The results show Defekspo 2012

India has completed a large exhibition of land and naval armaments "Defekspo 2012." Speaking at the opening ceremony, the Minister of Defence of India Arakkaparambil Kurian Antony said India has recently inevitably will increase its defense spending, that the armed forces were able to have access to new technologies for confrontation at least some risk. According to the minister, the emphasis in the defense industry in India is in favor of public-private partnerships. According to the Stockholm Institute for disk imaging studies problems of the world, India in 2007-2011 was naikrupneyshim importer of weapons on the planet, ahead of South Korea (2nd place), China and Pakistan (3rd place). Only a fraction of India's total global supply is estimated at 10%.

Country's expenditure on defense in the next financial year will amount to 38.5 billion. bucks. In total, over the next 10 years, the Republic izderzhat plans to purchase new weapons about 100 billion. bucks. Taking this into account, Russian arms manufacturers of very kind came to the exhibition. For the first time in the international arena was presented the upgraded version of the T-90S. Our homeland conducted techno presentation machine, in order to able to meet with her potential customers. Also for the first time abroad was shown a new multi-purpose ATGM "Kornet-EM", located on the base of the armored car "Tiger." This can lead ATGM fire both ground and air targets (UAVs and helicopters).

According to Vyacheslav Dzirkaln, who is the deputy director of FSMTC of, in 2010, Our homeland has entered into agreements with India on 6500000000. dollars in 2011 to 1.8 billion. dollars, and the total order book in the sphere of military-technical cooperation is estimated at 10.8 billion. bucks. According Komardina, a decline in military-technical cooperation with India has been associated with crisis events in the global economy and extending the reconstruction of the Russian defense industry. According to him, even in the coming years in the military-technical sphere between countries occur significant changes.

Our homeland participates in 4 Indian tenders for ground weapons

In the current time of the Russian Federation participates in 4 tenders announced by the Ministry of Defence of India overland theme and makes a total 10 contracts difficulties that are associated with the delivery and the creation of the license of military equipment, the head of the delegation of "Rosoboronexport" Victor Komardin. Speech, namely the question of deliveries of MANPADS, anti-tank weapons and ammunition for the MLRS "Smerch", tenders for the modernization of India's T-72 tanks.

The program of modernization of Indian T-72 is divided into 4 separate bidders who come from many different parts of the design of MBT. The rivals of the Russian Federation in this tender are an Indian company with a South American role of "Larsen & Turbo" and the Israeli company "Elbit Systems". According Komardina, modernization of T-72 — it's pretty palpitating program for India. Foreign competitors offer at the main modernization MSAs electrical systems. While the overarching modernization, which includes updating the chassis, the engine, the installation of more modern weapons, armor gain, only offers our homeland.

The company "Izhmash" ready to give India a license Kalashnikov rifles at the ready. The relevant statement in the exhibition "Defekspo-2012" made the head of the state corporation "Russian Technologies" Nicholas Volobuev. Earlier the same license for the establishment was transferred to Venezuela. India in bolshennom quantity buys Kalashnikovs, so that the "Izhmash" ready to give her a license to creation. At the current time, one of the measures to improve the military-technical cooperation between countries is a shift from direct delivery to technology transfer and licensing. In this scheme the transfer of licenses for the establishment of machine fits perfectly.

In the course of the exhibition Russian Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" has signed with one of the largest Indian industrial companies set of agreements about aftermarket Russian air defense systems, which have been put to the country earlier. The significance of this agreement is that it regulates the role of representatives of the industry 2 of states to maintain and upgrade the likely have already been supplied to India engineering. As it may seem weird, post-sales support of its military equipment abroad and in the USSR, and in the modern Russian Federation was and still is a very problematic issue. As a result of the modernization and maintenance of Soviet-Russian military equipment are now engaged in all and sundry, not including specifically its producers and rights owners. At this lost not only money, often in the process of "modernization left" reduced quality appliances that throws a shadow on the suppliers of unique products, in other words, to Russia.

Strategy MTC India

The military-political and military-technical component of the military development of the armed forces of India is changing very rapidly. At the current time, the government of the republic developed a very important document, which forms the country's military-technical cooperation. From conventional weapons purchases necessary country crosses to the complex relationship: the co-production, licensing, construction of various facilities of the military mission, the implementation of numerous offset programs. At the current time, the question is not worth buying the best plane in the world, or a tank, a question arises: what of this industry will be able to win the state, including scientific and technical sector.

So, if the Indian Navy make out an order for the construction of a series of ships or submarines abroad, they immediately put forward the demand — 30% of the equipment already on the first ship to be of Indian origin. With all this mathematics orders are very common. If I purchase 10 aircraft, the calculation goes like this: two are based abroad, 4 — in India with the use of foreign parts, terminating party of four vessels under construction as in India, but with the introduction of the greatest parts and devices locally.

In Russia itself yet. When ordering in France two amphibious assault ships of the "Mistral" Much has been said about the fact that this is only the beginning and the subsequent two ships will be built by Russian defense industry. But, as you know, tough treaty was signed by only 2 ships, the construction of which is in France. Further negotiations are suspended, even on a theoretical level, not discusses the issue of ship construction in Russia: where, by whom and by what means, at what all of this funding must implement — is unclear.

Military-technical cooperation between the countries in the world — is a by-product of the development of its own defense industry, defense and internal order. But RF on the contrary. We MTC — is the engine of internal development. If it were not for the turn of the twenty-first century large export orders for air defense systems, aviation, shipbuilding, that at this time in Russia instead of the high-tech equipment for critical technologies could be only the ruins of the former Russian power. Although a number of leading technologies still have been lost — a number of companies just do not lucky with orders from abroad.

In Russia, the last 15 years much has been said about the public-private partnership,
but in fact nothing happens. In India, this task has been solved. In the market the country to solve the puzzles was used administrative resources, which we have successfully applied only during elections.

Imagine that a group of private businessmen got rich in the production of cement, the other on the sale of agricultural products, third on the organization structure of the work. Hard to say how it was made formally, but all Indian tycoons announced: cement, construction, tomatoes — this, of course, excellent, but in no time the country needs to harsh industrialization. Because insert, gentlemen nouveaux riches billion in its high-tech production, and we will see whether you are really effective or just bandyugany managers who have been at the right time in the right place. Naturally, with all this business were made special conditions. The result was showed in a couple of years.

Private company which is engaged in buying and selling the finished products of onion seeds, now a leading manufacturer in India and developer of aviation technology. Another company that specialized in the construction of houses, airports and seaports, the construction of irrigation systems, the true time is the creator of the most modern weapons — from ACS and equipment for a fighter to surface ships and submarines. At the current time, these oligarchs are building in India, the world's largest shipyard, the dry dock which is equal to 700 meters. In the aerospace industry in the country quite successfully running the company, which had previously engaged in the creation and sale of fertilizers.

In Russia, however, even in the most fabulous dream to any dreamer does not come to mind, that Roman Abramovich has invested his billion not in satisfaction of their own personal comfort, and the industrialization of the country. Would invest their oil billion in Russian shipbuilding, built for the Navy frigates of the last few generations or mentioned already paid for the purchase of "Mistral". Naturally, this would have to shake your own purse, and the state could become a hero, and before you know it, and one of the ships would be christened in his honor. Unfortunately, in Russia such a public-private partnership can not imagine any horror in night or in blissful sleep.

In addition to everything else in India has created a special structure, which is engaged in development and research work in the field of defense — DRDO. The need for the creation in Russia of the same center read more than once, Dmitry Rogozin. Did you expect him and at the last exhibition in the Divide. It is a pity that he was unable to compare the development of the defense industry of the Russian Federation and India in the framework of the "Defekspo 2012." There was at the show and not a 1 representative of senior management and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Navy. Although, maybe it's not even to the best. Perhaps, in their absence, conduct business negotiations has been given more time and attention that can be assessed in the near future.

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