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Prazdnichka other day — "Those Days spetsa electronic warfare" (REB), I wish to do a little sightseeing trip in history. History in contrast to all other sciences appealing facts, and the facts as we know a thing stubborn! In January 1902, the report Russian Naval Technical Committee stated: "… Telegraphy without wires has the drawback that the telegram can be caught on any foreign station, and, as it should, is read, slaughtered and confused by third-party sources of electricity." And two years later, on 15 April 1904, during the shelling, which the Japanese squadron led by the inner roads of the town of Port Arthur, the radio station Russian battleship "Victory" and shore post "Gold Mountain" seriously made more difficult transmission of telegrams enemy ships-spotters . On the efficiency of the first embodiment productions radio testified Rear Admiral Ukhtomsky in its own report to Admiral Alekseev: "Enemies released more than 60 large-caliber projectiles. Hits The Court was not."

So Makar, the beginning of the use of radio equipment for the exploration and creation of noise in the Russian-Japanese War is the inception of electronic warfare.

In 1911, a doctor of Radio Engineering Naval Academy Petrovski were first on the theoretical level due to the method of creation and protection from interference of radio communications. They have passed the practical test on the Black Sea Fleet. Were designed to measure, allowing to "… go away during radio transmissions from enemy interference." Have been started training to create radio interference and radio operators training to work in the interference criteria for ships of the Baltic Fleet.

And yet it must be emphasized that the conclusions in the main radio equipment used for communication, detection channels and intercept enemy communications transmitted over him disk imaging. But during World War II radio interference have been used to disrupt radio communications between the staffs of the armies, corps and divisions, also between warships. However, this happened only occasionally, because preference was given to intercept radio transmissions, not their failure. Together with those in the German army had already appeared special radio station.
EW or according to Western terminology radio-electronic war becomes one of the main parts of modern warfare. EW as the basis of confrontation with the enemy's command and control systems, is an integral part of warfare at least some scale. Analysis of recent armed conflicts has shown that even the vast an advantage in the field of high-precision weapons (WTO) does not guarantee a suitable ending surgery if the control system of different chain of command found themselves unfulfilled or repressed forces and enemy EW. The objects of primary influence in the operation were elements of control systems of troops (forces) and a tool, a means of exploration and storage, processing and rassredotachivaniya disk imaging, radio-electronic means (RECs). of automated systems, databases, computer networks, the personnel involved in the preparation and decision-making. PEB reached a new level and occupy one of the top-priority places in the military oblasti.Na now the Defense Ministry decides to set targets for the development of new electronic warfare systems, such as the "Subtitle-23" — basic system collective defense, "Barrier-E" radar system protection areas, "ST-68UM" — Radar station detection, identification and tracking of air targets, including strategic cruise missiles of the ALCM, "Valeria" station radio technical intelligence.

It should be noted that, as if not tried to favorites laurels or other opening to ascribe to themselves pseudoscientific Western publications,history once again substantiated by the Russian mind and spirit! Our home was the first in this area, and the palm is not going otdavat.C prazdnichkom you! God bless you!

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