The results of 2010 (Part I)

The main result of 2010 can be considered the event that the ongoing military reform in Russia realized the same fate as all the other reforms shortly. The implementation of reforms has been the minister of defense once the commander in chief seems to delve into the essence of what is happening, he is passionate photo or can be considered. that he is not competent in military matters and commissioned work true "specialist collapse of the army," which became a notorious figure A. Serdyukov. It seems that there were no major activities of the Minister in this regard it really boils down to a "reduction in staff and an increase in the content of the currency."

Although the military in 2010 was remembered in the main scandals in the department Serdyukov in which he appeared in the title role, a bad test, "Bula" buy "Mistral", corruption scandals, where the same without them, though reform is, there are even some positive results, and can even take stock of what we want to do, stopping at every Fri carefully.

The main military-political results of 2010.

1.In the first place certainly is a contract START-3.

The US-Russian Contract on Strategic Offensive Arms, global event.

START-3 contract was signed by Russian and U.S. presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama in April 2010, in Prague. Now he had already been ratified by the U.S. Senate, it's our turn, that it will be approved and signed does not cause nor any hesitation.

According to the newcomer Treaty, seven years after its entry into force in its entirety, the United States and our homeland must have:

— less than 700 deployed strategic delivery vehicles, ie intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), submarine launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), and strategic bombers;

— less than 800 deployed and non-deployed launchers of ICBMs and SLBMs;

— less than 1,550 warheads on deployed strategic delivery vehicles.

According to the views of the vast majority of military professionals and analysts of the contract absolutely in the interests of the United States, but as not Russia.

As of mid-2010 Our homeland possessed 566 carriers that are less than the number prescribed in the contract and 1,741 warheads, just only 12% more than the control level, is not a disarmament, but rather rearmament.

According to those same professionals by 2017, if all goes according to plan, Our homeland is about to have just such a number of missiles with which the state anti-missile defense system (NMD), the U.S. will be able to cope without the extra boost.

In fact, the START-3 can result in the latest arms race that for the Russian military-industrial complex could be tortured reform a daunting task, and the continued backlog of U.S. military industrial complex provided to him for sure.

But with all this there is also another way of contract START-3, the path of building up cooperation in the nuclear field and in the neighboring areas of security. For example, joint activities on the example 2-massive powers in the field of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons in the world, involving all nuclear powers in the process of reducing strategic weapons, which for example in the burning issues of North Korea and Iran.

In general we can say that it is not a good or give a positive evaluation of the agreement will be possible only with time.

2. Russian Government decided to increase the amount of funding
state armaments program for 2011-2020 in the half.

It was decided to increment the amount of funds allocated for 7 trillion rubles, after that he began to make 20 trillion rubles, instead of the previously planned 13, to 2 trillion rubles per year.

The decision will be executed as it were with a suspended sentence, according to the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexei Kudrin major spending by the state program of armaments will be made after 2011, on the 2011 configuration in the federal budget for the Defense section will not be made.

A means according to the values laid by the army needed the air.

The first value is the strategic deterrent forces external hazards, including missile defense and aerospace defense, strategic nuclear forces (land, sea and air) system and missile warning. In second place are the different types of high-precision weapons, using information provision from space and other intelligence and information technology. The third place is occupied — ACS (automated systems of command and control) of all the species that according to General Vladimir Popovkin, deputy defense minister planned to tie into the overall control, with the forthcoming upgrade to the appropriate areas of development.

General V. Popovkin

In addition to these core values of the military reform has provided a range of values of the overall development of the army. According to all of the same Popovkina for million-man army, in principle have sufficient funds transfer operations personnel. First, military transport aircraft, for these purposes is scheduled to resume the creation of AN-124 "Ruslan", the purchase of 20 of these aircraft in the period from 2011 to 2020 is planned state program of armaments. Also in 2011, work will continue on the aircraft Il-112, Il-476, Il-76MD modernized and joint Russian-Ukrainian transport plane An-70. Combat and transport helicopters also will not go away, the Mi-26 is also caught in the procurement plan will be purchased from the military in 2012. From 2013 to 2015, to purchase 10 fighter jets fifth-generation T-50 (PAK FA), another 60 of these machines is planned purchase beginning in 2016. Also in the procurement plan comes already coming into service in the army combat training aircraft Yak-130.

AN-124 "Ruslan"




T-50 (PAK FA)

combat training aircraft Yak-130

Since 2010 began financing the purchase 60 fighters Su-35/Su-30/Su-27 (under contract in 2009 — at $ 80 billion. Rub.), 32 Su-34 bombers (the contract in 2008, one machine was worth more then 1 1 billion. rub.) and 26 naval MiG-29K (more than $ 25 billion., the agreement has not been signed.)



bomber Su-34

naval MiG-29K

Enough overhead applets are planned for the fleet is planned to build at least two new nuclear submarines, Project 885 and 955 (and the missile "Bulava" for the latter), to update the Black Sea Fleet by 3 Project 11356M frigates and the same amount of diesel submarines project 636. All this will cost quite imposing amount of several hundred billion. Give an accurate estimate is unrealistic, because of the secrecy of the price of strategic weapons.

Project 885

Project 955

Frigate Project 11356M

diesel submarine of Project 636

These are excellent plans announced Deputy Minister of Defense, General Vladimir Popovkin.

There is a reasonable question, and the Russian defense industry will cope if (the military-industrial complex) set before them excellent puzzles. According to all available data is not.

On the website of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation located data clearly show that in the military-industrial complex of the increase in production volumes civilian mission in January-December 2009 was observed only in the shipbuilding industry. In other areas of the complex indicated the decline in production. In January-December 2009 were delivered to customers 48 aircraft, 14 of their medium-and long-haul (TU-204 — 4 units., TU-214 — 3 units., Il-96-300 — 1 unit., IL-96- 400 — 1 unit., An-140 — 1 unit., An-148 — 2 pcs., the Be-200 — 2 pcs.) and 141 helicopter (Mi-17-1V — 7 units., Mi-17-B5 — 41 pcs., Mi-8MTV1 — 14., Mi-8MTV5-1 — 9 units., Mi-26T — 1 unit., Mi-172 — 2 units., Ansant-U — 6 units., Mi-171 — 57 u, Ka-226 — 4 units).

Decreased production of aircraft engines: auxiliary gas turbine engines, turboprop engines for aircraft and helicopters, to the main aircraft. The industry production volume of conventional arms civilian mission declined by 46.4%, which is justified by a decrease in the production of civilian products at a number of companies in the industry. The increase in production civilian production was observed only at 11 enterprises of the industry. In the industry of ammunition and special chemicals in 2009, the creation of civilian products decreased by 28.2% compared with 2008. In 2010 the volume of industrial products produced by enterprises of the defense-industrial complex in the first half of 2010, according to the operational disk imaging, increased by 14.1% from the same period in 2009. But this is only the export value.

Creation of aircraft increased by 6.7%. Produced two light passenger aircraft An-148. During January-June 2010 produced 54 units of helicopters from their 31 units for export (Mi-17-1V — 2 units (all for export), Mi-17-B5 — 22 units. (All for export); Mi-171 — 5 pcs. (all for export);-8AMT — 21 pcs., Mi-8AMT1 — 1 unit., Ka-32 — 2 units. (all for export), Ka-226.50 — 1 unit.). But not all 24 helicopters will enter the Russian side. In Ulan-Ude AZ as before the contract is with the airline UTair for delivery within 3 years of the Mi-40 and Mi-8AMT 171, which was announced on February 21, 2008. UTair delivery started in October of the same year, and on this day the company has already received 23 helicopter. Deliveries of the remaining 17 cars scheduled to finish by the end of 2010. These are e as well as not hard to see was characterized in the main only export dynamics.

But the data on our military orders left much to be desired. Ulan Udi AZ Air Force was ordered 47 production helicopters Mi-28N which should go to combat units in the coming couple of years. In 2009, the company has made and passed the Russian Air Force 10 series helicopter Mi-28N. With all of this overall needs of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the Mi-28N is estimated at about three hundreds of cars at this rate, by 2020, will hardly meet.

So according to the Industry and Trade Ministry of the Russian Federation is listed, that in August 2010 the Air Force and Air Defense Forces have not received a 1st helicopter. In the 2009 data refers to the issue on "Rostvertol" 2-languid transport helicopter Mi-26T, although fairly clear about only one Mi-26TS made in Rostov-on-Don in the last year in July and delivered to the customer from China.

Coupled with the fact the sample Russian defense industry to please military's plans led to a decline in the production of agricultural machinery and equipment, chemical products production, electric motors, construction and municipal equipment road. Reduced repair of aviation equipment and services to civilian aircraft.

The proposed structure of the Ministry of Defence neobmyslennaya procurement was losing money on its own essence, the result is sad, the CMO is bursting at the seams.

3.Ocherednoe perceptible military event in 2010, a public relations company strategic exercises "Vostok-2010".

Excellent strategic exercises "Vostok-2010" was planned as a screening, as part of ongoing reform. For a role in a PR firm of the military-army action had attracted more than 200 journalists, with virtually all regions of the Russian Federation, which were designed to illuminate the teachings of the media disk imaging. Clip Available lay in the fact that at the beginning of something in the features of the new show was not planned, the standard teaching, the same as 10 20 30 years ago. But on the idea of creators, gullible journalists and even more gullible viewers, readers and listeners had to hit the range and power of the action is happening.

Almost by order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation were alerted by the permanent readiness units. In Purva (Volga-Urals Military District) — Simferopol twice ordenonosnogo motorized infantry brigade. In the Siberian Military surrounded by armored brigade and the 74th Separate Motorized Rifle Guards of Zvenigorod-Berlin Order Suvorov Brigade, stationed in the town Jurga in Kuzbass. In the Far East have raised the alarm several missile and artillery brigades, two separate motorized rifle brigade, Machine Gun — Artillery Brigade, 247 th base of the Red Banner storage and repair of weapons and equipment brigade. Of the Air Force and Air Defence — Air Base Military Transport Aviation (VTA), two anti-aircraft missile brigade of army air defense and anti-aircraft missile regiment of S-300 Siberian Air Force and Air Defense Association, a part of air force third of the Air Force and Air Defense. From the Navy — the Black Sea Fleet guided-missile cruiser "Moskva". From the Red Banner Northern Fleet (NF) heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser (TARKR) "Peter the Great» («Petr Velikiy») and Marine units. From the Baltic Fleet landing — assault companies Battalion Marine Brigade. Two of the Pacific Fleet anti-submarine, two BCP supply vessels and marine brigade stationed in Primorye.

From the Ministry of Internal Affairs — Special Forces of the Siberian regional command of Russian Interior Ministry troops (up to a company) of the city
police Jurga 14 city employees of the Interior Ministry.

According to the plan in the exercises "Vostok-2010" took part about 20 thousand soldiers to 2.5 thousand units of equipment (including military and special equipment), up to 70 aircraft, 30 ships. In the airspace in the theater were involved strategic bombers Tu-95MS and Tu-22MZ, tanker aircraft Il-78 military transport aircraft Il-76 and An-12 aircraft radar remote A-50, "Su -25, Su-24, MiG-31, Su-34, Su-27, and Mi-24, Mi-8.

Specifically, took part in the exercises: From the Siberian Military District participated motorized infantry and armored brigade (10 thousand personnel and equipment 1.5 thousand), from Purva battalion task force and the task force control of motorized infantry brigade (about 600 troops) from DolVO — missile and artillery Brigade, two separate motorized rifle brigade, machine gun — Artillery Brigade, the base storage and repair of weapons and equipment brigade.

From the Air Force and Air Defense Forces detachment Il-76MD military transport airbase Aviation (VTA), two anti-aircraft battalion of army air defense and two anti-aircraft division at the C-300 Siberian association Force and Air Defense. From the Pacific Fleet of 88 ships participated to 30 warships, including two large anti-submarine ship "Admiral Tributs" and "Admiral Vinogradov" BDK (large landing ship) "Osljabja" and BDK "Nikolai fork", support vessels, and more than 20 aircraft Helicopters and naval aviation. From the Northern Fleet's heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser "Peter the Great", a marine unit of the Northern Fleet. From the Black Sea Fleet, one guided-missile cruiser "Moskva". From the Baltic Fleet landing — assault company of the battalion brigade of marines. Gallakticheskoy troops from two anti-aircraft battalion, stationed in Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. Troops from the railway — bridge construction company, with boost.

All the action took place on the teachings Yurginsky range (Kuzbass), at the district landfill "Three Rivers" (Amur region), landfills Tsugol in the Trans-Baikal region and on the range-Prince Volkonskiy (Khabarovsk Territory), at the site Burdun (Buryatia), at the district Sergeevskaya Training Ground for troop training ground Peninsula clerk all of this action was of an epic title "Battle of Telemba." Yes, do not say anything, big, amazing, but only malosveduschih people, military experts at not spotted in this battle no strategic and operational scale

By conducting a strategic scale military exercises equated: Motorized Rifle Brigade, the Siberian Military District (200 pieces of equipment Ido 1,500 personnel.) Motorized Infantry Brigade Dal BO (5,000 servicemen, more than 200 pieces of military equipment), mechanized infantry battalion task force teams Purva (about 600 military personnel.), part infantry brigade, thrown to the peninsula Iturup (1,500 troops and 200 military units of special equipment).

To equate the operational scale: one surface-to-air defense missile battalion of troops of the Siberian Military neighborhood, two anti-aircraft battalion brigade aerospace defense — stationed in Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. A compound of the operational fleet were two BOD, air assault battalion of naval infantry brigades Pacific Fleet.

By strategic assault force equated paratroop company, Ussuri Airborne Brigade.

According to its own essence OSU (operational-strategic exercise) "East 2010" — were CPX (Command Post Exercise), live-fire brigades, battalions and designated enemy.

In the first step exercises squad Il-76MD made the carriage of a battalion tactical groups and Operational Control Brigade and immediately became clear that these teachings, one more window dressing, because all that was carrying a detachment of aircraft could carry one Ruslan. It is unlikely that the chief of the General Staff and the commanders of the districts, headed by the Minister of Defense received a decent practice management of strategic redeployment of troops by throwing 600 troops who would fit in a single plane. Even taking into account the fact that the army of the Russian Federation at the request of the organizers of the exercise "for the first time in many years, worked" inter-theater movement of troops constant readiness, the usefulness of this transfer seems very, very strange.

As mentioned above, these exercises were organized to produce memory per person ignorant of military matters, for example on the Supreme Commander, the photographer or the Secretary of Defense, received a popular nickname taburetochnik. In humans, these exercises will cause the military in the best case, a smirk, he immediately becomes clear that this "toy battle" with a spectacular landing on Preserving the Marine Corps, was played with a maximum battalion of marines, and besides, according to the standards of 20-30 years old, specifically to look at it arrived journalists and officials.

As any media impressive and unobtrusively covered by more than the winning elements of the "battle", military campaigns, tactical missile launches.

Russian President had to show "the-horizon assault landing", but this is a different background exercises. The Ministry of Defence should and should show the Supreme Commander landing assault echelons of the marine units by — hovercraft, using languid troop-carrying helicopters, beyond the detection range of shore-based observation posts and reach firepower antilanding defense (30-50 miles from coast). But to the chagrin of the Pacific Fleet no hovercraft, and troop-carrying helicopters to deliver lightweight technology is no more so. In the light of the then decide the question of buying from the French helicopter carrier "Mistral", there is another reasonable question why take it at all? If the General Staff is not able to show the Supreme Commander of the principles of conduct "Mistral" by dropping.

Naturally becomes the fact that dropping airborne and amphibious forces general staff tried to "fill holes" in the general theory of modern warfare. Because on the views of the majority of the leading military professionals in the West and Russia in the first half of the XXI century. in fact there are no military threats on a global scale, for which the necessary role of hundreds of thousands of armored vehicles (tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, armored reconnaissance vehicles, self-propelled guns) and other extremely heavy machinery. It is understood that the main danger to world stability in the main likely in coastal areas to a depth of 200-300 km from the coast. In these areas, home to approximately 60% of the total population of the world society. Brigade, battalion task force infantry, airborne — assault battalions of marine brigades, anti-aircraft missile battalions, airborne company, bridge building company train troops — have never been of any strategic or operational elements in the military operations.

4.Po the results of exercises Vostok-2010 "instead of the six military districts and four fleets flotilla were made four united strategic commands (OSK).

Despite its abstruseness and ostentatious conducted operational-strategic exercises "Vostok 2010" all the same, and had positive results.

For the first time were used in the new standards of military equipment such as car spray masking and masking foam coating languid flamethrower system, incorrect crossing the latest generation of electric means of fighting conventional enemy intelligence. For the first time were used inflatable models S-300 reflecting the radio. The first time was held separate radar relocation companies from Komsomolsk-on-Amur near Khabarovsk, also with the introduction of pieces of masking. The first time the battalion task force and operational management group separate motorized rifle brigade PUrVO became part of the Far Eas
tern Military Area after the airlift without the heavy equipment and weapons, and have received all necessary on the spot, based on the storage and repair of weapons and equipment. For the first time in practice was used automatic control system (ACS) troops and forces.

Immediately after carrying out exercises "Vostok 2010" Decree of the President of the Russian Federation have been introduced in the transformation of the expected actions of the military districts. Instead of the existing six military districts and four fleets flotilla will be created four USC (unified strategic commands).

USC "centrum", with headquarters in Yekaterinburg, it will be composed Northern Fleet, part of the Siberian and Volga-Urals regions.

USC "South", with headquarters in Rostov-on-Don, which will include the Black Sea Fleet, the Caspian Flotilla, North Caucasian and part of the Volga-Urals Military neighborhood.

USC 'West', with headquarters in St. Petersburg will include Leningrad, Peking military neighborhood and the Baltic Fleet

USC's "East", with its headquarters in Khabarovsk sostavvyat Eastern District, part of the Siberian neighborhood and the Pacific Fleet

The headquarters of the USC, virtually all remain in their own place in the towns of the district headquarters where they were, except for Chita to Khabarovsk will be moved closer to the sea and Moscow, which is scheduled to unload from the management in general.

From the new, which was on the teachings of "Vostok-2010" and what I would like to mention. Troop Il-76MD made the way to 5,905 km from the airport Koltsovo airport Vozdviz under the Ussuri to design cruise speed for ten hours of flight, however, with a stop for refueling at a military airfield near Irkutsk Snow White. From the central part of the Russian Federation in the area of the exercises "Vostok-2010" was carried out non-stop eight-hour flight from the 2-3 refueling in the air 26 frontline bombers Su-24 fighter jets and advanced functionality of the Su-34. These aircraft, breaking a total of more than 8 thousand difficulties km, made a nonstop flight to the airfield near Voronezh registry with 3 in-flight refueling of aircraft IL-78 tankers. Flight time was 6 hours and 55 minutes. Russian planes and helicopters burned 1,026 tons of aviation fuel. was performed 167 operations on different aircraft with a total of 256 hours of the raid. consumption missiles was 223 pieces (four of them managed), took off 88 bombs. According to air attack hit ratio was 98%.

Another of the innovations on the teachings of "Vostok-2010" were "issues of interaction and bringing solutions to combat acts way video conferencing." This is another obvious stupidity malosveduschih in the organization of interaction. Perhaps the only thing that is not easily technique — an organization of interaction. Bringing solutions to combat acts can be sounded way video conferencing. Issues of interaction for the coming of either the defense entirely prepared on the layout area. With all of this must be specific combatants. For the organization of the coming, defense, defense antilanding must be communicators, scouts, motorized infantry, tankers, gunners, pilots, navigators, Special Corps of Engineers, logistics, maintenance, border and internal troops. I assume that bring solutions to combat acts may be "a method of video conferencing," and the organization of interaction is needed to "honorable a tick in the report" about the innovation.

In general, the findings are disappointing again.

The reforms carried out by the Minister of Defence and Chief of the General Staff of the OSU without modern technology (in the military providing the latest technology from 10 to 15%), stupid and worthless for the defense of. In today's exercise formations and military units of the army, air force and navy are the PES in recent organizational structure. The introduction of the three-tier system of command and control in modern military conflicts on the territory of the Russian Federation and exercises "Vostok 2010" gave no clarity. The drama most of the bordering countries has modern armies and divisions (the U.S., Japan, China), and only the Russian army aggressively promotes non-life for the RF operational-strategic command. None of the military really have not talked to him, that all the same it is. The smallness of the dream can come for example to that version, some of the coming administration environment or defense minister wrote his doctoral thesis on Operational Strategic Command (USC), and this innovation stubbornly embedded in the Russian army. Almost USC — Army brigade. Such a structure has its advantages during combat operations in the mountains, winning in mobility and maneuverability, to the detriment of firepower. But the defense (including the coast) and the coming of the active firepower has more crucial than maneuverability.

Officers of one of the infantry brigades, which took part in the exercises, expostulated: a new staffing patterns, sent in troops at the end of 2008, the number of officers and support services is very low. Because of this, some of the forces brigade, for example air defense systems, the physical layer is not able to reach the site. Already in August, the troops are waiting for new states brigades, but strolling rumors that their officers will be even less. In the mechanized infantry brigade of their number will be reduced from approximately 200 to 100 people, which greatly complicate the situation.

Until now, the army is not equipped with portable and fixed receivers of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS). A team does not have a proper disposal unit of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which would monitor the battlefield on the whole of reach of enemy weapons, helping to anticipate its subsequent maneuver.

The experience of the war in the Caucasus in 2008 was not taken into account. Teachings again confirmed that the inclusion of aviation in the Army Air Force and Air Defense was wrong. Positions of Army aviation brigades in the area and have not been restored. At the same time, the Army Aviation left in gallakticheskih troops, missile troops strategic focus in the MVD, FSB. The same is true in the armies of other countries. As part of NATO ground troops over 2,470 combat helicopters, each of the U.S. Army Corps of more than 800, of which up to 350 drums in Division 100 — 150 helicopters.

Available reconnaissance, communications, control is not transferred from analog to digital. It is not clear that this will happen in 2015, as a military plan, and that to the same time will be created by the combined system of the Armed Forces. In the U.S. Army transfer to digital technology began in 1987. In Israel, the army spetsy developed applets transfer of troops to the digital communications base in 2005, it has already been used in some parts of Israel in 2006 during the second Lebanon war in 2009 in the battle against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Information is also in doubt voiced Commander of Land Forces Alexander Postnikov that the teams at half the exercises consisted of conscripts designed one two months back, allegedly they were "two months is quite obsessed with excellent practical skills and their weapons,"

More like another version of the truth that the commanders in the Far East, was detained in the army soldier who already have served one year. They found 23% of those who took part in the exercises "Vostok-2010". Training of pilots and ship structure are planned now respectively on annual and biennial cycle of learning. Planned increase in single time and specialized training.

5.Also to the results of the past 2010 include the reasonable assumption that the Defence Minister and Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, are in fact the sub-department of the Presidential Administration. As a justification of thi
s claim comes from the reasons that the Russian Minister painstakingly saves in the main budget where not necessary, and the chief of staff is preparing for the provision of the generals of the Presidential Administration.

If we talk about the budget, it may be noted that not all allocated to the defense budget of the money used in the appropriate order. For example, retired veterans of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is one of the lowest pensions in Russia. In 40% of veterans of military pension does not even reach the subsistence level, which is the result of a reduction of pension expenditure by the Ministry of Defense. Also, the War Department, headed by Serdyukov zealously protects the budget by reducing the officer corps, respectively, reducing the cost of allowances and salaries.

Chief of the General Staff of a stir in 2010 by another field, in the field of education and training of staff officers of the Army General Staff Academy (AGSH). Makarov was made subsequent proposal for a training course which lasts two years. In my first year at the suggestion of Makarov 80% of class time should be given for the study of military disciplines at the strategic and operational level to the next qualified management of strategic groups and military forces as a whole. As if everything is correct, as it should be, as it should, but then, as they say, "Ostap suffered," the remaining 20% of the time teaching the first course and second course should be completely devoted to the study of sciences and disciplines that will enable graduates to work skilfully in the Government, the Administration of the President, and even the governor's office. To say the least weird enough offer, who is going to cook Makarov is not clear, but certainly not the generals for the troops. That is now a military training!

Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Makarov

Academy of the General Staff

6.Ponizhenie level of military command (first strategic level) — a major component of the army system. Another sad result of 2010 the typical justification for cuts and reforms carried out in the framework of the reform.

Under this definition is meant lowering the officers and staff categories, the occurrence of these structures in the management of senior lieutenants, captains, majors, as the inevitable result of a significant drop in the qualification. Due to this lower level people leave, the master of your own business, having a great experience, the best military personnel, the elite. Someone out myself, but most of the leaves because of the inability to work in a specially made within the working public can not escape self-respecting person is simply unrealistic. Certainly result in the lowering of such reform, so after 5 years reformers do not backfire well.

7.Chastichnaya transfer functions MIA Emergency FSB and the FSB Border Service army units.

In 2010, we conducted fairly weird doctrine. According to the scenario of the exercise of the army under the control of motorized infantry brigade commander had to take a particular role in a joint operation by the Federal Security Service and Interior Ministry Emergency FSB Border Service in the containment and elimination of internal armed conflict, as part of the security operation to restore constitutional order in the terrain of the Siberian Federal neighborhood! Before the army units in the ongoing OSU were delivered uncharacteristic for their tasks to provide universal care units of the MVD, FSB and other internal forces. As is apparent defeat gangs never went into the army functions, these functions have always been the prerogative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Security Service and Interior Troops. Purpose of the army fighting the enemy outside.

The question arises: Army uniform starts doing gendarme functions?

Hence, again imposed a disappointing conclusion, the Government is afraid of their own people more than NATO, terrorists and all other possible enemies of the Russian Federation combined. Fall into place and the reduction coming in the Army as part of the reforms that threaten to reincarnate the number of troops of the army of a banana republic, and the bloated Ministry of Internal Affairs, and building an arsenal of internal troops, and the sale of army facilities "under the hammer", and run the police eprestanny through the hot point.

Second scenario foresaw the joint actions of the army and Ministry of Emergency Situations in the aftermath of man-made disasters and emergencies.

In a third scenario, the Pacific Fleet ships had to keep the interaction with the regional border guard department of the FSB Russia. It was assumed that the ships of the Pacific Fleet will assist border guards to catch poachers, pirates and help protect the maritime borders of our country. Apparently for the Pacific Fleet worthy of combat missions was not, so they decided to let the pursuers while poachers.

8. In the army, stuck a new concept of "outsourcing".

Outsourcing (from the English. Outsourcing: (outer-source-using) the introduction of an external source / resource) — the transfer of the organization on the basis of the contract of specific business processes or business functions to other service company specializing in the respective area. In contrast to the services of service and support with a one-time, occasional, incidental nature and limited the beginning and end, is usually transmitted by outsourcing functions to support Prof. trouble-free operation of individual systems and infrastructure based on a long contract (over 1 year). Availability of business process outsourcing is a hallmark of various other forms of service delivery and customer care.

— Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Put simply "outsourcing" — is the introduction of foreign resources, this concept is stuck in the army and in the framework of the reform, so called humanization.

It is clearer still, the term can be explained as, the soldiers no longer peeling potatoes and swept parade ground — do it for their master. For such humanism MO pays a lot of money and do all the washing nursing fighter civilian organizations.

Sounds like another scam in the spirit already on edge nabivshih corruption cuts.

9. In the Army introduced brand new form of well-known fashion designer Yudashkin.

The famous fashion designer for sure, and is known only to that at the request of the Supreme Commander sewed a soldier's uniform meets all the requirements of the highest fashion, but, as it turns out poorly adapted to the terrible soldier's life. The main features of the newest forms are changing the location of shoulder straps, left shoulder strap with shoulder sleeve has moved on a bit above the elbow, right hand was on his chest to hide from sniper fire.

In November 2010, more than 200 recruits have appreciated all the beauty of the newest form of people who come to the army of the world's highest fashion, thanks to her they got to the clinic with a diagnosis of hypothermia. PE occurred in the Kuzbass 10s people were hospitalized with hypothermia strong, with some of their kidney failure.

The premise of this incident was the brand new form, as it turns out badly withstand low winter temperatures. After that incident, some military lea
ders have brought the proposal to return to the less luxurious, but more convenient and better adapted to the harsh form of an old soldier weekdays.

10. Another sad result, faster even than the result, but a statement of fact: the reformed army is not ready to fight the fires.

How to clear the summer of 2010 in Russia dawned hot. And Central European Russia was burning in the literal sense of the word, the town was choked by the smoke of fires. Great hopes were pinned to extinguish fires on the Russian army. But, as it turns out to no avail, and in this area was the successful reform, after which virtually everything that could offer the Russian army to assist in fire-fighting population is students with shovels.

Prior to today's reforms in each division in a separate Battalion were machinery entanglements, languid technique on the tank base station for water production. No divisions, and together with them, and all the rest. Upon liquidation Engineering Academy. Kuibyshev reduced vododobychi Department. It fires just after Chertovskikh to return.

The armed forces of the Soviet Union there were 18 teams pipeline capable to deploy the day 120 km pipeline with a diameter of 100 and 150 mm. In parts of the civilian defense kits were piping up to 15 km. For fire fighting aircraft were bombing, used cars razgrazhdeniya, installation for laying passages in minefields. But the pipeline brigade now disbanded. Only the military brigade of the Metropolitan Area was able to stretch the yarn at 10 km.

What kind of help can we talk about population when the military itself and all blazes burning blue flame. July 29, 2010. The fire destroyed the airbase (TSATB). The first decision of the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov to hide ill-considered decision on the full reduction of non-departmental teams. Interestingly, the part of the Ministry of Defense were initially absurd statement that there is no near Kolomna naval base, and this area is only a military unit. "There is no naval air base in the Kolomna district of Moscow region not. Especially since the information about the fire winding up of more than 200 aircraft worth 20 billion dollars. RUB is fiction and does not correspond to reality. In fact, the 2512 Central aircraft maintenance base (TSATB) naval aviation of the Russian Navy is on the outskirts of the town of Kolomna (district Shurovo). The base is created for storage and handling of aircraft, Hydrographic and Navigation equipment coming from industrial companies, aircraft maintenance units, military schools and repair companies Navy. Fire at a secret facility could have been avoided. But as it turns out to secure facilities of their own fire brigades were not — they reduced only recently. Fight fire came just two calculations of the adjacent parts. Scorched base of naval aviation had its own fire department and could not put out the fire on their own. Although previously had their own fire department. If you show up somewhere near fire, fire engines immediately went ahead and put out a fire. Firefighters were reduced, and reduced the division of private fire protection. Of the 60 officers of the military unit left only 4! It is clear that the base commander could not reduce the fire department, without the approval of the Commander in Chief of the Navy Vladimir Vysotsky. The Commander in Chief, in turn, did the defense minister's order to reduce the non-departmental fire brigades.

According to the results of debriefing the President made the decision to dismiss the head of staff of the Navy admirals, taburetochnik as usual came out unscathed. Also in the army, namely in the engineering troops, there are discussions about the unfair treatment to the chief engineer troops arrived — Ural neighborhood and the army chief of engineering services as clear discharged from his post after the catastrophic events in Ulyanovsk. Apparently, the Supreme Commander did not know that the explosion in the naval arsenal in Ulyanovka, the main culprit is the actions of the naval authorities. Especially since the Navy arsenal was funded and transferred the business. Imagine — Navy arsenal — corporatized? Head of the Engineering Corps, Army Chief of Engineers, did not have anyone in the events of the case. Corruption and business communication, stronger work relationships.

11. Absolutely, enrollment of students in higher military institutions.

The intention of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to stop the training of officers, it became clear at the end of June 2010. In the process of the reform of nearly 70 military schools will be created 10 military and scientific centers.

According to statements made by the representatives of MoD manufactured the decision was justified by the desire to maintain the current officer corps.

"We now need to focus on maintaining the existing officer corps, bearing in mind that the issues and 2011, and 2012, and 2013 will be bolshennymi — under 15 thousand lieutenants every year," — commented the decision as Secretary of State, Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov .

According to the Deputy Chief of Staff head of the Armed Forces of Tamara Fraltsovoy, this decision is due to an excess of officers and lack of officer positions in the Armed Forces.

As you can see a significant decrease in property officer training bureaucrats have forgotten to mention the military department or likely at all, and did not want to touch upon this topic ailing.

But still, one of the main reasons for lowering properties of officer training was premature dismissal from military service teachers with graduate degrees, on a scale far exceeding their production of postgraduate and doctoral military. At the outflow of military schools and military training of teachers of young scientists are affected not once held the organizational and staffing activities are also imperfect measures of moral and material incentives of teaching and research work.

In the four years (2008 to 2012) broken continuous process of training of military education. Because most of the military professors and Ph.D. candidates are gone. Educational facilities is in a state of neglect. Rank teaching: the school captain at the academy major.

For a year the two idle military institutions of higher education do not have to recruit students and faculty.

Maybe this is the solution then somehow justify themselves, but you have to think where to go at the moment the young people who were about to enter the military universities that will be with the faculty (well them, year after messing funds will pay? ) who will support the material and technical base.

These are the main results of the military-industrial left the Russian army who went down in history in 2010.

But apart from that for the year 2010 in the military sector of the Russian Federation came in addition, many other important events, which would also like to focus.

Continued — Part II

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