The truth is out there. (Volumes 1 — 10) Watch online

The truth is out there.  (Volumes 1 - 10) Watch online
In the program "The truth somewhere near" Alan Chumak the first time the whole country will open all of its lurking in an informal conversation. Only for the crew, he opened the door to his own house and in my personal life.
In addition, the scientist who watched over the activities of Alan Chumak all these years, will say, if indeed Alan V. treated people through the TV screen, or it was a hoax-Union.

01 (01.07.2013) Dr. Ram

Issue 02 (02.07.2013)

The press and then there are articles about Sasha Pisarenko — is 11-year-old girls, which is able to cure his hands. Alexey Lysenko and crew group applets "But somewhere near" go for thousands of miles to realize whether Sasha really has that unique gift, or it is simply a method to cash in on people in what was only a last resort.

Issue 03 Mystery Natalia Kustinskaya. (03.07.2013)

Natalia Kustinskaya — lovely and unattainable dream of millions of men. But even in the life of such ladies hiding fatal lurking. Since the death of the actress took six months, and during that time did not subside debate about what exactly was the premise — languorous illness, bad luck or curse rivals.

To the Editor applets "But somewhere near" the actress turned guardian Andrew Aseyev. He said that in the apartment actress was something extraordinary to happen, as if someone wants to give him a letter and give a hint to the real cause of the death of Natalia Kustinskaya.

Issue 04 fatal love Natalia Kustinskaya. (04.07.2013)

Natalia Kustinskaya was one of the most beautiful women of his time, but love it for some reason did not carry. 6 husbands, countless fans, but by the end of her life, she was all alone. What kind of rock it haunted?

Issue 05 Hex or self-hypnosis. (05.07.2013)

Many of us know of cases where people have become victims of so-called "gypsy hypnosis." In the example program "The truth somewhere near" turned man. Many years ago, his gypsy curse, and from that time he constantly gets into the tragedy. A guy wants to find this gypsy, but he is afraid to go to camp …

Issue 06 Cylinders of the Pharaohs. (08.07.2013)

In the example program "The truth somewhere near" asked Natalia Tkachenko from St. Petersburg. The lady says she overcame brain cancer, while not using the medicine. According to Natalia, she has promoted the so-called "Cylinders of the Pharaohs."

Issue 07 Kashpirovsky. Last tour (09.07.2013)

Long years of Anatolia Kashpirovsky not many people have heard, but 20 years later he vorachivaetsya. After the announcement applets "But somewhere near" showed Anatoly Kashpirovsky, the editor has fallen off a flurry of phone calls and letters. Some were glad his appearance, and others — sought to remove him from the television screen. Alexey Lysenko decided to find out why people are so versatile Kashpirovsky and flew with the crew here in Astana to talk to him in person. The film crew also managed to get on his triumphant performance in Astana. Who walks the help of Anatolia Kashpirovsky and changed if his methods of treatment for this period of time?

Issue 08 is an alarming sign of the Earth (10.07.2013)

Issue 09 Three lurking Valery Zolotukhin (11.07.2013)

Issue Fatal Route 10 (12.07.2013)

The truth somewhere near — a serial

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