Trustee presidential candidate expelled from the area in order to vote

Vladimir Novikov, except trustee status was accredited observer at the polling station number 152 of Mogilev.

That he was denied accreditation for the fact that he came up to the table at which met precinct commission, and tried to help solve the problem faced by the elderly voters:

Novikov: "This woman had forgotten to put a tick in the ballot and dropped it in the ballot box. Members of the commission asked that she do now. Upset. Then I went over to the table and said, that is no problem. You just have to accept the decision of the special committee on this matter. When it was the chairman of the commission, he immediately asked me and I came to the table. I replied that I came. Then she said that it denies accreditation. What I trustee chairman of the committee knows, I submit it's license. In my protest she did not respond. "

According to Vladimir Novikov, he later tried to get to the station, because he believed that the chairman of the commission has calmed down, and the conflict has been exhausted. That however did not happen. He was forbidden to even be in school number 17, which is a site.


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