The prototype cyborg cockroach


Implanted into the nervous system of the cockroach electrodes cause the insect obey the commands of the owner — the person-with-remote-control.

To demonstrate their achievements neurobiological American company Backyard Brains used set of chips borrowed from a toy robot insect HEXBUG Inchworm, and several species of cockroach species Blaberus discoidalis and Aptera fusca. In the role of the participants and spectators of the experiment were the students of the University of Grand Valley (USA).

Chips that guinea cockroach was forced to drag on the piggyback ride, forced him to turn to the right and to the left, depending on the signal from the remote, blocking the natural signals to change the direction of his mustache.

The system, however, requires a serious revision: unruly guinea obeyed orders only in 25% of cases. The practical application of technology also remains in question: the developers find it difficult to say how else can use it, in addition to demonstration purposes. Theoretically, a video camera equipped cyborg cockroach could, for example, to search for people in collapsed buildings, but in reality, its running time is very limited due to the small stock battery, which he will be able to wear.





Students were shown another product Backyard Brains, this time ready for production. The device SpikerBox, reminiscent of the principle of the medieval torture instruments allows us to study the activity of neurons in the cockroach severed foot. In defense of the authors devices can be said that the affected insects are able to regenerate limbs.

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