The robot has penetrated beyond the closed door in the tunnel of the pyramid of Cheops


On the walls of the sealed room found a strange red characters. The other day, a robot named Jedi (Djedi) — on behalf of the magician, who served Pharaoh Cheops, had entered the country south tunnel that leads from the burial chamber of Queen to one of the faces of the pyramid. He looked for the "mysterious door" — the so-called "secret chamber" and showed that there is.

Thus, the creators of the robot — a group of French, Canadian and British scientists helped a dream come true Zahi Hawass (Zahi Hawass) — the head of the Egyptian Supreme Council for the Study of Antiquities (Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities). He is 9 years longed to look into this "secret chamber", believing that it keeps some secrets.



— We have a real chance to really learn something — he said, encouraging researchers.
And for good reason Hawass dreamed of. In the "secret cell" discovered mysterious hieroglyphs in red, left there 4500 years ago.

In search of the treasures of Atlantis and aliens

Tunnels — north and south, extending at right angles from the burial chamber of the queen, were discovered in 1872. They found a British engineer Ueynman Dixon.
In 1993, German engineer Rudolf Gantenbrink for the first time sent a robot through the tunnels. Drive through the northern tunnel robot could not — came across a sharp turn, which could not fit. He moved along the south by 63 meters. And he bowed himself to the "mysterious door" with brass handles.
What is there — behind the door — no one knew. But fans of highly anomalous worried. It was believed that for her — a kind of repository: "Hidden Camera". And in the chamber — for example, the books brought from the lost Atlantis, the treasures. Or artifacts from there. Or even extraterrestrial objects that demonstrate the relationship of the ancient Egyptians with the aliens.


By the way, brass handles themselves intrigued. After all, no one before has found in the pyramids of anything metal. And there were the hypothesis that they are — Handles — ulterior motive appeared in the tunnel. Like, they — some parts of the electrical system, left, of course, aliens. Maybe "end" — "plus" and "minus".

The third attempt

In 2002, a "mysterious door" pulled tracked — remote controlled — Robot Pyramid Rover, developed by experts of the Boston firm iRobot and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He drilled a hole in it. Returned. Then pulled up again — already with camera, which is stuck in the hole.
— I just need to know that there is — Hawass said the day before this historic moment. — If it's empty, I'm not upset.




Upset "visionaries" Dreams of the Atlanteans and aliens, as "there" really was empty. The eyes of observers has opened a room with another — the second "mystery door" away.
And now, after 9 years, another attempt. Scientists have for some reason, again, was sent to the first "mystery door" robot. At this time he developed an engineer Rob Richardson (Rob Richardson) from the University of Leeds.
Maybe even then — in 2002 — scientists still considered something suspicious? But do not advertise their discovery?
The new robot Jedi essentially repeated the actions of his predecessor. But stuck in a hole upgraded the camera on a flexible control rod — a kind of endoscope. With it failed to consider the "secret chamber" in more detail.



The researchers first looked at the "mysterious door" on the other side. Its surface has been carefully processed — polished. Brass rods pierced the "door" through and through. And ends with a small graceful loops. What is clearly reduced the likelihood that they are part of the electrical system of an alien. Rather, all the same pen.
Shooting confirmed that the "secret chamber" on the other side is closed by another "mysterious door." Or an entire block. Further, according to Hawass may be located some room. Hawass does not exclude that hidden somewhere inside the pyramid real burial chamber of Pharaoh Cheops — with its sarcophagus and mummy. And that — empty, which is known to everyone today, was made for the blind.
So far, the most important discovery — red hieroglyphs, which used up half the "secret chamber".
— Deciphering these characters, Egyptologists could understand what was arranged for these strange tunnels — suggests Rob Richardson.

In the meantime, scientists are puzzled. Perhaps the tunnels constructed for ventilation. But why would the door? Yes, carefully crafted. Size tunnels 20 to 20 centimeters. Do not climb on them. Why then did the pen? Who and how to grasp them?

South Tunnel, align the star Sirius and the constellation of Orion. For what?
Some researchers believe that through the tunnels were, in understanding the ancient Egyptians, the pharaoh's soul fly and queen. And travel the universe. But, again, the plug … It clearly prevents this.

Scientists continue to work. Promise to provide a full report to the beginning of 2012.
Sad would be if Peter is right Manuelian (Peter Der Manuelian), an Egyptologist at Harvard (Harvard University). He did not rule out the possibility that the red characters left 4,500 years ago, life can only technological marks builders.

Hawass, however, hopes to open something more exciting — for the second "door". But not quite yet examined the north tunnel …

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