Tropical Storm Arlene hit the Atlantic coast of Mexico

MEXICO CITY, June 30 — RIA Novosti, Yury Nikolayev. The first of the season tropical storm "Arlen" hit the Atlantic coast of Mexico, said the country's civil defense service.

According to the National Center for monitoring hurricanes, the epicenter of the storm came to Mexico in the town of Cabo Rojo (state of Veracruz) and now "Arlen" is moving to the west, into the territory of the country at a speed of 11 kilometers per hour. Maximum wind speeds of 100 kilometers per hour.

According to forecasts of the Mexican meteorologists in the coming days is expected to decrease the wind.

Torrential rains the second day in 20 Mexican states, including the capital.

Residents of 143 municipalities, with more than 200 thousand people were in the zone of flooding due to river flooding. Hurricane-force winds destroyed almost all the crops are sugar cane and coffee.

Rescue services in the country are on high alert and prepare refuges life threat to the population in the affected areas.

According to forecasts of scientists from the National Meteorological Service of Mexico, this year we expect 17 storms, eight of them in the Pacific, and nine — in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. In the Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1.

The most destructive of the Atlantic season was 2005, when the U.S. Coast 4 hurricane hit, including "Katrina", which claimed the lives of over 1.4 thousand people.

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