The real biography of Defense A. Serdyukov

30 September 2010 at the training ground of the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School "Seltsy" occurred one of the most resounding scandals in the modern history of. Minister Defense Anatoly Serdyukov, coasting around the training ground by helicopter, saw the unfinished structure of the barracks and the dining room, he saw also the Orthodox Church of Elijah the Prophet, built near. Coming out of a helicopter, Serdyukov immediately cursed head of the Ryazan Airborne School, the hero of, the Guard Colonel Andrei Krasov and close to him officers: "The barracks are not completed, not completed dining room, and they are for 180 million otgrohali church!"

Andrei Krasov minister tried to explain that the construction of the temple was not spent a dime budget funds, and he was completely built by the Ryazan diocese, different sponsors and Navy veterans. Beautiful as well, and said that since 2011, the church of Elijah the prophet will prepare military chaplains, which will later be sent to military units across the country. He also noted that short-range temple is located 15 km from the landfill on the other bank of the river Oka, and get to his officers, their family members, cadets and soldiers, to say the least, problematic.

But all this only angered Serdyukov, who in a fit of rage shouted: "In the shit here live in shit and die! Funds for this center Airborne not give! This is a general need to reduce the school. Colonel remove this brash — and the troops! "

After the story of the Russian Federation Alliance troopers appealed to President Medvedev and Patriarch Kirill with the request not to quit this situation without attention and stand up for the Colonel Andrei Krasov. Do not stand aside and a representative of the Synodal Department for Interaction with the Sun Il'yashenko Archpriest Alexander, who claimed from the Minister of Defence to apologize to the commander of the Ryazan Airborne School, and regardless of whether he makes it or not, said Serdyukov should resign : this situation "With the worst hand" Serdyukov characterizes himself as "a person who is in the army does not have anything to do" and "does not have any credibility not only in the armed forces, and civilians from the people."

Constantly growing discontent in the military policy regarding the new defense minister headed for its own peak. Expressed their dissatisfaction with the officers even elite units, directly subordinate to the General Staff by the Supreme Commander.

Once swam the details of how the Ministry of Defense in the amount of 280 million rubles for the Navy purchased the defective parachutes. Chief Military Prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky said: "Clever entrepreneurs have made these parachutes are not from new raw materials, and out of old parts. Representatives of the military and military representatives of the customer, I think, selfishly motivated, have closed their eyes. Spices conducted studies have shown that it is impossible to use these parachutes ". As it turns out, it's far not a single case, and that in a similar way for the fabulous facilities to the troops received and defective body armor, decommissioned ammunition and parts for helicopters and airplanes.

A number of deputies of the State Duma in an open letter to the president claimed the immediate resignation of Anatoly Serdyukov, which his reforms only destroys the country's defense. The letter said, and about future plans the Defense Ministry, according to which the three years of the Land will be reduced by 12 times, the Air Force and Air Defense and the Navy in 2 times, on the third part of the Strategic Missile Forces and the Navy by 20 percent.
"Continues the actual destruction of the General Staff, who will also be cut by more than half. It causes resentment professionals this haste. For three years meant more to reduce 2,000 units and our Armed Forces. Similar rates of "circumcision" does not yet know of any country in the world. "

Began appearing in the press and information about personnel changes at the War Office. So, instead committed suicide in 2008 (according to some reports, it came out a few days later after talking with Serdyukov) Chief of the quartering of troops and arrangement of Colonel-General Viktor Vlasov for the position he was appointed manager of a construction company from St. Petersburg, Leonid Sorokko. It should be noted that the official salary Sorokko on the latest position markedly less than what he was earning on their own business. So what is it accepted this offer? Maybe because he is now annually holds the key 10's billion rubles allocated from the federal budget for the construction of houses for officers and other objects Defense.

General Directorate of the Ministry of Defense and major construction visibly replenished purely civilians "experts" out of town on the Neva. Their qualification is a huge doubt, but that does not stop them from making statements about the need for the privatization of most objects Armed Forces in Moscow. Thus, specifically invited Serdyukov leaders offered to move out of the capital of the Navy General Staff, Akademiiyu Peter Lofty, CSK systems and a variety of other objects.

The rest of the military departments lucky no more, and soon they, too, have appeared so called "St. Petersburg." Program from the privatization of military installations across DoD territory of Russia headed past the top manager of the company "Lenstroyrekonstruktsiya" Lev Vinnik and CEO of the St. Petersburg defense plant "Leninist" Alexander Gorbunov. It should be noted that the company "Lenstroyrekonstruktsiya" belongs to Andrei Molchanov, a scion of the present vice-governor of St. Petersburg Yury Molchanov, who in the 90s, along with Vladimir Putin worked in the St. Petersburg Institute of the department of international relations.

A lot of attention in the press and got another scandal. In June 2010, a public web site procurement there was an order for the purchase of furniture for the needs of the Ministry of Defense and Rosoboronpostavki. For example, the head of department for the last of his own Cabinet took a set of 29 pieces of furniture. Including the quote: "the root table of the olive tree veneer and veneer beech veneer finish with reddish wood with marketers in a meandering fashion." Similar requests were and vice Rosoboronpostavki and rukovditeley lower rank, totaling 20.3 million rubles.

In our own personal office Anatoly Serdyukov also decided not to save, and asked: "Table should be made of valuable types of wood decorated with handmade antique. Pens — gold color — black cherry. "

Such attention and requests for furniture in control Defense not the case. After graduating from the Leningrad Institute of Commerce, Serdyukov during the period from 1984 to 1985 year serving in the ranks of the Russian Army. However, for some unknown reason, he served instead laid 2-years only 18 months — and that's whole military experience of Defense nuclear power.

After the army, Serdyukov started working at the store Lenmebeltorg number 3, which in 1986 changed their name to "Dresden" and began selling furniture from the GDR. Thus, according to the memoirs of witnesses, Serdyukov ran the departmen
t store walls. By the way, the store was known not only in Leningrad, and throughout the Soviet Union — to get scarce, besides imported furniture at that time was very difficult. In general, "Dresden" worked for a short time, and after the reunification of Germany ceased to exist.

But Serdyukov, apparently so enjoyed working in the furniture business that right up to 2000, he served as CEO of JSC "Furniture Market". At the end of the 90 Serdyukov did the correspondence department of St. Petersburg State University Law Faculty, where he met today with his own wife, the daughter of Viktor Zubkov (now first deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation). From that moment, then a career Anatoly Serdyukov and went up the mountain:

2001 — Managing the Tax Inspectorate of St. Petersburg
2004 — Managing the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation
2007 — minister Defense

That's right, thanks to his marriage to the daughter of a bureaucrat close to Vladimir Putin, from the usual "furniture maker" Anatoly Serdyukov reincarnated as defense minister naikrupneyshey country in the world.

Information taken from the book "Dirty Linen of the Kremlin", "Yauza-press", Moscow, March 2011

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