The story of how the rewriting history

The investigation of our observer Galina Sapozhnikova about who and what distorts known facts and whether to resist it?

It turns out that the German pilot Mathias Rust, who 25 years ago on a tiny airplane landed in the heart of the Russian capital, was a pioneer! Not in the sense that it was not wearing shorts and a reddish tie — in the criteria of what was then the Federal Republic of Germany is unlikely to be had. The fact that he was not the first to make such a scandalous flight.

May 15, 1941 in Russian air space just invaded and landed safely at Khodynka in Moscow, the German "Junkers-52", gave a hint to us by our readers. This caused a stir in the Kremlin and led to a wave of repression in the military command. Exactly 5 weeks before the start of the war.

The mention of this fact is found in the memoirs of a KGB general Paul Sudoplatova. Later, writer Igor Bunic (creator of the famous novel "Gold Party") added the details: a pilot Tipo Stalin brought a secret letter from Hitler. Bunic even published in his book "Labyrinth of Madness" of his text: "Dear sir, Stalin! I write to you this letter at a time when I really came to the conclusion that unrealistic to achieve a lasting peace in Europe either for us or for future generations without a final crushing of Great Britain, its defeat as a country … "

The letters, however, no one beheld. Most likely, it Bunic composed himself. Could: prisochinil as, for example, describing the action around the Vilnius television tower in January 1991 (book "Case president." — Ed.), Something that was not: the lieutenant of the "Alpha" Victor Shatsky, refusing to take part in the bloody Tipo events, was shot dead by the alfovtsami … Thank God, the living witnesses of those events and the latest as this heresy had time to refute. A letter to Hitler and Stalin departed for a walk on the web, making the trip over themselves, even those hard people as the last Soviet Defense Minister Dmitry Yazov, who took it at face value and read on a fully harsh military-scientific conference …

About whether or not to fight historical falsifications and how speculate columnist "KP" Galina Sapozhnikov and writer Nikolai Starikov.

Two flights

Nikolai Starikov

— How to you think, why are fakes of mandatory companions turning points in history when everyone starts read on revaluation of values?

— Imagine for yourself what a jewelry store at the request of the Director climbed offenders who deliberately changed the price tags. This happened in our life. The fact that the number of valor, was stupidity. What was the meanest, was the principal and significant. There was an exchange of values, and not re-evaluated. And it was done deliberately.

Take Mathias Rust. There is a theory that the air corridor for its lumen did not appear by itself, and was created on purpose. The meaning of the operation is simple: Russian military administration of the Union did not give Gorbachev disarm accelerated pace. Whenever he achieved on its own military to settle for the next assignment, he heard growing discontent. After a trip Rust took a harsh cleaning generals. In other words, Gorbachev put away those who resisted the one-sided disarmament and prevent him ruin the country. Mathias Rust — an idealist who in contact with Western intelligence agencies played the role of the fool — boarded a plane and flew down the corridor, which it was provided.

But back in 1941 year. It seems to be a similar story. May 10, Rudolf Hess, Hitler's envoy, flew to London to agree with the British on a joint campaign by Russian alliance or at least to conclude a peace treaty after the attack on the Soviet Union. Hitler played directly on the 2-chessboards — preparing a blow to England and Russia. Realizing that force may not be enough, he sent a negotiator to the same to Stalin. May 15, 1941 transport aircraft "Junkers", flying in Germany, received the same corridor vtochnosti defense as Mathias Rust in 1987, and landed in Moscow. From it came a man, left unclear where. Brought clear that.

Bunic introduced into the historic turnover of Hitler's letter to Stalin. Is there any doubt as to its authenticity? Have. The meaning of the letters about such: "Stalin, do not worry, everything is going well, you and I are leading the British by the nose. And if my Anglophile generals suddenly attacked the Soviet Union, please contact me by well-known communication channel for you. "

During this flight no one was punished, not including reprimand, as defense management made a personal order of Stalin. Executions BBC management were associated with completely different things. The situation in May 1941 the first diametrically opposite of what happened on Vasilevsky descent in Moscow in May 1987, the …

All sins — our

— What is the historical heresy seems to have the most outrageous?

— The whole concept of history that suggests after the collapse of the Soviet Union, is a large global lie. The purpose of this heresy is very ordinary — accuse Russia of all sins. The concept of living and at the moment: everything that makes our homeland — is incorrect. And there are white and shaggy U.S., joined by country — lights of democracy. Well they have this concept in their own schools taught. But it is after the collapse of the Russian Union of smoothly moved into our textbooks, and then — at the head of the younger generation.

— The campaign began before or after the collapse of the Soviet Union?

— Let's start from the facts: at the time of the restructuring under the control of the 1st of its superintendents, Alexander Yakovlev, was systematically implemented falsification of many documents that were are thrown into the historic revolution. Talked about this now defunct State Duma deputy Viktor Ilyushin. The concept is not changed in 1991. It started deliberately distort and bend when the Russian alliance as it was still going strong. But the head of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev was standing, which later, lecturing in the United States, stated that his goal was the dismantling of the communist system.

— Yakovlev together with ex-KGB General Oleg Kalugin trained at Columbia University. Neuzh is one shot, which was made to them in the 50-ies of the past century have acted so long that they are over 40 years old are harming their own country?

— You rightly put together two very important points. Kalugin — a proven traitor. A Yakovlev — suspect. Although all have reason to think that he, too, had been recruited by foreign intelligence services, has not been proven. Trained together, fought prototype policies in the interests of the West, each in their own area. The special services have a huge amount of funds that they can force a person to commit acts contrary to conscience. But I have the impression that our perestroika could not tolerate their country Ideological.

The origins of these problems can be found in the behavior of Nikita Khrushchev, who, in my opinion, was involved in the poisoning of Stalin in March 1953. I published a book about Stalin, which thoroughly investigated the question of why Khrushchev so it could not tolerate. Khrushchev had a personal motive: his son during the war made the military a sin, was convicted and executed. Joseph Stalin, Khrushchev begged for mercy, but — to no avail. As a result, Stalin's name was subjected to slander.

Actions in 1991 in Vilnius and Tallinn have not given written witnesses of the events, the benefit they are still alive

Herzen Learn

— Suppose an angel Stalin, too, was not … Let's all go back to the same historical fakes, which took place already before our eyes. For example, the story of the capture of Vilnius TV tower in January 1991, has been turned on its head. Accused the people who matter to the crime had not. At the moment, a similar spectacle played out in the other Baltic States — Estonia. If I had at the time she was a staff reporter "KP" — I would like to believe in fairy tales that are out there at the moment say that in August 1991, the Russian army shameful de fled, terrified brave young men from the Estonian farms, who fought around Tallinn TV tower for its independence … In fact the locals almost fraternized with the soldiers: laid out on the armor of flowers, cakes, apples. And after 20 years, Americans have managed unnecessary to consider the walls of the tower marks of bullets. What do we do with this?

— History is always written favorites. We are with you in 1991, lost the cool war, and it is logical that the favorite began to reformat the story for themselves. Fight back, of course, must be given immediately. And not at the level of a few journalists or writers, but at the level of information the position of the country.

The main problem now is that the inside of the country lie about us more than the outside. It is very difficult to speak truth to strangers on the history of Russia. They turn on the radio and they say: but you also have themselves they say about all this! First it is necessary to bring order to our information field, and only after that we will be able to rapidly and successfully resist attacks from outside information.

— And the people, I'm sorry, what to do? When I wrote about the flood in Krymsk, then collided with an indescribable desire to absorb the population heresy and get pleasure from it …

— Our people over the last century fools so often that the habit does not believe the state has the power feature of the Russian. Progressive intellectuals, creative class, who did not have at the time of any reason or situation awareness, initially supported the revolutionaries of the twentieth century. In the end, the most active of them went to the firing basements or killed in the civilian war. Those who survived were loaded onto ships and sent to Europe. Currently history threatens to repeat itself — not in a catastrophic way, of course, but the creative class again support the revolutionaries.

With a population of over one day to do anything impossible. Need to read him the truth, it is very essential. But for all this to punish those who lie knowingly. Certain bloggers currently play an important role in the face-off insinuations home. It's their job, they are paid to agents. Previously, it was necessary to poor Herzen, sitting in London, typing "Bell", and later sent over the border in a suitcase with a false bottom. For now opened the Web, wrote an abomination and ran … There must be some responsibility. If the publication is registered in Russia, knowingly publishes heresy, the first action should be a warning, the second — a fine, the third — the closure. Journalists and bloggers should be responsible for his words.

— Journalists in contrast to the bloggers meet. We know that for heresy will fly with "white ticket" or appear before the tribunal.

— In the West, specifically the case. Just try it a couple of times knowingly publish heresy. You will be punished bucks. Tortured claims. Later closed. Write in Saudi Arabia nasty tweet about the Prophet Muhammad — for you can chop off your head. In Poland, the blogger wrote, let de Polish soldiers killed in Afghanistan for themselves — the criminal case was brought, faces up to three years. If someone writes about tyschah Bereaved Krymsk — most of all, he writes knowingly heresy. Information is usually run for a reason. It creates fake acc VKontakte. In the months published photo girls, seals, flowers. It creates the appearance of life. And later, at the right time — again — two pages of text: I, well, dad in Krymsk, died there so many people, we are not allowed read the truth. After that, acc deleted. And create memories that poor girlfriend removed the evil censors for the truth … Begins replicating this situation. Vtochnosti same information attack at the moment is on the ROC. It's not the case. Be aware that it's all the same hertz, which previously leaflets carried in a suitcase with a false bottom, now sits in LJ.

Corpses and coffins

— You can see all this historical analogy?

— Not so long ago I compared the publication of our rukopozhatnyh opposition with leaflets SRs and Mensheviks, the Bolsheviks of the century. The same thing: Nicholas bloody regime plundered the country. Bad roads, banks are going under, you must reset the power immediately, so that new people — that's when we'll live … New people came — in 1917 in Russia killed several million. In 1991, we again read: Partocrats stole a gold party, it is necessary that new people. They came again — Khodorkovsky, Abramovich Berezovsky, Gaidar — and for some reason have taken with them the whole of our industry, and along with gold in store. At the moment we they say the same thing. These magical new people each time blow our sovereignty, statehood and economy.

— But the desire to read about the abominations of their country is almost the rule of decent tone!

— This is the result of the information war. As for you 24 hours a day through multiple channels exhibit corpses, coffins, disasters — is a moral breakdown. Without the upliftment of anything in this life do not realistic. Since the Russian media are subject to the state in a very small amount in, they act on the orders of our geopolitical rivals, in their patterns. And because every show abomination and infamy to demoralize our people.

— Do you think that these patterns are tailored specifically to the Russian Federation? Either they are suitable prototype and other informpolyam?

— Various cutters. At the time, the traitors in the leadership of the Soviet Union did not give the investigation of Lithuanian events, which indicated that the men were killed by bullets from the guns of the early twentieth century. In other words, provocation was carried out in order to gain a moral reason to exit the Russian Union. Lithuania can read about it? No. Because, as someone starts to dig this story, immediately pops up a very ugly truth. For example, in books written about human tower knocked down a tank. But the autopsy report describes a completely different character wounds. Means necessary that the discussion on this topic does not exist. And in Lithuania begin to pursue the witnesses of those events, so that the discussion on this topic was not …

A similar situation we litsezreem with another historical falsification. I mean the death of Alexander Litvinenko in London. He was poisoned with polonium completely, and, most likely, thallium salts. 6 years have passed, so far there is no evidence of the destruction. Why? If you write that he died of polonium, the question arises: why relatives talked to him without a lead apron? Why did not die from radiation spouse? Why was there no decontamination?

The same thing we litsezreem in the historiography of the Baltic countries. In Latvia, for example, celebrate the heroic defense of Riga from the Germans and Russian in 1918. In all this did not they say that in the independent Latvia nobody did not want to fight a war. Because they tricked the Germans gained in the army, promising them the land, but not allowing later …

— How unfortunate it did no
t sound, the history of the Baltic states already sakralizirovana. Thousands of books are for themselves on the shelves of libraries and … Does it make sense this fight?

— The story — it's not the past. The story forms the future. That's why it's so intense at the moment are trying to rewrite the history of Russia. The West is not at all concerned about what was Stalin, and who of us who have to — we Baltics or it to us. He fundamentally inspire the younger generation of Russian people's hatred of Russia. I repeat: the story says favorite. Let us stand strong — and in the textbooks is written is true. And on another geopolitical our "friends" will write all that they need. At the same time — in our history books.

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