To approach of Rosh Hashanah. Slavleniya Triglav

Blessed wake Triglav GIANT!
Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

Descent usto Races now the twenty-seventh day of the month according to the gift of God Winds Carols Orthodox Old Believers-Ynglings glorified Great Triglav. Triglav and the patron of all the Worlds, and takozh Generic Triglav, worshiped in every Rod.

Blessed be, Patrons Clans of the Great Race, Rod Heaven, Leahy-Keepers and Triglav Great!
Now and ever, and from the Circle to Circle!
Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

Great Triglav World Govern — Single Tvorets — Creator of Ra-Ha-M, Rod originator, Bog Vyshen, that give people the Great Race Forces of Creation (Ramha) Power Breeding (Rod originator) Location (Bog Vyshen).



Triglav Great World of Glory — Bog Ingl, and Bog Bog Trayan Volh, that give people the Great Race of spiritual knowledge and self-development (God Ingle) Creativity and Ingenuity (God Trajan), Courage and sacrifice for the glory of their clans (God Volh).



Great Triglav World Navi — Veles Bog, Bog Tarh (Dazhdbog) and Bog Svyatovit, that give people the Great Race diligence and zeal (God Veles) Ancient Wisdom and Compassion (Dazhdbog Tarkh Perunovich) Spiritual and loving (God Svyatovit).



Great Triglav World Reveal — God Svarog, Perun God and God Sventovit, that give people the Great Race Conscience and Prudence (God Svarog) Will and Freedom (God Perun) Mental and Mutual (God Sventovit).



Every great Triglav perform certain acts in its Higher world, and affects all intelligent life forms on earth, in various manned Worlds and Realities.

There Great Divine Triglav, who protect Ecumenical Worlds, such as: Worlds Navi Reveal Worlds, Worlds Slavi and World of law. But there are also Triglav Great Time, koi patronize a certain period of time: Ouseni, Winter and Spring. There is Great Gods, united in Devyatiglav, who protect the fly (the year) and each day of the week.

Great Devyatiglav — Heavenly gods who protect and manage the day Week:

God Horse operates Monday; God Ouray Tuesday controls; Most High God Perun — Triteynikom; God Varuna — Thursday; God Indra — Friday; Great Stribog — Shestitsey; Most High God Svarog — Week, Goddess of Dawn-Mertsana — Osmitsey and God Yarylo — A week.

Triglav great patron OuseniGoddess Jiva Ramhat God, Goddess of erysipelas, that give people the Great Race Spiritual Compassion (Goddess Jiva) Wealth and Prosperity (God Ramhat) Healthy children (Goddess of erysipelas).



Triglav great patron of WinterMost High God Rod, Velez God, Goddess Madder, that give people the Great Race Prosperity Roda (God Rod), Abundant hunting and Full Horrea (God Veles) Harmonious rest and relaxation (Goddess Madder).



Triglav great patron of SpringHeavenly Kryshen God, Our Lady Lada, God Perun, that give people the Great Race spiritual rituals and inspiration (God Kryshen), Mutual love and married Mutual (Virgin Lada) Determination and fraternal mutual assistance (God Perun).






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