The revival of ancient crafts. Birch

The revival of ancient crafts. Birch gives people positive energy.

People appreciated for centuries and known medicinal properties of bark. Now called warm birch tree. Even in a cold room, a piece of bark or a product of it stays warm, as it has a great positive energy. Excited enough to man some time to look at it and hold it in their hands — and he immediately calms down. In Russia, said that the birch takes the pain and gives health. Many peasants in Russia were tramps and sandals made of birch bark was not from poverty, but to be healthy and to protect joints from rheumatism.

Healing properties of birch known to man for a long time. This tree gives man for his health is: bark, sap, buds, tender roots, leaves, young twigs, birch mushroom, tar, birch charcoal. She has a wonderful bioenergoterapevticheskim action. In the birch forest you will feel calm, confident, full of life force. Numerous suggestions for the treatment of diseases listed in herbals XYI-XYII centuries. With birch treated diseases of joints, nervous and urinary systems. Sprinkle powdered bark wounds to heal quickly and do not fester.
Birch bark relieves headaches, heals wounds and tidy blood pressure. Headbands and hair clips, made of birch bark, does not accumulate static electricity, and birchbark ornaments not contain substances that irritate the skin.

Healing extract of birch bark, which is used for centuries in the treatment and in the home is a natural combination of different healing natural compounds — betulin, lupeol, betulinic acid, etc.
Betulin contained in the upper layer of birch bark (birch protective substance itself, dye her trunk in white), is the principal active ingredient of the extract.

Elm a third of their betulin, which has another name — birch camphor. First, in the U.S., and then in Russia, the substance for its special biological properties became known.
Bark (birch bark) are harvested primarily from growing trees and trees after felling. In this case, the top notch white layer of the cortex to the bast. The best is from the middle of the elm tree. Harvested raw air dried. Raw officially approved for use in medicine in the U.S., Russia and many other countries.
1.zaschischaet liver cells from damage by various chemicals.
2.preduprezhdaet occurrence of cancer cells, inhibits the causative agent of tuberculosis, helps to avoid the disease through close contact with sick people.
3.sposobstvuet neutralization and removal of harmful substances from the body.
4.snimaet allergy: allergic rhinitis, lacrimation (hay fever), skin rash, etc.
5. facilitates the disease.
6.B birch tueski bread remains much longer than usual, and not long moldy.

7.davno known method of air disinfection.
A few drops of birch tar, which is derived from birch bark, drip on the coals and the air in your room will be almost sterile. So in the old premises were preparing to leave.

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