The results of the parliamentary elections in Ukraine — a weighty reason to think

The results of the parliamentary elections in Ukraine - a good reason to think

Just any couple of years back a wave of Ukraine true revolution in support of the "orange power" with all the necessary attributes — tents in the square, tea from a thermos and a huge number of visitors from the adjacent republics, which was a pity not to waste their money on a trip to Kiev only for the sake of our eyes behold everything. Since that time the situation was a little stabilize. But, as demonstrated by the actions of the immediate future, someone obviously wants to continue the show.

The result of the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukrainian descent has two sensations that have fallen to the liking of all supporters of the separation from the Russian Federation — 14 percent of the votes of the party "Blow" Vitali Klitschko more 10 percent of the vote "Freedom" Oleg Tyagniboka. In addition, the gap between the 2 main enemies — the pro-government and opposition Party of Regions "Fatherland" is only 5 percent of any, because we talk about who was the winner of the reality, and who — the losers, there's no point, and all so make the most clear. It seems to be a skinny world a better bad war. And things could somehow settle: Regionals could agree with the communists (which, in general, they have always done, as practice shows) and thus Makar, would oversee the Ukrainian legislation. If it were not for one important "but" — the opposition forces are unhappy fruits of elections in single-mandate constituencies. And now, right behind the statements of opposition to the building of the favorites of the Central Electoral Committee was standing at attention, and people in search of their "own" truth.

Despite the statements of Prime Minister Mykola Azarov that the elections were the best in the history of Ukraine's independence, many (those for whom it is this independence turned into obsession) have their world view on the matter. They are very unhappy with the unhurried vote count point to facts replacement favorites by county, which, of course, is direct evidence of fraud. In addition, the media have been very extensively covered prepyadstviya at around number 94, 194, 132, 223 and 197.

The Central Election Commission has already made a statement saying that these neighborhoods will be a revote, but the precise date of the meeting will be informed later. And that, you see, not the best news for the representatives of the Party of Regions, and not as the results of voting in the vicinity of several of these will be able to radically change the balance of power. This is the more is a matter of morality. But at the same time, the application of the CEC that the counting of the votes will be "point", brought no relief and the opposition, so how in the middle of the "problem" areas, there are those on which was won by its representatives. Well, of course, the "orange" could not intervene, saying that no re-election they will not allow …

If you look objectively, then of course, that the opposition favorites versatile understand and give their representatives, and the enemy that wants to stand up to the last. Moreover, they expressed willingness to reset their lists, refusing to work in the Ukrainian Rada. Specifically this will be a key prerequisite of re-election. But on the other hand, such mechanisms of dissolution of parliament simply are not provided by the Ukrainian legislation. Experts, meanwhile, predicted his own version of the upcoming events: the re-election of the same will be carried out in a small number of districts, and the opposition forces will be out of the Ukrainian parliament, automatically losing their impact.

As for the ability to repeat "Maidan", the politicians are very fluctuating that it will have at least some success. So, that is, in the words of Victor Trukhina, power has long been prepared for this turn of events, starting only from a sense of self-preservation. They understand that the revolution will be the brand new beginning of the end for them. And Russia will not help them — this of course. Of course, do not have to hesitate in that sample to organize a new "maidan" will be undertaken by the opposition, but "roam" they just will not give. If the last time the entire top of the imperative vigorously pushed forward Yushchenko to the presidency, then at the moment the situation looks quite different. There is a tough rivalry for power, and the election results can explain the failures or power, or ordinary accident.

In addition, the analyst is sure that the regionals again engage in an intense buying MPs of other parties — the means to do enough. Objectives of morality at this point no one trevozhut, and for the regionals in the first place — the sample retain control over parliament at any cost. And the normal way to do it would be very difficult, so in their policies frustrated many. Of course, there is the Communist Party, which has always been attentive to the government, but the sense of it is not much, so as their representatives are completely satisfied with the current situation, and no active operations they want to solve f. The only thing capable of communists — is demagoguery and provocation.

In this case, however, a great danger for the regionals lies not in the "Fatherland" or "Punch", and "Freedom" party, which won 10.4 percent. In addition to that its representatives were victorious in the majority around 13. This means that in a new parliament party gets about 35-40 seats. Based upon these results, the elections in Ukraine already assessed western politicians as "the triumph of neo-Nazis." These results may indicate only one thing — split Ukrainian society at this time acquired a more concrete form. Moreover, the "Freedom" is much stronger and more promising, and the opposition and pro-presidential party.

Not to be unfounded, quite recall some facts from the history of the party. First, recall that the first title of this political force — Social Nationalist party (Which is largely resembles Hitler's party). But if the first of its existence, even in Lviv (town, where it was formed) party Tyagniboka viewed as marginal and not very promising power, then later with the active support of the 1st of the richest people in Ukraine and part-time head of the Euro Jewish parliament Igor Kolomoisky She begins to develop rapidly. Party simply overcomes not only in Lviv, and Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil regions in elections to municipal councils, making a plausible claim that the passage of the Parliament.

Tyagniboka party continues to receive funding are not bad, but not from Kolomoyskogo (which over to the "Beat"), and from the Russian oligarch Platon Lebedev, and proves that long ago already defected from the category of marginal force in the category of influential party which proclaims the idea of forming a nationalist country with the main grandstand of the country. Despite the anti-Semitic expressions favorite "Freedom" with respect to Ukrainian authorities (which he calls "moskalsko-jewish mafia") and overt action against cooperation with Russia, calling to pick up a gun and deal with "zhidvoy, Muscovites and other evil spirits", this political force supported not only in the west of Ukraine, and the center and the north — Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv, Poltava, Sumy. Cherkasy and Chernihiv region (where, incidentally, dominated by Russian population).

Yet, the fact remains — "Freedom" in the parliament. But all the same there is a question — who financed the triumph of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis? After all, according to an official report concerning election expenses, party izderzhala just a little more than 23 million hryvnia. But this is a very reasonable amount, even for those political forces that the parliament did not pass. Topics more that all the months before the election favorite "Freedom" and then flickered on the screens of more ranking Ukrainian TV channels in the "prime time". In addition, it published a huge amount of campaign literature, held rallies, marches. And all it cost at least 5 times the amount betrothed.

Regarding the sponsors of the "Freedom" walks a lot of rumors: it's already betrothed Kolomoysky and Lebedev and Ukrainian oligarchs, but fully understood that their favorite party names are not going to open the public.

In general, the results of parliamentary elections have proved that there is something to ponder. And if the presidential election of 2015 will be a situation that will be the main competitors Yanukovych and Tyagnibok, chances favorite nationalists are significant. And then even scary to imagine what will — "freedom-loving" Fuhrer "Ukrainian spill" will do, so that a democratic government with the title of Ukraine simply ceased to exist …

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