Their response to our veto

After blocking the draft resolution on Syria at the UN Security Council by Russia and China, Moscow and Beijing West decided to submit to some form of rogue planetary scale. Such is the pressure from those who are accustomed to their own geopolitical interests cover demokratizatorskoy veil, Our homeland has not experienced long since. Perhaps something similar was observed only when the Russian troops responded Georgian army during the August 2008 conflict.

Their response to our veto

Recall that West and his new puppet allies among oil egg capsules of the Gulf (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and others) have decided to make a document that is in all of Syria blames the failures of 1 person — namely, the present manager of Syria — Bashar al-Assad. The delegation of the Arab League, which is not so long since worked in Syria, as it seems, exactly caused that specifically Assad and his security forces have resorted to artificially escalating violence to suppress "peaceful" opposition demonstrations, ignore the requirements of the "people" and generally do anything that does not fit into the framework adopted with some long international morality. In this connection, the initiator of the latest resolution, which would, in fact, the case has led to a trivial invasion military interventionists in Syria, the government of Morocco has become. Indeed carried through deep self Syrian problem of Moroccan representatives LAS smogshie concoct documents that shed a balm for the soul of all the supporters outside of democratization around the world …

But with this life-giving streams balm and were blocked by Russian and Chinese delegations. Even before suddenly took shape major global sponsors of resolution offered Moroccans own Syrian opus head Russian Foreign Ministry stated that no unilateral resolution on Damascus Our homeland is not going to support. Then Sergei Lavrov said on February 7, together with the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev on behalf of the leaves at Damascus. Lavrov urged all countries that participated in the meeting, wait for the results of the Russian-Syrian negotiations. But the West, the natural reasons for it, he could not allow himself to give someone the opportunity to solve the problem of Syria without it (the West) intervention. But our homeland and China were given to understand that the West and the rest of the accomplices orange perturbations, still have to wait.
Realizing that such a thorough job as preparing the Moroccan diplomats resolution on Syria could go down the drain, the West became indignant. In the direction of Moscow and Beijing arrows flew expressions that go beyond diplomacy. But Lavrov gave to understand that our homeland has long been accustomed to hysteria United States, Europe and others like them, because not ready to succumb to this kind of pressure.

But then, what words were expressed with regard to the Russian Federation over the veto of Syria resolution, indeed, on the other as hysteria and name-is difficult. Alone the French decided to throw almost hysterical cries of the Russian position that our homeland acts as a partner of bloody brutality of the Syrian president. The French representative to the UN, sir Aro said that this day was "sad for all the friends of democracy." The very concept of "friends of democracy" here looks pretty ironic. After all, as you know, democracy is always called the power of the people, and the power of the majority. And then nedavneshnih the word "democracy" West weird way became aware of the power of the West is supported by a handful of people with orange and other kolorirovannymi banners. This "vesternokratiya" in separate single country.

Head French Foreign Minister spoke in the spirit that Moscow and Beijing have put on the UN tremendous "moral stain". At this sovereign Juppe hunt answer subsequent: is it possible to put a moral stain on the fact that long since itself tainted beyond recognition. Cavalier disregard at least some idea if this world does not fit with the views of the NATO states, the implementation of discussion forums to promote only American interests, though one-sided vision of what the situation on the planet — all the esteemed UN us Russians. The world has long been noticed that all of the work led by the UN, Ban Ki-moon, the emperor is only serving the interests of the 1st single country.

In addition to the French decision of, to put it mildly, did not inspire either London or Washington. Mrs. Clinton himself in the usual manner Named discussion at the UN Security Council "a travesty." And it really, Hillary, all named in his own words: say, guys, what are you still out there trying to decide when all the already decided. Say, if we chose to invade Syria, it is not necessary to create a parody of the Security Council's decisions.

Only here for the entire failure of Mrs. Clinton is not even in the fact that someone vetoed a draft resolution, Moroccan, and that now somehow afraid to Syria, then to meddle. There and Russian ships at hand stroll, and Moscow realizes Damascus gun with dual activity. That's exactly it all and bring the West to mass hysteria. And about all sorts of different veto, we ourselves know very well that in the West they would in the near future were not true barrier to solving their problems.

After the fiasco of the foreign policy arena West decided to assist the same "oil Potbelly." Qatari authorities have repeatedly expressed the idea that they are, they say, may themselves "solve Syrian question, "even without the help of NATO. In fact the case, democratizers now finding ways to run across when the "heat can be paddled and other people's hands." But "democratization Persian hawks" led by Qatar under the applause of the United States can indeed invade Syria, plunging the country into a real mess.

In such a situation, and of, and the time has come to China to teach a lesson to those who can not recover from its own orange fever, infecting it more and more global areas. In the unlikely event that an infection is to be no better than the brown plague of the 20th century. To send its own troops, of course, the question can not be, but assist other methods, both Moscow and Beijing are fully.

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