To Florida with breakneck speed rushes Hurricane Irene

Hurricane "Irene", which formed in the Caribbean Sea, struck Puerto Rico. And on Wednesday, a hurricane can overtake Florida in the United States.

If the trajectory of motion does not change, in line Dominican Republic.

Morning of August 22 "Irene" was still a tropical storm. By day, he has already gained power and became a hurricane. "Irene" is the ninth of the season of hurricanes in the Atlantic.

Wind gusts in Puerto Rico in the morning reach the speed 119 km / h Puerto Rico authorities closed all schools and public institutions, and called on all citizens not to leave the house without.

In the Caribbean stopped ferry services and canceled several flights.

Although meteorologists still find it difficult to give an exact trajectory of the storm, however, warn that "Irene" may affect the oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

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