The story of a PVC and plastic windows

We are all used to refer to the beautiful, white plastic box. But, really this is not quite correct. In 1-x, each window has iron frame, which assigns sturdiness. And, in-2, is used for the production of windows is not unblemished plastic. This article will talk about how to develop the plastic window. And that contributed to their emergence.

Material, which lies at the base of plastic windows is the title of PVC, which stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride. It did in 1835, a very famous German chemist named Rengald. PVC relates to polymeric materials. And in the midst of all that the world's population now uses, it is one of the first. It may be for this, but maybe for a different reason, but it is very popular. Of Poly Vinyl Chloride make even plastic writing pens. However, he only became popular at the moment. But in the 19th century, when it was created, it did not send anybody and attention.

In fact, this century material not motivate people. It was only in 1912, the industry reminded of the present invention. A more intensive use of steel in his 30th years of the twentieth century.

But PVC windows began to do more later. First window emerged after the second world war — in 1952. The birthplace of plastic windows, as well as the material itself is Germany. And did First window Signs designer by the name of Heinz Pasha.

First PVC windows have been a kind of experimental and not installed in apartments in humans. The first time they were set in the inhabitants in Germany 7 years after the development. Specifically, in 1959. As is typical, the first plastic windows have cost their owners a modern free. The setting was a kind of advertising a company that is engaged in the creation of these windows and pinned its hopes intrigue, so Makarov, the largest number of customers.

The public began to show interest in new windows after a couple of years — roughly in the middle of the 60s. However, even in those days, when there was a good demand for this type of window, they were still far from those that are now in our apartments. In over 60 years of working hard to make the windows durability, making them more robust. In a word, improve quality properties to very likely level.

Despite the PVC windows, which we are now offering the leading German manufacturers, it is safe to say that these efforts were not in vain.


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