To the joy of summer residents: A new kind of mosquito!


Many famous satirical novel by the Strugatsky brothers' A Tale of Three ". This work — a continuation of the cult "Monday begins on Saturday." In a nutshell, the plot: the fact that the power of a 76 floor building of the Research Institute of Witchcraft and Wizardry (NIICHAVO) usurped the so-called Troika on rationalization and disposal of unexplained phenomena (TPRUNYA), and the heroes have to do much to crush this bastion ignorance and bureaucracy.

But is the problem of our site to discuss the literary and political merits of the novel by Strugatsky? And that's where the problem lies: TPRUNYA one of the ideas was to create a subcommittee on rehabilitation of mosquitoes, bedbugs and other biting insects! But the court in 2013, and that seemed crazy at the far sixties of the last century, it turns out, is not so far from the truth. However, help is not party-political work, and genetics!

The fact is that researchers from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (MIGH) revealed the mechanism of olfaction in insects, it appears that the gene "Orco" helps them to recognize odors. Through genetic engineering, scientists have been able to change the gene in mosquito larvae, and a mutant strain of insects. We mutated mosquitoes showed a reduction in activity in the neurons associated with the sense of smell. Carried out after tests showed more changes.

When normal mosquitoes will have a choice between a man and other animals, it is certain that they are buzzing right towards the person. But the mosquitoes with the mutation showed a reduced interest in the man, preferring guinea pigs. Thus, disrupting a single gene, we can thoroughly confuse mosquitoes in search of people, scientists say.

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