Traditions and crafts of our ancestors

In studying the Old Ladoga centuries fragments of dishes and pots molded by ancient technologies. This is an experimental project of Russian archaeologists and reenactors from Lithuania. Neighbors in the Leningrad region led, ironically, excavations near Vilnius. The intertwining stories versed Marina Gordeeva.

Under the arches of the medieval tower and the atmosphere of a match — mystical. This board held, just as princes and boyars, archaeologists and re-enactors. Carefully show pots and cups, ordinary, but only at first glance. Staraya Ladoga reconstructed medieval pottery with an absolute accuracy of shards and Technology 8.9 centuries.

Elyana Alexeev along with his fellow reenactors from Lithuania waited for this moment for months. Arrival Lithuanian ceramics to Staraya Ladoga was an experiment. Never before have they restored ancient dishes from the same ancient clay, taken directly from the excavation archaeologists.
If the reconstruction can apply the epithet absolute, then this is it.

Elyana Alekseeva, artist-reconstructor (Lithuania):

"For me it was a miracle how we can out of nothing, out of a crock pot to revive a second life. Well, I felt, this is some internal my mission. "

From clay to handle a young archaeologist was much harder than the ceramist. Many of them for the first time was not collected shards, and the newly reconstituted items Slavic culture again.

This is a completely new feeling, divided archaeologist — Eugene Barmin lover. And the knowledge of the life of the ancestors is vzhivanie gave no fewer books. It turns out to fashion a pot — it's not even half the battle, the main thing — to prepare the material. Be sure to add dryasvy, crushed granite, hard and long to knead feet.

Restoring dishes on the found shards took 10 days, as the Lithuanian enactors stayed on the dig. Ancient technology have decided to follow through. And most of all worried before the final stage.

Marina Gordeeva, reporter:

"The ancient kiln — is a hole and a half meters in diameter. And the re-enactors were lucky not only to take an old clay, but the wood, in a lot of them found in the excavation. "

Anatoly Kirpichnikov, head Staraya Ladoga archaeological expedition of the Institute of History of Material Culture, RAS:

"No doubt, that life originated long ago. Up to Rurik. You see now doryurikovskoe time it's an interesting fact. "

Academician Anatoly Kirpichnikov knows that tomorrow or the day after that flood the bulldozers excavated earth. 5 years, archaeologists painstakingly layer by layer bared history. To get to the time of Rurik. Old Ladoga — the ancient capital of Russia, insists the academician. Reenactors on excavation he shot just under the curtain works. Historical performances have decided to put an end to the archaeological study of the site.

Vyacheslav Kutyrkin, project organizer (Lithuania):

"When you make a product analogue, exactly following the technology, then you have a chance to see the world through the eyes of man. And the best way to preserve the traditions you can imagine. "

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