Tons of dead herring washed up on the coast of Lithuania Curonian Lagoon

At 100 km from Kaliningrad on the shore jumped cant herring.  Photo: Lithuanian coast of the Curonian Spit near Klaipeda, forty kilometers from the Russian border, threw tons of dead herring. On incidents reported by the media in Lithuania.

According to the information posted on the website, the Lithuanian Klaipeda, fish for more than a kilometer stretch of ichthyologists found Klaipeda Sea Museum. According to his employee Remigijus Daylide, such mass death of fish of this species has never been observed.

Ichthyologists particularly surprised by the fact that local residents gathered herring into boxes and taken away, presumably on the market for sale. In this regard, members of Klaipeda offices of the Food and Veterinary Service immediately checked the marketplaces.

Experts believe that the dead fish crowded with beach, came here from a fishing trawl, or a good catch was washed from the deck of a ship in a storm, which was held on the eve of this part of the Baltic Sea. In any case, such a state of emergency were recorded in the Russian part of the Curonian Lagoon (Gulf bisect Lithuania and the Kaliningrad region of Russia).

Renowned environmentalist Kaliningrad Felix Alexeev confirmed "RG" assumptions Lithuanian colleagues: "Indeed, mass death after spawning herring never was. Rather, it is a consequence of an emergency on the Fishing Vessel — torn trawl, nets with a catch in a storm swept."


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