamps. You need to keep in mind that arhatropy kidnapped and give people a part eaten, but some females left. Finally, in a number of regions formed a mixed population. They were referring people, but retained in the genetics of "predatory" applets.

These were the generations of people on the western edge of Europe — they have the language, the ability to think more subtly, but kept the birth applets zverolyudey, predators. This eventually led to the creation of 2-types of civilizations: the first was aimed at creating, obtaining food for themselves in productive labor, and the second — the world of "predators", greedy, adventurous, very brutal.

That's why ordinary Russian man can not realize the pragmatic, inhumanity, "double standards" of the Western world. And for their mystery is the "Russian soul", which is completely inaccessible to reason abstractly predator.

So on Earth appeared two completely alien world, one based on parasitizing, using other people's resources, the other on the creation and creation. The base of this difference in different genetics, we — two different population of the earth, the kind one, and Applets differ.

Only on the basis of this knowledge can understand and analyze the history of relations: East-West (formerly the South and North, the first slave system were made in the South, while the North kept long so called "primitive communism").

The entire history of the Western project says the same thing: the genetics of artificial humanism does not change, "hunter" remains so in any type of society. The entire history of Western Europe — is the story of "man-eating hunters" making forays, raids on their neighbors, exciting production (kids, ladies, monuments of art, etc.) that turn the people into slavery-creators. "Enlightened Europe" at the present time "democratic world community" — a world of predators who have eaten (as civilizations of North and South America) and robbed (like India, China) all those who could not fight back. This is the secret of their "high level" of life, and continued around robbed "sucked out" of the "third and fourth worlds." Although the "hunters" and learned a lot, brought the ways of "hunting" to the highest skill — Federal replacement system, TNB, TNC, various public organizations can kill the victim, without betraying his own anger. But in the end, they always fall back on anger and violence, it is their nature. West project — a vampire of Slavic mythology.

"Hunters" Near East

Predators have appeared not only in Western Europe, and the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula. Specifically, they gave birth to the slave system of the Old East, eventually paralyzing and destroying the inside 10's countries and powers of the Old World.

In the XII-XVII centuries of our era carnivores clans of Western Europe and the Middle East have made symbiosis, making almost the entire planetoid into a zone of his own hunting. Only in Russia gave them constantly rebuffed.

At the level of hidden structures it was a symbiosis kabbalistic secret societies of the East and the West Masonic lodges. This alliance has created a system of "wild capitalism", which is completely not care about the person, where everything revolves around the "golden calf". In the end, at the level of the world's population has been built reckless and crazy drug company, which at the current time, reformatted int
o a society of Extermination. Predators put the world's population to the brink of self-destruction and irreversible degeneration.

Many people can not resist it because they do not possess the knowledge that we are alien races, two of the world population on the planet.

The development of predators in the West

Childbirth predators in western Europe, received the ability to read, to think more subtly without access to a producing activity — the "method of producing economy." Because they were not just use stolen in raids people as food, and in the labor force in order to ensure their people are products of their own labor. That took the millennium. In addition, predators have thought — not necessarily trained to do something yourself, you can force the other.

These are the origins of the so-called "slave society." All other thoughts about the "social stratification" is a Marxist notions of Western philosophical schools (perhaps an order, if you remember who he was, Marx).

We Russes, Slavs, other northern and eastern birth of slavery was not (even prisoners could get equal rights with other community members). They just were not slaves necessary, performed all their work. In addition, they were men of a superior grade of evolution, getting moral gratification, satisfaction of his labor, his results.

The descendants of the Neanderthals — neandertoloidy became the main problem of the world's population. The problem of Aryan, Slavic society, which has long consisted of three interconnected parts: the priests, the wise men, princes and other managers, peasant farmers, artisans and merchants. It was the people's aristocratic system, where all were free and could take at least some post, according to their own capabilities. In this society there was no place to slaves, slave owners, bandyuganov, speculators and people with degenerative psychology, if they are, then became outcasts.

Neandertaloidy is recognized only the power of power and wealth, lived in packs, clans related by blood and radial bail.

First "democracy"

Fighters predators were naughty, prevailed only suddenness The advantage of the numerical. This continued into the current time: Western countries have lost in the "flock" — NATO attacked a crowd in a moment. Direct combat is not love, prefer to pirate ways: raid, raid — swiftly hit, grab the guard, loot and leave. This habit they traced some 1,000 lety, right up to the present day.

To "extraction" is not scuttled, Hamstring, gouged out his eyes, crushed bones of the legs. Women converted into concubines (at the present time, nothing has changed — each year of the Russian Federation, the states of Eastern Europe are trafficked ten of thousands of beautiful girls, women, boys and turned into slaves in western Europe, the Arab world), thereby getting more signs of human "humanize". But genetic programm did not undergo significant configurations.

Specifically, on the basis of clan-packs that are parasitized by the huge amount of slave labor, with "absorption" of existing settlements, castles people "generating culture" in the Mediterranean came first "democracy." Including the famous Athens. "Democracy", based on the parasitizing of the few over the many, and came in response to "predators" on people's aristocratic society of the Aryans, Russov. They were based on piracy, slave trade, raids on people, robbery, violence. It is understandable why in modern Western culture and "our" Westerners Athens — this is the first model of "democracy." By the way, the eminent Sparta longer kept all the orders of the people's aristocratic system, of course, not without distortions — for example, killing helots.

In other words, "Western-style democracy" — is the power of a handful of parasites, vampires of the masses of ordinary people whose work and the fruits of his clan degenerates redistributes in their favor.

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