The test of the North Caucasus on the economic viability, or days of chairs — in the evening means

Municipal programm development of the North Caucasus in new forms. If another couple of years ago, we became witnesses of the fact that the funds in a very decent amount left in the direction of the North Caucasus regions, and far not everywhere working in the right direction, now in the Government have decided to slow down and take a closer look at how well the allocated funds are spent . Peering, of course, in the past, but now try to see, as they say, to the naked eye.

In this case, if read about absolute numbers of municipal financing of the North Caucasus Federal Area (SKFO) Consisting of 7 subjects of Russian Federation, after analysis of the results of the research money is spent, the number of these have decided how to read now taken to improve the most severe way. If in 2011 it was suggested that SKFO receive from the state treasury about 2.6 trillion rubles over the next few years, since shifts in the amount of state funding the Government of the Northern Caucasus were called others. For example, about six months back sounded amount of 1.7 trillion rubles, 424.2 billion of which is planned to be allocated to 2015. But on the nedavneshnem meeting of the Government said that these funds are very much, and so it was suggested the brakes on the amount of 235 billion rubles, but not until 2015 and 2020. With all of this plenipotentiary representative of the President in the North Caucasian Federal District (aka — Deputy Prime Minister) Alexander Khloponin said that the lion's share of funding for all this should make private capital. According to the plans of the Government of the Russian Federation and the North Caucasus Hloponina should grow by 90% specifically on the basis of personal capital. A promised trillions from the budget can still get to the North Caucasus Federal neighborhood, but only after 2020. Why specifically after 2020, and why "can walk, can not walk?" — None of the members of the Government of the Russian Federation did not explain the extensive, but we are with you and so well aware of what has caused such a decision.

The fact that Russian North Caucasus — a very specific region. You can call it the problem, but with all this is the definition — the softest among those to North Caucasus Federal District in general could pick up. Enough problems here with the head of the unemployment rate and a number of unresolved social issues often manifest themselves to germs of extremism. With all of this, many problems in contrast to some other regions do not find solutions for many years. No — not that they would be completely solved … Solve, like, trying, but often or very peculiar, or, resting his forehead against the wall. In the end, many regions of the North Caucasus Federal neighborhood even at very impressive funding from the federal government show to say the least, it is not outstanding performance.

In addition, the North Caucasus between individual subjects often appear typical correspondence debate as to why Moscow allocates one more, and others less. For example, after investing billions of dollars from the federal budget went to the restoration of the Chechen Republic: the construction of housing, infrastructure, job creation, some "envy" appeared from the adjoining regions — the first of Ingushetia and Dagestan. Say, why is Kadyrov — all and to us — nothing. Although the term "nothing" was obviously out of place, but it is already managing the North Caucasus regions are not worried enough. Some North Caucasian edition clearly given to understand that the federal center must cross to provide a "more tangible" financial assistance specifically to the regions that these publications and represent. Specifically, the publication of "Dagestan truth" in their own economic results in the subsequent section, the phrase:

"Hydropower (Dagestan — approx. Creator) along with agribusiness, tourism and education sector cluster right now waiting for the federal government financial assistance."

The room thoroughly describes the commissioning Gotsatlinskoy hydroelectric and other hydropower projects that are currently generate significant revenues to the local treasury.

Certainly, in such a very typical calls for funding not wrong: as the saying goes, people show care for their own region. But only the federal government is not in a hurry to make billions of dollars in new orders. Why? Yes, as the financial performance from that central funding is often at a level close to zero. Even the considerable profits from time to time deposited in the pockets of local officials with an enviable regularity.

Namely, Dmitry Medvedev, after a series of inspections conducted by the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, at one time openly declared that a large percentage allocated to North Caucasus Federal District money simply stolen. According to Medvedev, "the funds simply are not reaching the people, and there is the question of where they (the agents) go?" But Medvedev asked such a question, as head of the country. After the rhetorical questioning Medvedev on his own post today and was appointed Khloponin, designed to solve the numerous problems the Northern Caucasus and to answer the question of where does the money … In January 2013 equals exactly three years since, as Hloponin took the chair authorized representative President of the Russian Federation in the North Caucasus Federal District, but so far the results of his work more than moderate.

Naturally, it is impossible to claim that only a couple of years so specific performance measures bureaucrat must achieve outstanding results, but what we need to intensify efforts to develop the North Caucasus — a fact trivial. But specifically in such a moment and come, frankly, not the best ambassador for announcements Hloponina. The fact that it even easier to report to the luck of the region (the neighborhood) in this case, when the federal government comes from the multi-billion funding constantly and without reservation on time and preemption. But now, according to the latest decisions of the Government, the funding cut to the North Caucasus Federal District in 2020 to 10 times! Of course, it is both Hloponina, and for all the chapters of the North Caucasus regions, the truest test. Moscow, in this case gives a very specific promise: if centralized investment in the North Caucasus federal District almost always lead to tangible positive moves, you should continue to throw money into a black hole? ..

If so, now and Khloponin, and Kadyrov and Magomedov, and other officials in the region will have to justify (if they are ready for it, of course) that the North Caucasus — this is not a dark hole. And to prove this thesis will be oh how difficult …
That's why Hloponin and says that 90% of the financing of the region it is going to behold in the form of personal capital. But the words of the usefulness of personal capital does not always fit together with the desires of individual investors to invest in risky ventures. A North Caucasian projects are still at all desire can not be called with measured, to the chagrin of bolshennomu. Regret in this regard is still huge, given the colossal potentials are present in the North Caucasus regions. Just the tourist sector is worth: ski resorts, spas, parks and much more.

By the way, specifically tourism cluster is highlighted by the Government of the Russian Federation as an area of priority funding. In other words, Government tries to fully fund the directions that can bring to the North Caucasus as specifically leisure and personal business. Show, tell them so, in the beauty of the Caucasus — as
it now can be. Apparently, the idea about the subsequent: federal budget produces a kind of PR-share (in the positive sense) North Caucasus Federal District, and on the basis of this already, local authorities must do everything to make this PR-move was not worthless. One of the positive steps of such action would be to create new jobs, as unemployment in the North Caucasus Federal District is the highest in Russia. If the average for the Russian Federation (as reported by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets) unemployment rate is about 5.2%, in the North Caucasus Federal District, it achieves 16-17% — on the most moderate estimates.

Here are the figures for unemployment in the Federal State Statistics Service North Caucasus Federal District (in autumn 2012)
Dagestan — 11.6%;
Ingushetia — 47.3% (absolute anti);
Kabardino-Balkaria — 6.4%;
Karachay-Cherkess Republic — 8.5%;
North Ossetia — 5.6%;
The Chechen Republic — 33%;
Stavropol region — 5.3%.

Khloponin was quick to declare that he was going to bring the level of unemployment in the North Caucasus to at least 10% (on average) for the last time. I would like to believe that it has sound ideas on this subject.

It turns out that the North Caucasus decided to try to run a free economic swimming with little probable correction of the federal government. And if the North Caucasus Federal District will hand over this most difficult exam, then that large attachments will not push yourself to expect. And that's to pass the exam itself, the authorities will have to abandon the regions of North Caucasus Federal District dependent position and roll up your sleeves for busy work. Are they ready for this? — The big question.

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