The results of 2011 in pictures: Air Force — Part 2

Continue talking about the results of the past 2011 for the Russian Air Force. In addition to the production of new aircraft, in the past year has been continued modernization combat aircraft.
At the moment, carried out three applets "burst" of modernization —
fighter-interceptor MiG-31, Su-25, is also a distant radar detection aircraft A-50.


1. Fighter-interceptor MiG-31BM. Carried NAZ "Sokol" (Nizhny Novgorod)

Modernization carried on long-term contracts with the Ministry of Defence since 2006. The first pair of upgraded MiG-31BM transferred to the pulp and paper industry and the Lipetsk branch of the PLC in the spring of 2008, and from 2009 began to supply "standard modernized" interceptors in Air Force combat units.

Data on the number of upgraded in 2011, the MiG-31BM in the public domain has not been reported. Clearly the ability to upgrade fighter ARZ 514-m in the town of Rzhev, and the continuation of work on the subsequent step of the modernization of MiG-31, providing for the upcoming improvements weapons control system and adapt to new aircraft weapons.

2. Attack plane Sou-25SM. Performed 121 ARZ (Kubinka).

The program of modernization of the Su-25 and Su-25SM level began in 2006, only to top 2011 , the 121st RHA in Kubinka handed Air Force combat units of about 40 upgraded ground attack. Data on the number of upgraded in 2011, the Su-25SM publicly available. It is understood that last year the factory began to modernize "sparok" Su-25UBM.

3. Plane A distant radar-50U.
Beriev Aircraft Company produces. GM Beriev (Taganrog).

October 31, 2011 Beriev Aircraft Company. GM Russian Air Force Beriev passed the first mass-produced aircraft upgraded distant radar detection A-50U. Plane (w / o 47 'red') adopted the Air Force and the crew made a flight from Taganrog to a place of their own based on the constant airport Ivanovo North.

According to the official press release, the main focus of the upgrade is made to move to the newest element base-board radio complex. Radically modernized jobs tactical crew members. Instead of old times the hardware counters on the basis of cathode ray tubes A-50U with universal means of display of disk imaging-based monitors with liquid crystal display. The aircraft is a new communications system. In addition, unlike the reference plane, the A-50U has a common room for the crew, a buffet with household equipment and a toilet.

Right behind the first car Beriev Aircraft Company. GM Beriev started upgrading the subsequent combatant aircraft A-50. Under the current plan, the second A-50U to be transferred to the Air Force in 2012


In addition to upgrading, lasted in 2011 and work on the overhaul and refurbishment of aircraft Air Force operated aircraft repair plant (ARP) and the respective manufacturers.

So, Beriev Aircraft Company. GM Beriev December 23 passed the Naval Aviation far antisubmarine plane Tu-142MZ (w / o 56 'red')

and December 27 Distant aviation bomber Tu-95MS (w / o 62 'red')

Several Il-76MD returned in the military transport aircraft the Air Force 123 Aircraft Repair Plant in the town of Ancient Russ:

In order BTA also came back 2 of the An-124-100 "Ruslan» (RA-82014 and RA-82039), the last overhaul and refurbishment on "Aviastar-SP" in Ulyanovsk.

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