The outcome of negotiations with Iran: IAEA experts, who were not allowed to objects disappointed

The outcome of negotiations with Iran: IAEA experts, who were not allowed to objects disappointed

Yukiya Amano, director of the international agency for atomic energy, expressed his disappointment at the talks on Iran's nuclear program there.

The agency was dissatisfied with, namely, the fact that the observers were not allowed the IAEA to visit a military base and training ground Parchin, located under the Iranian capital (ITAR-TASS).

In a statement, the IAEA said: "During the first and second rounds of negotiations, a team of professionals to provide the requested access to the Parchin military facility. But Iran has not given permission to visit this facility. "

In a statement, the Director IAEA the results of two-day talks observer group, held in Tehran on 20-21 February, emphasizes: "It is disappointing that Iran has refused to comply with our request. Despite the constructive nature of our efforts, the agreement was not achieved. "

Iran's representative to the IAEA, AA Soltanieh previously reported that the Agency will continue to talks with Iran on issues of bilateral cooperation. He made this statement on February 21, summing up the two-day visit of the IAEA delegation, headed by Deputy Director General for Safeguards Herman Nakkarts.

Iranian representative gave talks subsequent response: "It is very rich." But he did not lead details and did not call any definite results.

On Tuesday, Ramin Mehmanparast, a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry said in a briefing to journalists that, as in the first visit to Iran, IAEA delegation will not test nuclear facilities.

The diplomat said that the main goal is talks Cooperation between IAEA and Iran, and not the conduct of inspections.

How to report to Iranian sources, during both visits IAEA open a discussion issues related to Iran's nuclear programs from — specifically those issues, "for which remains uncertain."

Recall that the three weeks back both sides expressed satisfaction of the fruits of the first round. Said some progress. Herman said Nakkarts three weeks back, the Iranians have confirmed their willingness to answer the remaining questions. "But, of course — he added — we still have a very great job."

Western countries have expressed concern that Iran is working on developing a nuclear weapon (the information of "Interfax"). Need to see that Tehran rejects the accusations turn, insisting that Iran's nuclear programm has only a peaceful disposition, and the country needs to produce electricity.

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