These organizers February 1917 — our allies in the war

One of the main reasons for failure of the Russian Empire in the First World War was the degradation of the "elite" of the empire. This can find a lot of information, but seldom mention another important reason — the behavior of our "allies" in the Entente in the war. In the textbooks indicated that they were allies and our homeland a couple of times to support them, not allowing Germany to do them serious damage. About how the Russian Empire constantly "throwing" and were against her subversive work, not said.

The Russian Imperial Army, all the shortcomings of their own, with theft and corruption in the bureaucracy, especially higher education, was the most powerful army on the planet, even better French or British. Looking back on the defeat, our creators constantly forgets to mention that the 1914 campaign as a whole was victorious for us: we hit the Schlieffen plan, not giving kill France, if it happened, we would be left alone with the armies of Germany and Austria-Hungary. It is not clear that the UK would become landing their division in Russia. We defeated the Austro-Hungarian empire, taking her Galitsskuyu Russ, if Austria-Hungary waged war against us alone — it would defeat, it would have to capitulate. Our army has won two fights in Poland, defeated the Turkish army under Sarakamysh.

The first blow was struck us in London, the governments did not expect that war cause such ammunition consumption and the need for such a large number of guns. Petrograd in the UK, in the factories, "Armstrong and Vickers' order for 5 million shells, rifles, 1 million, 1 billion. ammunition, grenades 8 million, 27 thousand machine guns, etc.. This, coupled with the works of Russian industry should be enough for the summer campaign of 1915. The British have taken the order, the delivery was to begin in March 1915, but it was not completed and not even warned. (!)

The result of deception "ally" and the carelessness of the elite Russian Empire, which replaced in order to carry out the industrialization of the empire and to prepare for the Great War, was engaged in pleasures, became a "slug rifle and hunger" in 1915, "the great apostasy", the loss of Poland, part of the Baltic states, Belarus and Ukraine.

But Russian empire once again shown great vitality in store — was carried powerful industrial breakthrough, creating shells increment 20 times, 11 times the rifles, guns 10 times. In their production of Our homeland ahead of the United Kingdom and France. In 1916, the problem of a gun and ammunition decided that the Russian army again beats Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. By the beginning of 1917, conditions were made for the attack on Germany. Russian people should know that empire has not suffered a military defeat, a defeat was political.

Against the Empire acted not only the agents of our direct enemies — Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey, which are prepared and supported Nationalists (Georgian, Polish, Finnish, Ukrainian, Jewish, etc.) financed acts of Social Democrats and the Socialist Party revolutionaries.

London and Paris supported the Russian Liberal Democratic Party, a movement which, in the midst of war, launched a struggle for "democracy" and the government, instead of the order to eliminate the "fifth column", gimp. Many of them were to the Masonic lodges and the periphery were the "world behind the scenes." Although a significant part of the whole soul to believe that "democracy" will make Russia even harder, not realizing that their actions bring upon the people empire mass disasters.

Their subversive acts facilitated by the fact that the Russian Empire, the only one of all the belligerent powers, kept in the rear of the laws of peace. Papers printed what they have paid, the State Duma leaders read as anything they want, workers have the right to strike. Russian counter-intelligence knew the thread, banks, companies, through which funding goes, but the laws of peace time could not do anything. The governor was a weak-willed: do not wish to quarrel with the public and to disperse the Duma, to quarrel with "allies" who supported the Liberals, constantly make concessions, changing ministers in favor of "the public."

In the European powers for the smallest suspicion of treason awaited death or long term in the most serious institutions. In Russia Duma faction of the RSDLP (b), which openly declared motto of transformation of the imperialist war in civilian clothes and wanted to defeat their own homeland, just only exiled to Siberia (terms of reference of the empire were very Myagenko, and this benefited the "p-revolutionaries", not just escaping ). After the mutiny on the battleship "Gangut" revealed a strong underground company in the Baltic Fleet, but only 2 persons were sentenced to death and then changed to hard labor, while others have different terms and even a link (from the war were exiled to the peaceful rear, to the full maintenance of the country — this punishment?). Most of those arrested headed Dybenko never tried, did sailor battalion and sent to the front, but the sailors refused to fight the war (!) Do not obey the orders started to decompose neighbors. They were shot? No, the battalion was disbanded, the sailors returned (!) On ships. In 1916, Dybenko again catch on revolutionary agitation — he was 2 months imprisonment and then was left in the fleet. It's called — I'm such a different country do not know … In Europe, this would be hanged, would all melt down.

General MV Alekseev developed in the summer of 1916, the project "the dictatorship of the rear", but the Duma favorites headed by MV Rodzyanko forced the king to abandon the idea. Alekseev was able to make a special investigation commission to fight economic sabotage and subversion under General NS Batyushin. Counterintelligence dug an unlimited amount of material banker arrested Rubinstein Zhivotovskiy financiers, industrialists Shapiro, Rauhenberga and others, raided the company Nobel Bank for Foreign Trade, the World Bank, found the circulars of the German General Staff and other notable materials for which it was possible to shoot the traitors and enemy agents . But against the commission Batyushin "public" raised a wave, the king asked the industrialists and bankers in the West is dubbed the "Jewish pogrom," and the governor capitulated ordered to close the case.

Batyushin NS

The huge cash infusion in subversive activities in the area of the Russian Empire did South American financiers, for example: P. Warburg, J. Schiff, Morgan, etc. Together with other financiers in Europe, for example, the Austrian Rothschilds, they were subversive activities against the monarchies of Europe, but first, according to their plans, was to fall Russian Empire. U.S. intelligence services were involved, through Colonel House British secret services, so that was an associate of Hausa resident of British intelligence in the United States, William Wiseman. Through him, geopolitics House consistent with the elite UK.

Specifically, in the United States began to create his forces Russian "p-revolutionaries", independent of the Swiss group. For example, in the U.S. were Kollontai, an associate of Parvus — Larin-Lurie, Bukharin, Trotsky and others

So Makarov against the Russian empire worked massive force are very diverse, some were even opposed to each other. But the goal was simple — to topple the empire, to damage it, break up.

Thus, the February Revolution was a surprise to Berlin for the Bolsheviks
. Although they did their best to "rock the boat", but it was not their revolution. Its diplomats have arranged (for example, after Buchanan, Palaeologus), security services UK, France, the United States, "International Finance".

Conspirators were not queen, not Rasputin, not "military lodge" led by Alexeev, gossip about them spreading to completely undermine the authority of the monarchy. In the middle of "werewolves" who had betrayed the Empire, was P. Burke, Minister of Finance, enter into an agreement with the weird "allies" of the loan when the loan "ensure" shipment of gold in London — during the war there sent gold to 640 million rubles. Apparently, the character recognition awards to London in 1929, he received the Order of the British, then knighted by King of Great Britain, in 1935, also received the title of baronet the British Empire.

PL Bark

In his patronage of January 2, 1917 for the first time in the empire opened the Petrograd branch of South American "National City Bank", his first client was one of the "werewolves" MI Tereshchenko (Minister of Finance the first Provisional Government). He received a loan of 100 million dollars, without negotiation, without the purpose of the loan, collateral, repayment criteria.

MI Tereshchenko

Another "Werewolf" — Minister of Interior Protopopoff AD, he reported to the emperor on the reports of police — about komplote, for a number of days withheld information about the unrest in the capital, a critical moment has initiated a dissolution of the government, causing anarchy in the capital. Other "Werewolf", Comrade Minister (modern — Deputy) Railways Lomonosov, the governor sent a train to Pskov, instead of the Royal Village.

AD Protopopoff

First visited Russia in 1917 on the "cases" Sidney Reilly, then himself Lord Milner (the head of "the Grand Lodge of England", banker and military Minister). Hotel "France", where braked British delegation, has become a real "headquarters" of the impending revolution.

Confirmation that the West was the main organizer of the February Revolution, and the fact is the ultra-fast recognition of the new government of the Russian Federation. Washington has already admitted on March 22 interim government as legitimate. 24th new government acknowledged in London, Paris and Rome.

Because about the myth that the revolution in Russia did the Bolsheviks financed Berlin, must have forgot. Germany and the Bolsheviks were insignificant troops, "tools" in the hands of better players. They do not play in the February revolution virtually no role for them, this revolution was a complete surprise. Only later were they "cover" for the real culprits of the Revolution in Russia.

Sidney Reilly, aka Solomon (Shlomo) Rosenblum

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