The results of the first round at Euro 2012

The results of the first round at Euro 2012

In Poland and Ukraine launched a long awaited for many European soccer championship which should reveal the Old World of strongest team right now. It has been the first tour step group, in which many of the winners, to put it mildly, has not completely revealed. National team The Netherlands, led by Bert Marwijk baths, lost in his own first fight is not the strongest team of the continent — the Danes. This defeat has once again confirmed that, in spite of the names that is available to the coach, the result would probably not so, which expected to match. Did not help improve the situation in the match against Denmark, even stars such as Arjen Robben, Dirk Kuyt, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, Robin baths Persie, Wesley Sneijder and Rafael van der Vaart. It would seem that with such a composition of the Dutch were just doomed to success, but the expectations were not true.
In all the beauty found herself in the first group match of the Russians, not a stone was left from the Czech squad. Two goals scored Dzagoev and Roman Shirokov and Roman Pavlyuchenko have a record Russian national team at the European football championships. Previously, our team has never scored on four goals in matches that of the level. Fans impressed with the game the Russians began to take trips to football matches to behold the other squads Dick Advocaat.

Have some fun of their own fans and the Ukrainian team does not hit the gryazyuka face in the match against the Swedes. Goal Zlatan Ibrahimovic with 2 goals replied Andriy Shevchenko, whom many called the veteran put in the only out of respect for his person. Andrew is actually justified, and that at 35 years old he is determined to achieve the best results. After the victory over the Scandinavians, Ukrainians hold First place in the group, however, is already ahead of them expect more severe competition in the face of the French and the British, which sold the world (final score 1-1). In that game, the French had the initiative, but fully enjoy their chances they could not. On goal Britons answered his nude Samir Nasri. These two goals have remained the only ones fixated on the scoreboard.

Were not able to achieve victory in Europe and the current favorite of the world — the Spaniards. In the heavy fighting they could not do more, not counting the effort as Cesc Fabregas to level the score in the game against Italy.

The most ridiculous, so to speak, the first round of goals were scored in the match between Ireland and Croatia. 2nd goal Croats apparently scored from offside that was not fixed by the judge. But the goal 3rd Croatian Mandzukic scored obviously with the help of the Irish goalkeeper his shot bounced off the Irish boom gate, hit the goalkeeper's head and just went into the corner.

Have gained their victory one of the basic note-winners of the tournament — the Germans, winning in the heaviest fighting between the Portuguese and the smallest margin. Only goal Mario Gomez scored by fixing the final score on the scoreboard 1-0 to Bundesmaynshaft.

We are waiting for the second round.

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