The results of the English summer Olympics

So ended XXX Summer Olympic Games: extinguished fire in the main arena of the British, empty flag poles that hold the banners of the participating countries of games, the athletes went home.

Russian Team performed at these games, so that many fans of different sports is almost breathtaking. At first, everybody was trying to criticize our team, because it allows you to discover the unusual relaxation. The only thing that "warmed" it is superudachnye speaking Russian wrestlers, fight to the finish of the 1st of which arrived in London, Vladimir Putin.

The first half of the Olympic Games, our team lurch from 12th to 8th place, trying to compete in the overall medal standings with Kazakhstan, then, that with Italy and releasing themselves from very far away not only China and the United States, England and even South Korea. Significantly poorly adjusted Russians have practically "Buried" our team and in the vast web of trying to initiate dismissal practically everyone from coaches to the representatives of the Russian Olympic Committee. But in the second part of our Olympic Team practically raced to success on the wings. Only three last days had been won almost as many medals as in all previous. Gold medals were flown from the horn of abundance: high jumping, running, boxing, gymnastics. The true climax of Russian national team was the victory of our volleyball players, who for the first time in the history of the Russian Federation won the gold medal. Joke to say, the last victory of our volleyball team was in the far 1980, when Olympic fire was burning in the metropolitan stadium "Luzhniki", and on the flagpole developed a reddish flag with hammer and sickle.

In the end, Russian Team on the English captured more Olympic medals than the Olympic Games in the Chinese capital in 2008. Just a piggy Russian Olympians 82, among which 24 athletes from our "gold". With all of this on the total amount of awards won by our motherland among the three, ahead of holders of the competition — the English.

If the associate Russian the result with the result of a 4-year-old, in the case of the British Olympic Russian Team seized more than 9 medals, including more and 1 "gold".

Russian Olympians already gave Russian Federation President. Many athletes have received the highest municipal services. For example, synchronized swimmers are holders of the "Order for the awards to the Fatherland 4 th degree." Volleyball player Sergei Tetyuhin from the President received the Order of Merit, and many other Olympians have received the Order of Friendship.

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