The Spaniards lost armored Iveco LMV in Afghanistan

26.06.2011, in the northern province of the Republic of Afghanistan Badghis, 20 km north of its administrative center Kalayn-Nau has been undermined by a mine armored car brand LMV (M65E), which was part of the military convoy Spanish contingent, part of a group of international forces ISAF. Military convoy consisted of 3 of these armored vehicles, which are referred to as the Army of Spain Lince, and 4 armored wheeled vehicles RG-31. Because of the explosion, the power of which was equivalent to about 20-30 kg of TNT, three soldiers were wounded, two more soldiers, being in the moment of explosion in the car were killed. The victims are soldiers of the Ninth Infantry Regiment «Soria», unchanging place of location of which is in the Canary Islands.

In the photo: This LMV landmine exploded engine department turned upside down, the right front wheel and the door does not. But bronekapsuly intact — and its passengers remained alive.

Spanish for a small contingent of clearance time lost second armored car brand Lince. First such armored car was blown up by June 17 this year. Then, as a result of the explosion, four Spanish soldiers and a civilian interpreter were wounded languishing.

Armored car brand Iveco LMV used the Spanish contingent in Afghanistan since 2010. In polutoratysyachny first contingent of Spanish troops in June 2011, there were 67 armored RG-31 (made by General Dynamics, together with BAE Systems) and 131 armored machine brand Iveco LMV (Lince). At the current time the Spanish army has purchased 185 cars Lince. In the upcoming Spanish Defense Ministry intends to continue purchasing armored vehicles of the brands.

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