The results of 2011 in pictures: Air Force — Part 3

In the third part of my photographic we will focus on helicopters.

Due to a "closed" information policy of holding "Helicopters of Russia", which is far not always rushing to entertain their successes of production, in particular with regard to supply of transport helicopters, please do not take the numbers indicated in the survey, as final.
Quick, before it a draft, which will be supplemented as more disk imaging.
Usually, a good article on the results of the Russian helicopter last year, publishes the magazine "Rise." But, according to tradition, it is only in May. So look for updates!

Attack helicopters

1. Attack helicopter Mi-28N. Manufacturer — "Rostvertol" (Rostov-on-Don).
2011 — 12 units (2010 — 11 pcs, 2009 — 13 pcs.)

In 2011, in Rostov-on-Don was made 12 series helicopter Mi-28N,
10 of which were delivered to the Air Force with 2 batches:

1 st — 4 pcs (b / n 09, 10, 11, 12, "yellow")
In July, the Center received training and retraining of pilots of army aviation in Torzhok. Initially, the machine designed for the 393rd Air Base Korenovsk board room and had a reddish color (see photo above), after the reassignment torzhka color of the numbers was changed to yellow (see photo below).

2 nd — 6 pcs (b / n 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 "yellow")
Helicopters transferred to the Air Force Oct. 8, 2011, and entered the pulp and paper industry and PLC in Torzhok. Since the helicopter w / o 47 new production aircraft began to receive a sample grayish coloring.

Until the end of 2011 on the "Rostvertol" were made 2 more helicopters, but the transfer of the Air Force will be held later this year.

2. Multi-purpose helicopter Ka-52. Manufacturer — OJSC "Arsenyev Aviation Company" Progress ". NI Sazykina "(Arsenyev, Primorye).
2011 — 12 units (2010 — 4 pcs, 2009 — 3 pcs.)

In 2011, in Arsenyev were made 12 series helicopter Ka-52, according to the magazine, "The Rise» (№ 10/2011) May 8 of them were delivered to the air base Chernigovka in Primorsky Krai. Until the end of the year were released 4 more helicopters, which according to the magazine, "The Rise» (№ 12/2011) has already been installed radar complexes "Crossbow" (the first production aircraft it had not).
Helicopters were to be transferred to the Air Force in December, the information will be clarified.

Due to the lack of high-quality photos of Far Ka-52 production in 2011
used as an illustration of the first photos of production cars, the BBC
in December 2010.

In the photo: Ka-52 at MAKS-2011, August 19 2011, Zhukovsky.

Second fundamental news related to the Ka-52, together with the start of delivery of the first production helicopters to combat units are the development work, which is JSC "Kamov" to create a naval version of the Ka-52K.
Despite the fact that these machines are not directly related to the Air Force, their creation commissioned by the Russian Navy will provide additional loading AAC "Progress". The assembly of the Ka-52K, which will be conducted simultaneously with the creation of the Ka-52 commissioned by the Air Force, is scheduled to begin in 2014.

The first landing of the most experienced Ka-52 w / o 61 on the deck of BOD "Vice-Admiral Kulakov"
August 31, 2011, raid Severomorsk.

3. Transport-combat helicopter Mi-35M. Manufacturer — "Rostvertol"
2011 — 4 pieces (the first delivery of air force helicopters of this type).

In 2011, we made the first four Mi-35M for the Russian Air Force.
The machines have became standard grayish coloring and board numbers 50, 51, 54, and 56 yellow. In December, the helicopters were to be transferred to the Air Force and enter the air base in Budennovsk.

According to the Ministry of Defense, 2 helicopters were transferred to the Army Air Forces,
although they continued to make flights in the region of Rostov-on-Don. The information will be clarified.

Transport and training helicopter

4. The heavy transport helicopter Mi-26. Manufacturer — "Rostvertol"
2011 — 4 pieces (the first delivery of air force helicopters of this type since 1994 (?) Years).

In 2011, we made four heavy transport helicopter Mi-26.
This is the first new helicopters of this type that have been made by order of Russian Air Force after a long break. The machines have a board numbers 05 and 06 are "blue" and the 01 and 02 "yellow"
First pair was transferred to the Air Force on October 25 2011 year and went to a place of constant deployment to the Far East.

Both photo made Dec. 24, 2011.

5. Medium transport helicopters Mi-8. Manufacturers — JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant", JSC "Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant".
2011 — more than 10 units (2010 — more than 15 pcs, 2009 — N).

In 2011, the Air Force will continue to supply new helicopters Mi-8.
In late May, a batch of 10 helicopters E-8AMTSh BBC factory in Ulan-Ude. 6 helicopters of the party arrived at the air base in Korenovsk that in December 2010, has already received 10 such machines.

Another four helicopters (w / n 01, 02, 03, 04, "blue") came at an air base in Rostov-on-Don.

Data on the supply of other helicopters of this type will be specified.

6. The training helicopter "ANSAT-U."
Manufacturer — JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant".
2011 — 8 pieces (allegedly) (2010 — N 2009 6 pcs)

According to the newspaper "Red Star" on October 9, 2011, 8 helicopters "ANSAT-U" went on Syzransky Branch Military Training and Research Center Air Force "Air Force Academy named after Dr. NE Zhukovsky and Y. Gagarin ".

In 2011, for the Russian Air Force was built more than 50 new helicopters for various purposes, from more than 40 transferred to the Air Force and entered service
with the air bases.

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