Tribe harvesters. Life of New Guinea natives watch online

Tribe harvesters.  Life of New Guinea natives watch online
One South American traveler decides to find out when and why Aboriginal people had the idea that to eat for themselves similar — totally normal and sails away for three months to live with them in the tribe. In the movie, it is said that it happens in the newest Papua Guinea, but apparently it's all the same one piece of the island, which belongs to Indonesia, because in Papua at the moment everything is more or less civilized, and most of the tribes have only to to the fun of tourists. So on the map shows the west newest Guinea, in other words, Indonesia.
Uncle arrives in a small village, and then leaves at tropical undergrowth in tribe harvesters. As you figured out a documentary film, in other words, about a fictional happening out of the question. Together with the conductors he is 12:00 and arrives at the first parking lot harvesters. Aborigines there completely tuzemistye: strolling, usually, naked, and own chief prichindal privyazyvyut rope to his belt. Litsezrev snow-white person, they are frightened at first, and later require him to strip naked, so be similar to them, which he does. But our traveler, perhaps fellow seasoned and fully understands for himself, that's more like a theater than in real life, and asks him to lead on. Well, then he gets to have a true tribe indeed lived there for several months even with the natives.

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