The pyramids were stores of diamonds?

Egyptian pyramids — the main miracle of light. Some think that they were built for the Pharaohs of narcissistic self-burial, others claim that the design of the pyramids wizards Atlanta encrypted magic knowledge of the mysteries of the universe, and some remember about aliens, he says, can not afford to build earthlings such grandiose constructions. Archaeologists are excavating, fiction writing books, it would seem difficult here to surprise us with something sensational. However, there is one issue on which I now try to give an unexpected answer.

I must say, I do not pretend to open, because it is difficult to call the discovery that it was already known to people for centuries. Another question — why this knowledge was kept a closely guarded? But there is an explanation. However, I will intrigue the reader — not the fantastic ancient mysteries will be discussed. No fiction! The real mystery is that the construction of the pyramids ancient masters used for cutting granite blocks diamond saw blade — brass band, where the teeth are diamond crystals. The real truth is that the construction of the pyramids based on development of the diamond mining industry in Africa, the Nile Basin. True and what is a diamond — the most durable material on earth, it was originally valued for their technical quality and only in the course of this ancient building a reputation of the divine and eternal gem. And most importantly, if you dig in the sand around the pyramids, the most likely find diamond grit — because if cut stone blocks was organized industrially, diamond teeth crumble in many of the thousands of drink — it turns on a construction site under the feet of the workers.

Egyptologists have never been able to give a clear answer to the question — how ancient masters managed to get such a smooth surface boulders? In those days, away from us for thousands of years, high-strength steel is not yet known, and bronze alloy of copper and tin are not able to beat the stone. Therefore historians Egyptologists say podsypanii cut quartz sand in the water, about the use of dolomite balls of different tricks with wedges, swelling of the water, etc.

The most radical researchers carried verdict so labor intensive techniques are not able to provide the construction process, which resulted in a pyramid. Not long ago, a famous Russian mathematician and businessman Dmitry Pavlov organized several expeditions to the pyramids. Since I am familiar with Dmitiry G., then got the opportunity to see the photos and video materials brought from Egypt. There is convincing evidence that treatment made sophisticated stone tools — narrow saws, circular drills, cut out of stone cylinder, cutters, etc. This level of technology is not available bronze tools.

But the diamond-known modern stone-cutters, is best done in copper: diamonds recessed into the soft metal, that in the process of clearing out of the tool, exposing sharp edges of teeth — sawing increases efficiency. Unfortunately, the above-mentioned members of the expedition had to fantastic conclusions about the presence of the "gods of ancient Egypt" some laser-plasma cutters, that is, they believed in aliens, who for ten thousand years ago on the banks of the Nile for some reason established their base and built the pyramids .

In fact, as we can see, it's simple: people find diamonds in Africa are many, they studied the properties of a beautiful transparent stone — and that came up with diamond saws that could cut granite is very strong as a soft wood. It is logical to assume that this discovery inspired the ancient Egyptians to build such a majestic buildings — a victory over the stone had to be marked and sealed. Look: the very form of the pyramid — this is the shape of a diamond. Indeed, in the natural state of carbon crystal diamond looks like a four-sided pyramid — or rather, as two pyramids joined their square faces. Thus, the pyramids are a lasting monument to the earth substance — diamond, eternal, indestructible. Perhaps the Egyptians believed that it is this form and conveys the essence of immortality.

On the other hand, such a large-scale industry, where both were used thousands of diamond saw blades, diamond drill bits, where spinning diamond cutter, hand operated machines with diamond abrasives for surfacing — all this required the development of diamond production. And we know that in the central and southern Africa, the continent of old mines there (remember — "King Solomon's Mines?"). From there, the diamonds were delivered to Egypt sacks … Although buffalo skin easily be cut diamonds, so used, rather, some chests of mahogany.

The reader may have already imagined the kind of ancient treasures — halls, brim full of glittering piles of stones! Maybe it was at one time. But in the last millennium, these riches have been plundered, and now only a sign of the pyramid on the dollar bill recalls ancient treasures. Probably not the robbery should talk, and the systematic inclusion nemerenno diamond reserves in the global turnover of jewelry. Think of the queen Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, the city of Alexandria — the medieval center of science and culture. So accumulated wealth gradually converted to tangible and intangible assets of human civilization.

And, perhaps not coincidentally all conquerors attracted Egypt: Napoleon came back with an army, and the Turks and the British Empire troops, tanks and the German Reich. Seen in this kind of passion pattern Perhaps these aggressors enjoyed some classified information. But do not think that their share remained something substantial. Indeed, industrial diamonds Egyptians turned into treasures 8-10 thousand years ago. Generally, the period of use diamond saws was very brief — the traces of this high technology, we did not find on every pyramid. Most of the buildings — brick or concrete blocks. Apparently, the use of this technology has been minimized, and the system itself is classified.

The reasons can be many. Or diamond production and delivery to an end (for some geopolitical reasons). Either goal was achieved — to build a monument of Eternity, and the will of the diamonds themselves priests have been turned into expensive characters, mascots, the use of which in technical devices — a taboo. Or depleted stocks of stone quarries near, and perhaps parallel developed another industry: the production of artificial stone — cement and concrete technology.

The latter circumstance must be stipulated in detail. The fact is that the hypothesis of Egyptian concrete has repeatedly expressed, but many reject it, including themselves Egyptologists. There was a strange situation. Some say — the whole pyramid of stone, while others claim that the ancient people knew the concrete and used only by this technology. As if such a large building could use both methods! Supporters of the concrete version of the main argument — the inability to handle the complexity of bronze and stone lifting blocks up the pyramid, where thousands of traction slaves had nowhere to stay.

But opponents of the cement-concrete workers point to a typical granite and dolomite, which are present in the ancient walls, and are covered with a cutting. In fact, both sides are: granite monoliths pililis really — for this and served as diamond saw blades, but these blocks are used only in the lower crowns of pyramids and temples in the low, but the top of the pyramid blocks, of course, molded cement mortar. French scientists have recently tried to prove it in practice, but historians again shrugged off arguments builders practitioners.

The trouble is that historians generally little understood in the construction technologies. But there is a huge variety of forming materials: plaster, stucco, cement mixture. The variety of fillers, binders many formulations, including the use of organic matter (remember, as a solution Russian masters mixed into the egg white?). But the most striking — all this technology is directly related to what is now called alchemy. You know how organized the process of real "building alchemy"? First, natural stone, limestone, baked in the oven — in a fire turns lime — a dangerous substance, you can skin on the hand or eye burn. This very dangerous substance quenched with water — it hisses like a living, and releases itself from the gas — air. A friable powder, which can now be mixed with water, with different additives and get plastic mass, which can then be stored for long periods without access to air. But enough of it to fill the formwork mixed with sand or other filler, as it after a while — to grip, hardens and okameneet … Unless it's not that wonderful?

That Egypt was the birthplace of alchemical knowledge, is well known — the ancient architects, who have mastered the process, could not mythologize it. Here they live chat with all the basic elements of nature and carried out the conversion of stone to stone — it's magic, magic! Therefore, the ancient masons its technology held in strict confidence. So far it is unclear what exactly were built of ancient temples — marble natural or artificial? However, even in Roman times there was a profane, and cement and concrete technology have been widely used in the construction. By the way, in the books of the Roman architect Vitruvius' On Architecture "describes the use of concrete, and in the works of Heron of Alexandria that time even described form slots for lifting work and the types of locks to engage the concrete blocks. The same slot can be found on ancient slabs — where they intended to move the construction of floors, for example.

Finally — a couple of comments. The question is: if the output of diamond saws ancient Egyptians so obvious and looks so natural and believable, then why before this no one say? I'll try to answer. First, there is a tradition of hiding certain knowledge — on them, so to speak, spell soars: with all the evidence they can not see at close range, and if they see — do not understand, and if they understand — they prefer to keep quiet. This not only applies to diamond saws. For example, do you think that Galileo invented the telescope and microscope — Leeuwenhoek? And who first realized the distillation of crude oil and found a very good deals fractions like gasoline, kerosene?

All this knowledge suddenly surfaced out of some anonymous storerooms. Second, modern diamond-and abrasives artificial crystals of carbon appeared recently, and their broad, obvious to all, the use of — merit only today. The same applies to the use of mortars — before this was known only to specialists. And now, for example, in Krasnoyarsk bridge made of strong artificial stone — tiles of various shapes, and the squares are — granite and marble cut diamond saws — columns, bowls, plates, parapets. Houses are built of reinforced concrete, with a sliding formwork for concrete slabs embossed patterns like hieroglyphics on a little hardened layer Rotband cut art bas-reliefs.

Yes, and the personal experience of householders, when drill bit drill the wall and you feel that a diamond drill is like the oil … So, it's amazing that a serious conversation about the ancient technology starts so late. In short, historians should be left empty arguments, and simply go to the stone-cutting workshop and see how the diamond saw cutting into a hard surface agate or malachite.

However, I do not want to make teachings. Hypothesis outlined here should be checked. Therefore, I want to ask everyone who intends to visit Egypt — look in the sand around the pyramids, and if anyone finds a diamond, do not think for work — let me know. Then get a plausible theory of complete and absolute proof. In addition, it would be interesting to know whether someone previously expressed hypothesis of diamond saws, the ancient Egyptians, and done anything to establish the truth in this matter. I will be glad to find supporters for its version.

Pavel Poluyan

Category: Mystery stories

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