Their task — the destruction of the Russian Federation

Their objective - the destruction of RussiaJames George Jatras is the director of the office dealing with public initiatives (with headquarters in Washington, DC). Prior to the personal sector, a senior adviser on foreign policy control of the Republican Party in the U.S. Senate. Previously — U.S. diplomat, foreign service, in which, among other things, worked in the office for relations with the former Russian Soyuzom.Ceychas Jatras — Head South American Council for Kosovo, one of the organizations in the United States, which, surprisingly, is the pro-Serbian position.

— Kosovo gained independence, thanks to the military machine of NATO. All the elapsed time after the NATO bombing we look like the Western countries continue to put pressure on the unstable Serbia. Not so long ago, she moved from Montenegro. What do you think about the future of Serbian statehood?

— Slightly Fixed: Kosovo becomes independent. Until such time as Serbia does not recognize the amputation of Kosovo and Metohija, this area is a sovereign Serbian territory occupied by NATO troops.

Even with a pro-Western power in Belgrade, ready to make any concessions, and Muslim Albanian mafia administration in Pristina, and their backers in NATO and the EU is not in a position to strengthen Kosovo rogue "state." The impressive part of the world recognize the truth of the positions of Serbia: Our homeland, China, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Iran, Israel, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, South Africa, Mexico, Nigeria. Vietnam, Ethiopia, Thailand, Congo, Egypt. Almost all of South America and Africa, not to mention the EU Member States, such as Spain, Romania, Cyprus, Slovakia and Greece. Even such dolls Washington, as the Iraqi government or the Saakashvili government in Georgia is not so unintelligent that recognize Kosovo's independence.

Serbia must patriotic government that will vigorously defend national interests, and not to cooperate with countries eager partition of Serbia. If such a government will be, "Kosovo costs" will be back and, in dialogue with the countries that were either deceived or very intimidated, not to recognize the sovereignty of Kosovo.

The pressure on Serbia, of course, will last, and even increase after the election of President Tomislav Nikolic. When I saw Diane Johnson [South American journalist], Serbia — it "Half of the occupied state" "Western politicians and media Serbia needed only as a negative example of" nationalism ", which are fighting NATO and the EU, known for their generosity," anti-nationalism ". In an era when the EU minute critical remarks in the address one or another ethnic or religious group may lead to legal proceedings and the charges of "inciting hatred", the Serbs — are always at hand to allow different multiples, journalists and filmmakers to brand their shame as pariahs . Europe of the entire Serbian export values most "war criminals and creators of genocide" appearing before the Hague tribunal. It amuses humanitarian pride of Europe. "

The campaign will end only when Serbia refuses not only from Kosovo and Metohija, and from Sandzak and Vojvodina, and, above all, give up their own identity, as the Orthodox people of Europe.

Nikolic's victory has shown that this has not happened, and Serbia needs additional "therapy" of NATO and the EU.

— Patriotic Serbian media often they say about the "fifth column" of the West in the middle of the political elite of the country. What, in your opinion, the depth of penetration of Western influence on the Serbian political scene?

— Penetration of the West in the political scene of Serbia, and is deep, and wide. The word "West" does not mean here the classic South American or European civilization, in the middle of the representatives who have a lot of people, so lost faith in their government, that they unconsciously professed pro-Serbian eyes. They understand that those whom our government can not stand, can, in reality, completely decent people.

The word "West" we mean a narrow layer "Foreign professionals" , all ready to impose progressive values — the right of sodomites and all in the same spirit. So does the fund "Open society" Soros, who is working very tightly with government leaders in the West.

The penetration of the West goes far beyond political parties, including a NGOs (on a theoretical level, this is — non-governmental organizations that receive funds directly or indirectly from the governments of the EU and the U.S.. So you must name them precisely "Non-governmental organizations" ) And the media. NGOs and the media are doing the role of "clutch" model, for the first time proposed back Comintern. In the U.S., unprincipled who are in power, the Democrats or Republicans, we are in such a case is a question of "Promoting democracy" our "Deminternom" — the structure with their bodies as the inside, and between Governments. It's still magic that Serbs do not give up!

— Your world is about similar actions against Russia?

Destruction of — a fundamental element in the day or agenda. USA, or more precisely, "Ersatz U.S." , represented by our modern elites will not tolerate any obstacles on the way to one-man rule, as the only cool after the war "Superpower" and the "vanguard of progressive mankind". All others, and in the midst of our homeland, as a relatively strong military power on the planet, is seen as satellites or enemies.

Our homeland again under Putin does not want to be a satellite, as under Yeltsin, it means the enemy. It is the same with China, but here in Washington, a different approach in relation to the fundamental economic role of this country. I wish to emphasize that it is our discrepancy. Our homeland is not it did. This is the problem of American pseudo-elites with their vision of a new ideological progressive order, with headquarters in Washington.

As the minister said Lavrov, South American policy is very reminiscent Bolshevism and Trotskyism. This is not the primary problem of the South American nation, which, though flawed anti-Russian propaganda, but not to the end. And some right-wing and left-wing South American politicians are trying to resist. For example, the left Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich, the last contender for the presidency right-wing Republican Patrick Buchanan or Ron Paul — a libertarian. Curiously, two of the leading commentator on the 1st of the more influential limited magazines "The American Conservative» (The American Conservative) — Orthodox, and they often write about international politics, including those of Serbia and Russia.

But the command positions while in the hands of the "progressive imperialists" and Russophobes adhering to the course of two decades ago by a unipolar world, although such pros and incomprehensible world. Our home did not create this dilemma, but she does not do anything, so, this problem has been resolved. Moscow holds out his hand to Washington, but Washington held on the issue of cooperation with Moscow electoral strategy (for example, in Afghanistan, where our home is helping us, but not in matters of NATO expansion, missile defense or Kosovo, where, as we believe our home is not entitled have their own interests). In the Russian Federation have the opportunity to take the strategy of the United States (and the Soviet Union seemed to be ironic as it may sound), and
support the healthy forces in the South American society through open sources on the type of those that Washington is using inside Russia.

— What will bring Serbia Tomislav Nikolic victory in the presidential election?

— It is curious to see what Nikolic able and what is not. Many in Washington and Europe are thinking that it will be able to just force down that road, and that Tadic. Is that slightly in other ways. They even think that Nikolic ready to do it, because he is the most wide open for this opportunity. And it depends on him to show that they are wrong.

Fundamentally, whether he will form a patriotic government, or will only the formal head of state. This depends upon the fact whether the Socialists zahochut Ivica Dacic enter into a coalition with Tadic's Democrats and the parties of ethnic minorities. Earlier Dacic stated that goes exactly like that. But after the victory of Nikolic, who, according to Dacic, has changed the political landscape in the country, still being negotiated. Social-progressive coalition, especially if in conjunction with the Democratic Party of Serbia Vojislav Kostunica, is a strong and patriotic, pro-European uniform, but anti-NATO and pro-Russian. Dacic said that he wants to loaf. Certainly, it pressured him tempt people from Washington, Brussels, London, Berlin, that he again merged with Tadic. Hopefully, Moscow also is working hard, that he merged with Nikolic.

— Is it possible to consider the Serbian question, as an example of Western strategy for crushing the Orthodox Slav geopolitical area of the Russian Federation to the Balkans?

— In addition to what I said earlier about Washington's policy against Russia as a separate country, there are a number of broader geopolitical qualities, moral and spiritual order.

From Washington's geopolitical judgments should not be allowed wins Russia's position on Kosovo (as, in general, and Syria), since then the United States will be bound by legitimate means, for example, the right of veto in the Security Council of the Russian Federation. This is equivalent to the perception of the Russian Federation is not a global, but as the dominant regional power with its own interests. Because our area of interest covers the entire planetoid, and applies not only to the border between Estonia and Russia and further into the interior of Russia itself, it is not acceptable for us.

Coupled with the fact we, or rather, our pseudo-elites believe tribute to dictate terms in the moral and spiritual terms. This means antipathy to all the usual manifestations of Christianity, including, to a limited Catholicism and Protestantism inside the country on issues of abortion and gay marriage. But in particular it means hatred of Orthodoxy (I call it pravoslavofobiey) because Orthodoxy — a common form of Christianity with the religious observance of the structure, doctrine, worship of the Apostolic Church, and since Orthodoxy — the largest reservoir of ordinary Christian values in today's world.

It turned out that the Western modernization and consumerism have caused more damage to Christianity than communism!

Our homeland — the largest Orthodox power, and even a defender of orthodoxy at the municipal level, and this is the problem for our elites. From time to time think that russophobia Washington — a relic of his resistance to communism. On the contrary, our elites adored communism for its hostility public national values, especially Christianity, and for his "Progressivism". But their nightmare Our homeland once again applied to the limited values, conscious of his religious and national heritage.

This explains why the U.S., with all their rhetoric The "war on terror" (Though it has no religious filling, unlike the Jihad, when in Bosnia and Kosovo Serbs decapitated, and in Chechnya — Russian), have always supported the jihadis natravlennyh to the Orthodox.

First in Afghanistan in the 1980s, along with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, we have supported the anti-Soviet jihad Bin Laden were midwife "Al Qaeda" and "Taliban." Later, we sponsored the Balkans cell "Al Qaeda" and Iran's protégé in Bosnia and Kosovo, where "the creation of 2-Muslim countries in the heart of Europe" South American authorities have recorded for himself in the merits.

Later came again to Afghanistan for him — Iraq, and there — and the NATO intervention in Libya. Now, along with Saudi Arabia and Turkey, we wish to bring to power in Syria, "the Muslim Brotherhood", which is a danger to the Orthodox population of the country.

A few years back I read that the current situation coincides with their own vision of the West with the East during the last Islamic majestic coming to Europe, when dying Byzantium, Bulgaria and Serbia are faced with the invasion of the Ottoman Porte in the XV century. West was then candid: "We will help you, if you refuse to orthodoxy in favor of Catholicism."

I have outlined is simplistic, but the only difference here is that the West is now — not a Roman Catholic monolith, as before, but the most important requirement for the Orthodox East is, "If you do not take care of the West without a murmur in the political, social, spiritual and economic form (this collective "religion" of the Enlightenment), we'll throw you to the wolves. "

And the West will help the wolves, as he did in Kosovo.

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