Tips on how to choose products without GMOs

Tips on how to choose products without GMOs

Here are tips for those who want to avoid the use of genetically modified foods:

1) Read food labels and avoid soy-based ingredients, such as soy flour, tofu, soybean oil, lecithin (E322) and hydrolyzed vegetable protein, corn-based components on, such as modified starch, corn flour, corn starch , corn and polenta.

These components must be avoided simply because there is no way of knowing whether they contain derivatives of genetically modified soya or maize.

2) buying for themselves with food from a trusted source: Certified organic products are much less likely to be affected by genetic engineering. If possible, give preference to the organic, natural products.

3) home cooked food — bread, cakes, cheese, etc., no doubt, much healthier and more nutritious than their commercially made. In the growing and cooking your own food has many benefits, the opportunity to avoid the products of genetic engineering — the only one of them. In Russia, now you can buy machines for bread at home, it is recommended to use the domestic durum wheat flour (Krasnodar and Altai Territory).

4) Avoid fast food restaurants and low-end products as genetically modified ingredients first introduced to the cheaper varieties.

5) BAKERY PRODUCTS: the purchase of bakery products such as bread, avoid the "additives to improve flour" and "agents for impregnating the test," which can be a mixture of genetically modified enzymes and additives. Similarly, "ascorbic acid" can be genetically modified derivative.

6) Avoid margarine. Choose more organic butter.

Dairy products and meat from animals fed with genetically modified soya and maize, are not marked on the label as such — despite evidence that the modified DNA can be absorbed through the intestinal wall into the spleen, liver and white blood cells. If possible, give preference to organic milk, butter, cream, cottage cheese it.p.

Chocolate may contain lecithin from genetically modified soybean, as well as "vegetable oil" and "whey" raised by genetic engineering. Therefore give preference to organic chocolate. Lecithin is a whole soy lecithin. His code number — E322.

7) shopping with extreme caution when buying products such as baby food and cooked breakfasts, as they may contain as supplements, vitamins and other ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms.

8) ON FOOD SUPPLEMENTS FOR HEALTH, vitamins and medicines: check with the manufacturer, as some components can be produced through biotechnology and dangerous. Genetically modified food supplement tryptophan, killed 37 and made consumers more disabilities 1500. In addition, over the past 10 years, there were reports of genetically modified version of the "human insulin", cause problems for people with diabetes for years have successfully used the "animal insulin."

9) MED. Several varieties of honey have been found traces of DNA genetically modified oilseed rape. If on the container of honey stated: "Imported honey" or "production of several countries," it may be advisable to avoid these sorts. Instead, give preference to local honey or organic honey.

10) dried fruit. Many varieties of dried fruits, including raisins and dates, can be coated with oil derived from genetically modified soybeans. Choose more organic varieties of dried fruit or a variety on the label that did not indicate the presence of "oil."

11) WARNING. Avoid all products imported from the U.S. and Canada. Products and products that should be avoided include all fruits and vegetables, ice cream, milk, milk powder, butter, soy sauce, chocolate, popcorn, gum, vitamins. Stay in the U.S. and Canada will almost certainly lead to the regular consumption of genetically modified foods (including genetically modified fresh fruit and vegetables).

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