The roots of Russian religious and Russian culture.

For our contemporaries in the Russian state and beyond the very name of the ancient faith and Slavic Aryan peoples — Ingliizm forgotten and seems to be something alien, a stranger. For in the modern world there is a distinct, scientifically proven opinions about so-called "traditional Russian religions" that have made their immense contribution to the creation of all the Russian history and the Russian state. These religions today include Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.
But if you carefully consider this indisputable, scientifically proven opinion of "traditional Russian religions", it would appear that Christianity has been brought into the Russian land from the Byzantine Empire, Islam — of Saud, Judaism — from Israel; Buddhism — from China. It turns out that the Russian people do not own anything: no history, no faith, no culture — all borrowed. And what was originally in Russian people, in what or in whom they believed before the "traditional Russian religions"?

Official history on this question is answered unequivocally: the Russian people were pagans and professed paganism — barbaric cult of ignorant, semi-human. But if you ask the representatives of the official historical science about which beliefs and religions of other nations were Midgard-Earth before the traditional world religions, the answer is the same — the paganism.
Unwittingly it seems that all of the nations in the world until the world's traditional religions practiced only one religion — paganism. People worshiped the same gods and the same forces of nature, and consequently all the polls were ignorant barbarians and had no history. Or all the same in every nation on earth created its own history, culture, tradition, have its own ancient folk belief, which had its original framework and its unique name?
History of the peoples of the Midgard-earth throughout their existence was inextricably linked with the various beliefs of the peoples of the Earth, with their ancient traditions and unique culture. Therefore, you should never consider the history of a people apart from his Faith, Tradition and Culture, or in terms of beliefs, traditions and cultures of other nations.
Original faith of any people (not to be confused with amorphous paganism) never should be studied and considered as something separate, mythical or mythological, not associated with the history of the people, nor with its unique culture and ancient traditions.
According to the modern view of the history of mankind, and it covers about 5-6 thousand years, from ancient Egypt to the present day, almost all nations of the world, except the people of Israel, the story begins with a sacred legend, unique epic or myth, led is a great hero, the father, who gave his name to the people.
Our Russian history for some reason start to consider the time when Great-Power represented a great social system, a strong nation, settled themselves enormous Eurasia. But the Great-Power, a rich trade, crafts and industry, for some reason, decided today divided into two large independent states: Kievan Rus and Novgorod Russia, as well as several small Russian principalities. If he had never existed in the past, the Silver Russia, now called Serbia, was the northerners-Pomeranian coast-dwellers of the state of Russia — Prussia, etc.
Now very few people know, even among scholars, as others called The Great Principality initially and that they were part of a single powerful Slavic-Aryan Power to cover a huge area of Europe and Asia, called — Russenia.
It is absolutely silenced, that the division of Great-Power into separate and sometimes conflicting Principality started due to interference in the internal affairs of the Russian lands in foreign countries VIII — X centuries., From the Volga Bulgar and Khazar Khanate, to the Byzantine and Roman empires. Highest authorities of these countries used various ways inciting hatred and enmity among the princes of the Great-from flattery, deceit, fraud, slander, bribery, to armed raids on the Slavic towns and villages. When these methods have not had success, due to rebuff Slavic ratey, the Great-Russian princes and their retinues in the guise of a "civilized education" began to impose new and alien to the Slavs and Aryans religions: Judaism and Christianity of the Byzantine wing Arianism and a Roman Catholic, Assyrian Zoroastrianism Arabic Islam and Buddhism chaynsky.

Slavs and Aryans have always been tolerant people in charge and of Christ and Jehovah, the Mithra and Osiris, of Allah and Shiva, of Gautama Buddha and the creator of a new ritual fire worship — Zarathushtra and calmly took these and other trends. In those ancient times in cities on the Great-land for more than a century there were temples of different religions, who come to the mart of foreign merchants and celebrating their religious ceremonies. It is these churches later became centers for the destruction of the Slavic and Aryan Old Faith, History, Culture and Tradition.
Should be immediately clear that the persecution of practicing the old faith and its priests, arranged Clergy are not true followers of a religious scholar who recognized the deep, inner meaning of the Word of God, and the latter-day followers of those who have used a particular religious doctrine in their own personal, selfish purposes and converts followers who do not know the true, spiritual essence of the teachings. As a rule, the first of the latter-day followers to achieve their selfish aims to use the second. They are set against the followers of the ancient beliefs and needed to destroy the latter, because they allegedly enemies "True Faith." But the attitude towards implementing their plans they concluded in the phrase: "Make ignoramus pray — he smashes his forehead."
All vysheuverzhdennoe based on strict facts that jammed, darkened verbiage of some Western historians, as well as on the findings of the natural laws governing the formation, rise and fall of the kingdom and the people, and on the strict critical analysis of ancient legends.
The facts are the basis for the creation of the ancient Russian history, hidden for a long time were not understood, and is not considered missing through the crucible of sound and fair criticism. However, the history of ancient peoples, the Slavs and Aryans, so rich in facts that are all their tracks, vpletshiesya in the lives of all the peoples of Europe and Asia, with strict parsing of which The Great Power by itself is the greatest in the world.
Some German and Arab historians faithfully engaged in Russian history, but ignorance of the most important Slavic and Aryan dialects, as well as a small introduction to the national character, manners, customs, and beliefs of the home life of this difficult case.
We will not talk much about those who set themselves the duty to humiliate and denigrate everything that relates to the history of the Slavs and Aryans, these "experts" exist to this day. They attempted in the past and is now trying to take away from the Slavs and Aryans not only their history, the glory, majesty, power, wealth, industry, commerce, and all the good qualities of heart and soul, but even seek to eradicate their old faith, the ancient traditions and identity culture.
One of the ways that these "experts" have chosen, this imposition plausible lie. For example, the myth that the alleged Old Faith Slavic and Aryan peoples disappeared more than a thousand years ago, during the Christianization of Russia, and in the modern world has been preserved no trace of the old faith and its followers do not exist.
This is a lie, which imposed on people for a long time. If there had been a period of dual faith in Russia, destroyed by Patriarch Nikon and Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov in the XVII century, when lived in peace in the Russian representatives of the pre-Christian lands of the Old Faith — Orthodox Old Believers-Ynglings and faithful, in other words the righteous Christians. But the period of dualism is well described in the works of Academician Rybakov.
In addition, the date of the people forced baptism in Kiev in 988 automatically finds the date of the baptism of all Russian cities and settlements. It is worth considering how the Russian people could take a thousand years of Christianity in 850-year-old Moscow, Tyumen 400 years, or 60 years of Magadan?
Patriarch Nikon of his ecclesiastical reform in the XVII century, not only to replace dvuperstie trehperstie and procession around the church directed towards the sun, he did his best to erase from the peoples inhabiting the Muscovy, the memory of the pre-Christian Orthodox Old Faith. For the representatives of the Byzantine Orthodox Christianity greatness, wisdom and glory of pre-Christian Orthodoxy was the main obstacle for the dissemination of the new doctrine of the common people, whose culture and traditions are not understood and considered wild. For example, in the IX century Byzantine missionaries Belisarius, who had been in Russia, wrote: "The Orthodox Word and Rusyns dishyalyudi and zhitge ih wildly and shamelessly. Men and girls together nag1ya zapirashisya in hot istoplennoy hut and istyazasha Teles own, bars drevesnymya hlescha himself mercilessly to faint and after the prygasha hole in the snow and Ali again oholonishisya idyashe in istyazati Teles own house. " As the Greek-Byzantine could understand what the Russian bath? For him, this was a manifestation of an ancient ritual savagery. Is it because at the time of the forced Christianization bath destroyed, "like the place filthy and devilish." (Istarkhi writes in his book "Beat the Russian Gods": the result of the Christianization of Europe is not washed 1.5 thousand years. — Approx. Communities)
To wean people away from the mother of all, to substitute words and roots, by order of Nikon, in the liturgical books of the Christian phrase "orthodox Christian faith" was replaced by "Orthodox Christian faith," which led to the attribution of Christianity advances Majesty, Wisdom and Glory of the pre-Christian Orthodoxy.
However, do not let them usurp our native and magnified by the power of another man, the glory, power and knowledge! Depriving them of the arguments of the facts, which they so violently timed to the history of other nations, robbing the story of the Slavs and Aryans!
Many people recognize only the common facts and documents that they are able to learn. For them, to quote the preamble to the Federal Law "On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations» № 125-FZ, which entered into force on 1 October 1997: "The Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, … Recognizing the special role of Orthodoxy in Russia's history in the development of its spirituality and culture, respecting Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and other religions that are an integral part of the historical heritage of the peoples of Russia; … takes this Federal Law. " As seen from the fragment, Orthodox Christianity and even in the preamble to the Federal Law of Russia is not exactly the same. Any free interpretation of the law is unacceptable, that written with a pen, not cut down with an ax.
We know that the story should not be a eulogy, but is not allowed as the enemies of Russia to pay the great history of the Slavs and Aryans in satire and a subject of ridicule.
Indeed Slavs and Aryans as a people, earlier Romans and Greeks educated, left about themselves in all parts of the Old World a lot of monuments testifying to their presence there, and the most ancient of their writing, the arts, education and the Old Faith. Historical monuments abide forever conclusive proofs, they tell us about the actions of our great ancestors in the language, we own, constitute the prototype of all Slavic and Aryan languages, dialects and languages that merge into it, as in general its source.
Of course, move slowly forward such works: come and we slowly, slowly but surely, the foot and wish yes they svershatsya to the honor and glory of our ancient gods and ancestors Mnogomudryh!

I would like to give due honor to the memory of the wise man, the Elders of the Valley Tribal communities father Vladimir, who dedicated his life for the preservation of the old rites of the Faith of our ancestors and departed with smoke Krodnym in Svarga-Pure to Rod Heaven.
And this informative book is the fruit of a life of labor father Vladimir, I try to get across in the most accessible form of ancient wisdom and the absolute truth of the old faith of our ancestors — Ingliizme — the hearts of ordinary people who want to return to their ancient roots, to their ancient culture, the Old Faith majestic and beautiful tradition.

Must immediately declare that Ingliizm — Ancient Faith ancestors and in their original basis, will not be anything anti-Christian, anti-Semitic and anti-Islamic, as like to claim "experts" of pre-Christian religion and culture of the Slavs and Aryans. For Ingliizm existed long before the appearance on earth of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other religions. The original sources of Ingliizma to be found in the depths of antiquity, and the grace of the legendary country Darius (Arctida, Hyperborea, the North), which was on the North sinking continent.
Orthodox Old Believers-Ynglings always been, is and will be tolerant people who respect the right of every person to profess any religion or belief, and worship the God what he dearer and closer in spirit and conscience.
But tolerance of Orthodox Old Believers Ynglings does not mean that they will throw mud at his old faith to all and sundry, in every way to distort it or make of the ancient faith of our ancestors of the subject of ridicule.
In addition, readers should pay attention to our use of old words and turns of phrase. Many of the old words are used with the prefix "no" and "time" instead of the currently used "demon" and "races." This is due to the figurative meaning of old words. For example, the "immortality" and "immortality" figurative meaning of the first word means the spirit (demon) of death, and the figurative meaning of the second — Eternity. Or the word 'razskaz "and" story "- the figurative meaning of the first word means that the information was spoken only once, and the figurative meaning of the second word means that was spoken the truth, distortion and additions.
The word "Kummir" in the text is used in the old spelling, as it consists of two rune words "Kum" — the relative and "Mir" — the universe, ie Kummir living relative is the symbol of the universe.

1) aliens, strangers, foreigners, the representatives of other nations, with alien beliefs, traditions and culture (Old Church Slavonic Dictionary. Moscow. 1894);
2) "hostile Slavic tribes speaking different languages and believed in other gods" (Russian Veda. Appendix. Moscow. 1992, page 287);
3) "this word means all the people, not the announced evangelical preaching of salvation, and not to convert to Christianity" (Bible Encyclopedia Archimandrite Nicephorus. Moscow. 1891).

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