The truth is out there. (Volumes 11 — 20) Watch online

The truth is out there.  (Volumes 11 - 20) Watch online
In the program "The truth somewhere close by" Alan Chumak the first time the whole country will open all of its lurking in an informal conversation. Only for the crew, he opened the door to his own house and in my personal life.
In addition, the scientist who watched over the activities of Alan Chumak all these years, will say, if indeed Alan V. treated people through a screen TVs, or it was a hoax-Union.

Issue 11 Undercover Tunguska Cup (15.07.2013)

Issue 12 Business named Anastasia (16.07.2013)

Issue 13 Route 1033 (17.07.2013)

Issue 14 Missing in Action (18.07.2013)

Issue 15 Dolphins. The meeting with the unknown (19.07.2013)

Issue 16 The Curse of the Pharaoh (22.07.2013)

Issue 17 of the phenomenal healing? (23.07.2013)

Issue 18 Alan Chumak. The magic of water (24.07.2013)

Issue 19 Mikhail Krug. Vengeance (25.07.2013)

Issue 20 Tower. Psychics are betting (26.07.2013)

The truth somewhere near — a serial

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